7 Warning Signs that Your Argan Oil is Impure

Hi everyone!  I am so glad you found this page.  It was posted way back in December of 2011, and since then, we have been happy to have had so many of you read it and find the information useful.  However, you might notice that this information has been reincarnated many times across the internet.  But know that if you are here, you are actually reading the original!  And for those of you wanting content for your blogs and YouTube videos please give us at Saadia Organics proper credit for this information.  Thank you!


With Argan Oil gaining in popularity, there are a lot of products popping up on the internet and even in stores claiming to be "Pure Argan Oil". Unfortunately, there are a lot of brands that you want to avoid.

If you've read our story, you'll know that even getting your Argan Oil in Morocco doesn't guarantee it's authenticity.

As it is so difficult and time-consuming to produce, a lot of Argan Oil is completely fake, diluted or over-processed.  So here are a few ways to decide if a particular brand is worth investing in or not.

1.  The Ingredients

The ingredients list should be very short.  It should just say 100% Argan Oil or 100% Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil.  If it has anything else listed you don't want it.

2. The bottle

We are wary of Argan Oil sold in clear or plastic bottles. Both can make the oil deteriorate, and most producers of quality Argan Oil wouldn’t put this liquid gold in anything other than a dark coloured glass bottle (amber or cobalt blue, for example).  Aluminum or stainless steel can work well, too.  Light breaks down the oil's best properties and keeping it inside something dark is the best way to store Argan Oil.

3. The price

Argan Oil is very difficult to make.  It takes hours of manual labour and that does not come free.  So there is no such thing as cheap Argan Oil.  $10 for 2 ounces/60 ml seems like a bargain, but if it's just vegetable oil in that bottle?  It's no bargain at all.  You might as well just step into your kitchen and use whatever you've got in the cupboard.

This is not to say that the most expensive Argan Oil is the best either.  You might just be paying for elaborate packaging and extensive marketing.

Sometimes you can find authentic CULINARY Argan Oil at a more economical price. But know that even though this oil will taste amazing, it will not produce the best results on your skin, hair and nails.  Raw, cosmetic-grade oil is from unroasted Argan fruits, and it is much more difficult to extract oil from raw materials.

4. The scent

Strong-smelling Argan Oil that smells absolutely awful should obviously be avoided.  It most likely has gone rancid.  (To ensure freshness, keep the cap or dropper screwed on to your bottle well!)

Also, if the Argan Oil you have is very fragrant and so delicious smelling enough that you want to eat it, it very well could be Argan Oil intended for culinary use.  The Argan kernels for this type of oil have been toasted first.  And this means great things for your salad, but it won't give the results you want on your skin and hair.

Argan Oil that smells like absolutely nothing might be suspicious, too.  It could be entirely fake, or at least diluted beyond olfactory recognition.  Or, it could be machine-made and possibly even put through a "deodorization" process.  However, with this said, some of the batches we get (particularly in the spring and summer) have a very, very light aroma.  Fall and winter seem to bring oil that has a deeper natural scent.

Genuine, raw, cosmetic-grade Argan Oil can smell unique to the uninitiated nose.  Most say it smells 'nutty'.  My daughter thinks it smells like popcorn.  I used to think it smelled a bit like a rubber band.  Now I just think it smells like pure luxury.  (But remember, some batches have a lighter scent than others.)

If you do get a bottle that is a bit more aromatic, after a couple of days you become used to the scent and know what results the use of this oil brings, so you savour that raw, green, nutty aroma.  Even if you never learn to love that smell, the scent always disappears after a few minutes on your skin, as true Argan Oil absorbs so quickly and beautifully.

However, many brands do put their precious Argan Oil through damaging heating and deodorization processes.  If a brand consistently smells like ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, then it is possible that their oil is consistently deodorized.  This process strips the oil not only of any smell it might have had, but also of some of its healing, restorative properties.

Sometimes chemical solvents are used to pull the oil from the Argan kernels.  And frequently during the refining process the oil is heated to a very high temperature (up to 375-400 degrees F for 30-60 minutes). But as mentioned, light and heat break down the oil's best properties, so we firmly believe it's best to leave this precious oil alone in its most natural state.

Again, we stress that the scent of raw, hand-pressed Argan Oil varies from batch to batch.  Sometimes the scent is lighter, sometimes it is a quite a bit more aromatic.  In our experience, the smell of the oil most definitely varies with the seasons.

5. The texture

Argan Oil should be smooth and silky.  Disappearing into your skin.  It should not feel slimy, sticky or watery.  It should not sting.  Even on uncomfortable skin conditions, Argan Oil should bring a soothing effect, not a painful one.

6.  The sediment

Authentic Argan Oil often has a tiny bit of sediment at the bottom of the bottle and it appears a bit "cloudy".  The highly refined or fake oil will not have this sediment and will look very clear.  Saadia Organics Argan Oil does have a few traces of sediment in some of our bottles.  Don't be alarmed if you do spy a wee bit.  Just let it settle and enjoy knowing that you have the real thing.

Our oil is also cloudy and pale yellow in colour.  We do not heat the oil at all, and it is run through a simple strainer, rather than put through a rigourous filtration system.  In our opinion, the less the oil is messed with and manipulated, the better.  When you see clear, bright yellow Argan Oil you know that heat and machines have been involved in the manufacturing process.

7. The results

As they say, "the proof is in the pudding".

Every single day we get people telling us how much they love our product.  Telling us they've tossed other things they were using for skin care, hair care and baby care.  Some even have stopped using prescription medications* as our pure, raw Argan Oil works better on their psoriasis or on their child's eczema.  (Without the cost, potentially questionable ingredients or side effects.)

A handful of reviews are posted here and some others are here.   Feel free to comment and add your own!


You might know that a woman named Saadia is our Production Manager over in Morocco. Not one drop of Argan Oil is imported without her stamp of approval.  She is highly suspicious of fake, impure and refined Argan Oil. Recently, I took Saadia's son, (my husband!) to check out a brand of Argan Oil found in one chain of stores. He seems to have inherited her discerning ways.**


So let's run through our checklist of 7 warnings:

1.  The ingredients list just said: 100% Argan Oil.  Check.

2.  Nice dark amber glass bottle.  Check.

3.  The price.  On the high end.  $58 (before tax)

4.  The scent.  Zero.  It smelled like cooking oil.  It has obviously been deodorized.

5.  The texture.  Slimy.

6.  No sediment as far as we could see.  And the oil was crystal clear, not cloudy.

7.  The results.  Unsure.  After failing tests 4, 5 and 6 we would be unwilling to buy this product to bother testing it.


I hope you found this informative!  We just want you to make an informed decision as you attempt to purchase this rather elusive oil only made in a rather elusive country.

If you want to check out our amazing, authentic, hand-pressed Argan Oil, take a look!








*Speak with your doctor before discontinuing use of prescription medications.

** The view expressed in the video is just one by a person who grew up with Argan Oil.   It is not the official view of Saadia Organics.

377 Responses

  1. Is that real oil. I bought the 16 ounce one...
  2. Mne
    I wish this oil could be transfered to Nigeria*sad face*
  3. Hello, The cosmetic grade of Argan oil has very light sweet smell. There are no sediments on cosmetic Argan oil if it is correctly filtered. Regards.
    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, we agree! Cosmetic grade Argan Oil should have a light smell. I'm not sure if I'd call raw, hand-pressed oil "sweet"-smelling though. (Unless it has had drops of essential oils mixed in - rose, gardenia, orange blossom, etc. Which some individuals (or producers) may choose to add.) As for sediment, machine-made oil is heated and turns out very clear. And it is put through a filtration system. Argan Oil that is cold-pressed by hand is very "low-tech". The oil is strained, but not filtered. And some sediment does get through.
      • Hello! Thanks for your note.... This article is actually discussing <strong>cosmetic</strong> grade Argan Oil. (Using unroasted kernels from Argan Pits.) And whether it's made by hand or machine.... I don't think that raw Argan Oil would taste good at all! ;) Although, come to think of it, we have had some of Saadia's handmade culinary oil that she made especially for us in our kitchen for quite some time, and I haven't noticed any change in the taste. j~
  4. Nicole
    Hello, I just bought some argan oil. It came in a dark bottle, I paied 56 dollars for 16 ounces on amazon. It's called Argana Shop. It claims cold pressed USDA certified organic. The smell is a little off putting. It's kind of strong. I suppose you could say its nutty but not at all sweet. I am worried that maybe I bought something not good.. Can someone tell me what they think?
    • Hi Nicole, Thanks for writing! Sorry it has taken me a while to reply. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with that particular brand. I had a look at their website (as I'm guessing you have!) and they don't mention where they get their Argan Oil from. They do say it's cold-pressed, but it's hard for me to comment further without testing the oil myself. They definitely are selling it cheaply if it truly is pure Argan Oil. But even if it's not pure, it's probably just mixed with safflower or olive oil. Neither of which will harm you unless you have a specific allergy. But you certainly won't achieve the results you are looking for with those oils. I will try to contact you via email, too, to make sure you get this! All the best, Joèl Saadia Organics
  5. [...] They gave too much information and too detailed information away and were willing to provide in-depth education about Argan oil in general.  Information which I don’t see other brands providing.  See here: [...]
  6. Julieanne
    I have a large bottle of Argan oil I brought back from morocco with me from my husbands family friends who commercially distribute it. All of the above statements are so true of what you say pure argan oil should be like. Thank you for your honestly.
  7. HASNA
    • Hello Hasna, I'm guessing your question is about importing Argan Oil. Where do want to import it to? Are you interested in importing Saadia's oil? If you give me a little more information, I'd be happy to help, if I can. j~
  8. linda
    Hello, I bought a brand of argan oil that says its 100% Argan Spinoza...1st cold pressed oil, unfiltered, un refined.. whats confusing me i that on the botttle it says vegetable oil...im assuming this is a rip off? are u familiar with the brand? I paid 15 dollars for a 1oz bottle
  9. linda
    the brand was divine essence...
    • Hi Linda! I have heard of that brand, but it is one that I have yet to test. It is a little frightening to see "vegetable oil" on the label, though! What does it smell like? How about the texture? Have you seen any great results with it? j~
      • Meghan
        Hi, I was wondering what you thought about the Argan Oil from Poppy Austin?
  10. Kimberley pink
    hi do you have any views on simply argan oil?
    • I don't have any personal experience with this brand. It's too bad they use clear bottles, and for the price (and from what I can see on the website), it's been machine pressed. I've found the best results to come with raw, hand-pressed Argan Oil.
  11. Pengutango
    I've been wanting to buy some argan oil, but I'm worried about getting something that isn't pure. Do you know anything about Beta Natural's argan oil? Their 4oz. bottle is $48, which is definitely cheaper than the one Josie Maran sells for the same size.
  12. Ella
    Very informative post! I love reading reviews of natural products! The amount of "organic" & "natural" hair & skincare out there can be overwhelming, especially when you are first making the transition over from the more commercial brands. I know when I was trying to decide which products I wanted to give a try, I found it difficult to choose. Having great skin & hair is so important to me, which is why I love posts like this! My favorite product containing argan oil is called "Defend" from a company called Purelement Naturals. Do you have any favorite brands that you stick to? Or any favorite products?
  13. Lovely
    What do you think about Acure's argan oil? Ive been ordering it for a year now and there wasn't a scent to it. Last time I ordered, there's this interesting scent to the oil. I'm used to it not having a scent so this time around it kinda freaked me out. Let me know what you think! Thank you!
    • Isn't that fascinating that the brand of oil you're using didn't have a scent at first, and now it does! Honestly, I think that might be a good thing. It could mean that Acure's producer doesn't deodorize their oil anymore. I especially say this could be a good thing since you say it now has an "interesting" scent. If you said it smelled like roses, lavender, or whatever then it would be clear they just added some sort of perfume/essential oil... but since it's a very unique smell... you just might have something that isn't quite as over-processed as it used to be. Are you seeing different results with your latest bottle of oil? It might be worth it to contact Acure and ask why it's different now. I'd be very curious to hear their answer! Keep in touch. joèl~
      • Lovely
        Hello! Thank you for the response. I called Acure and they said that each batch may be different and that there is nothing wrong with the oil having a scent. I have gotten used to the scent and do not mind it anymore. I have to agree with you on the oil smelling a little like rubber bands.
        • It's hard to believe but "rubber band" is good. ;) It does take a little while get used to such a unique scent. But once you do, it's no big deal. Especially since the scent dissipates in a few minutes as it sinks so deeply into your skin. But yeah... "Weird" is ok --- but really horribly stinky is not good - that would mean contaminated or rotten. And it is very true that each batch will smell a bit different. Just think of squeezing fresh orange juice in your kitchen. The oranges you use this month will taste a certain way.... but the next batch you make several weeks later with new oranges will probably taste a bit different. (Even if the oranges were from the same farm.) I hope you see great results with your oil! J~
          • Daisy
            According to the video on Acure's website, their argan oil is cold pressed (which I'm assuming means machine pressed) and unrefined: http://www.acureorganics.com/Argan-Oil-p/023.htm
          • Ashley
            I wanted to try this brand but their bottle is clear. I believe it does come boxed but the actual bottle is clear. Should I be alarmed and try another brand? I was using the fancy, expensive Moroccan Oil from the salons until I realized it was full of Dimethicone and the actual oil was number 5 on the ingredients list! :( Thanks for your help!
          • Try another brand. Anyone producing top quality oil of any kind knows that a clear bottle will not be good for their product.
  14. Keely
    Hello My friends just returned from Morocco and they kindly brought me some Argan Oil. It's Rosa Huile and it comes in a plastic bottle which makes me wonder how pure it is. My friends knew nothing about this oil but kindly went out of their way to get some for me. They said they went somewhere and watched the ladies extracting it ect ect so they were convinced of its authenticity. Do you or anyone know of this particular brand?
    • Hello Keely! Thanks for taking the time to write. There are many of these road side shops where you can watch Moroccan women showing some of the steps involved in making Argan Oil. Many Argan pits are cracked at such places, and you can even watch them using a big stone quern to make culinary Argan Oil. (You can tell that it's the edible variety as it is dark and very aromatic -- from roasted Argan kernels. And it flows from the quern freely. Raw kernels don't behave in that manner at all. Unroasted materials are very stubborn and do not want to give up their oil at all.) However, in the dozens of Argan producers that we visited, not even one actually made Argan Oil for cosmetic use by hand. All cosmetic oil is made by machine. We made sure to ask if any of their cosmetic oil was handmade using traditional methods, but all of them said no. As it is "too much work". This is too bad, as the results from oil that is cold-pressed by hand are truly marvelous. (And no one would put THAT in a cheap bottle.) Machine made Argan Oil varies in quality. If it is extracted using chemical solvents (like hexane) it is the least desirable. If it is heated to a very high degree for long periods of time, it's not all that great either. Some producers set their machines to lower temperatures, which is the best of the machine made oil as it's able to retain more of its best properties. But few producers are willing to go this last route as the yield isn't nearly as impressive. But there really is no way to know what you have in your hands, unfortunately. (Even if you contacted the producer directly, it's hard to know what kind of answer you'd get! Unfortunately, they'd probably try to get a read on what they think you'd want to hear and tell you precisely that.) "Rosa Hulie" sounds familiar to me. But then I tried to do a quick search on it to jog my memory to see if I could recognize a label. But I'm not exactly sure which one you have... If you could snap a photo of your bottle and email it to me that would help! joel@saadiaorganics.com Anyway, hopefully you have an oil that is derived only from Argan kernels... and that hexane was not used to make your oil. What kind of results are you seeing? joèl~
      • Alicia
        I bought the same oil that Keely.It's Huile d'argane cosmétique and smells funny. I searched information about it but the page don't say anything and in internet forums don't appear. I want to know if this argane is good.If you can help me, i will thank you. Sorry for my bad english xD
        • Hi Alicia! It's hard for us to guess for certain unless we try the oil ourselves. Some seem to be derived from Argan fruit, but they've been so over-processed that they bear little resemblance to raw, hand pressed Argan Oil. Has anyone else tried this brand? J~
          • keely
            Hi there I stopped using it in the end because it just didn't feel/seem right. It was almost like a cooking oil. Another friend of mine came back from Morocco recently with a similar oil in a similar plastic bottle, slightly different label. Again, we couldn't find the links online. I told my friend I didn't think it was the real deal.
  15. Lisa
    What do you think about the pur a d'or ( pure and organic argan) brand of argan oil? I bought a few bottles.. And was really looking forward to using it.. I'm hoping it is pure like how they claim to be
  16. Keely
    Hi there :) Thanks ever so much for your response. I've only had the bottle for 2 days, I used some straight away but then I was concerned if it was the real deal which is when I began my research online. It's feels ok but I have nothing to compare it to other than a bottle of Moroccan oil specially for hair I had once and to be honest I don't even know if that would have been real. So now I'm a bit wary of using it until I can find out if its any good. I'm just trying to work out how to send you a photo as I'm using my phone for this as my laptop isn't working at the mo. But in the meantime here is a website that is at the bottom of the label on the bottle:- www.epicesavenzoar.com I'll try and get that photo to you somehow. And thank you again for your help, excellent website :)
    • Hello again, Keely! Chances are whatever is in that bottle will not harm you. Even if it is an oil that is mixed with other oils, those oils are probably safflower and olive (nothing harmful, just far cheaper than Argan!) That website you linked me to isn't working right now. With any new product (even the best ones!) it's always a good idea to do a patch test to see how your skin does with it. Anyway, if you get a chance to send a picture, I'd be curious to see it. J~
  17. Miriam
    My Moroccan friend gave me a small plastic bottle of supposed pure Argan oil. As you mentioned the plastic bottle is not a good sign... also it has a strong weird smell, kind of like I would expect the smell on my hands after touching a sheep... that's why I was wondering when you say that the oil may have passed through a goat's digestive system. Would that make it smell like goat? And could you describe that process in more detail? Thank you for the information
    • Hello Miriam! Nice to hear from you. Some people do find real, raw Argan Oil smells mildly "agricultural" (for lack of a better word). However, any scent should disappear within a few minutes on your skin. But if it's really strong and weird smelling, and if that smell does not go away within a few minutes of application, it might have gone bad already. Properly bottled, raw Argan Oil should last for 24 months. I experimented with ours once and found that if the cap is left off a bottle for more than a week, it can go off. As for using materials that have passed through the digestive systems of goats... It's certainly not something that a reputable company would want to use. Even just talking to women in Morocco they say "That's how some people in the countryside used to make their oil, but we wouldn't waste our money on that!" But then there are some that say that this is not a big deal. Goats eat Argan fruit. The outer layer of fruit is (partially?) digested, then the pit comes out in their waste. To make Argan Oil, you crack open that pit and just use the kernel inside. (Which technically, is well protected from any goat waste.) However, if a person is cracking dirty Argan pits, their hands and hence the kernels can become contaminated. And that would certainly effect the oil -- and of course, the smell! So I'm not sure exactly what you have there... but I don't think I'd be using it if the smell was truly awful. All the best, Joèl
      • Miriam
        Hi Joel! Thank you for your reply! I was really glad to find out that the goats don't die in the process and actually take the process as somewhat of a blessing since I like goats a lot... and my Chinese sign is goat too... but the smell is quite intense for the first couple minutes so I wouldn't recommend it or give it as a gift. But I am surprised how well the oil does on my skin, I had something almost like a wart on my finger and after just a couple days of Argan oil treatment it started to disappear and go back to normal. So it looks like I will be going through this bottle pretty quickly and I will check out your products when I need more!! XOXO Miriam
        • Oh, no. No goats are ever hurt in the production of Argan Oil. Although the goats do a lot of damage climbing the trees in order to get at the fruit to eat. So we are sure to use fruit from a "goat-free" farm to ensure good quality fruit (and hence, oil) from healthy trees. That's great that you are seeing such great results on your skin. It's amazing what kind of curious little things that Argan Oil can take care of. j~
  18. Kevin
    Hello Joel and Saadia commentators, My name is Kevin and I recently started using Argan Oil on my face. I have only been using my first bottle for about 1.5 weeks now, so I don't have a lot of experience with it. However, I got a recommendation from my cousin in Illinois for a brand called L'Or D'Afrique (African Gold), a Chicago company that imports its oil from Morocco. Has anyone tried that brand? Supposedly, it is all organic, Kosher, %100 pure, etc.. Thus far, the oil qualities mentioned above seem to fit the product: silky, light, vague nutty scent, not watery etc.. However, I am not so sure if I am all that into it. While it does make my face soft and glow-y immediately after application, I don't feel like the moisturizing properties are as great as others make them out to be. I usually use it in the morning and at night, all over my face and directly under my eyes for fine lines. I don't know, I haven't been too thrilled. Anyone ever tried the Mogodor brand? Supposedly that's good too, but I have no idea. Anyhow, hope all is well with everyone. -Kevin
    • Hi Kevin! Thanks for writing. Argan Oil actually has mildly astringent properties and it really soaks down into your skin, so you won't have a really moisturized "dewy" look for long after application. I find if my skin is really going through a dry phase I need to do some good exfoliating first to experience the best results with the oil. Personally, I think you should stick with it for a while. Keep an eye on those fine lines under your eyes. If you have a gently made oil in your hands, you should see those starting to disappear. If you never fall in love with it on your face, true Argan Oil is always wonderful to have around. Any sort of rash, sunburn, or dry skin (feet, elbows, hands) can heal quickly with application a couple of times a day. Good luck! Joèl
  19. Keely
    Hi Joèl Sorry for late reply, where can I find your email address? Thanks :)
    • joel@saadiaorganics.com
      • Keely
        Thank you :) I sent a photo this morning, finally :) Keely
        • Got it! I was just about to send you a response. Hope you had a great weekend!~ Joèl
          • Anna
            Hi, I just came back from Morocco and also purchased the brand Rosa Huille argan oil. It's in the cosmetic one in a plastic bottle and is very clear. I've been using it and it doesn't absorb as quickly as I imagine it should. They did have the Ecocert certificate posted on their wall though. Please let me know if you think this is the real deal. Thank you for your help.
          • Hi Anna, Thanks for your note. I hope you had a great time in Morocco! If it is clear, the oil has been machine pressed. That can mean the use of a little bit of heat - which some people are fine with. Or it can unfortunately mean a LOT of heat and even the use of chemical solvents - both very undesirable. As for certification.... many Argan producers we visited proudly displayed their certifications from those bodies. You just have to pay a fee, and you get them. How does the oil smell? Are you seeing any results? j~
          • Anna
            Hi, thanks for the quick reply. The smell is a bit similar to olive oil with a tinge of nuttiness. The store where I bought it is in Marrakech is big and a lot of tour groups are brought there to see some women making the oil and to listen to a talk on how the oil is produced. Lots of educational materials were on display as well. I thought it would be a reputable one because they specialized in argan oil. I asked why they didn't use the amber bottle and said since a lot of tourists but from them it would more practical to use plastic bottles for traveling. 250ml costs 24 euros. I noticed that ants were attracted to oil and were crawling all over the bottle. I use a few drops twice a day and the dry patches on my skin doesn't seem to be showing significant improvement. 10 minutes after application my face is still shiny and a bit oily. :(
          • Unfortunately, the type of establishment you described is a dime a dozen. (there are probably a couple of hundred in SW Morocco). It's funny you should mention the bottles. When you really talk to someone knowledgeable on the subject, they know that the oil should not be in plastic. And even clear glass doesn't cut it. But dark, coloured glass bottles are impossible to find in Morocco. One producer said "We are changing all of our packaging. We need to import bottles from Canada or Germany." He even mentioned something about the government getting involved. (???) As they know that one of their most precious commodities is being damaged by poor packaging. Although, we did ask one spokesperson at an Argan Oil producer just outside of Essaouira. We asked about their clear, plastic bottles. She, too, admitted that MOST clear, plastic bottles were not good for the oil, but that THEIRS were especially made for Argan Oil. So they said they were different. (???) As for your results. Sorry it is not working so well for you, Anna. :( Sometimes you need to exfoliate a bit before the oil can do its best work. So perhaps give that a try?
          • Anna
            Thank you so much Joel for your time and expert advise. It's very refreshing and so rare to find people who are genuinely and sincerely interested to help others especially since they have a wealth of knowledge to share. I wouldn't think twice about purchasing from you if I lived anywhere remotely near you. God bless you. Anna
  20. Shaun
    I've been researching psoriasis treatments for myself since mine has been especially bad in the last several months. I just purchased some argan oil from walgreens. It does come in an amber bottle, but smells essentially like nothing and does not state 100%, only saying "Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil". Most likely diluted quite a bit or machine processed, or both. Anyways, I'm always skeptical of people praising their products online. I've been reading through these comments and have been impressed at both your knowledge and the time you take to answer people's questions and comments. You seem to know what you are talking about and are willing to take the time to teach others without being overly partial to your own product indiscriminately. I will definitely take a chance on your product. Its great to see a company with such a person touch and depth of knowledge.
    • Hi Shaun, Thanks so much for writing. To be honest, you made my day! :) We really adore Argan Oil and are truly passionate about it. We want to make sure that people are getting their hands on oil that is genuine and of good quality. Mediocre oil produces mediocre results - which should come as no surprise. We really love hearing people's stories about the amazing results that they're enjoying from authentic, well-made Argan Oil - regardless of which company they've purchased it from. Have you had any luck with the oil from Walgreens? Cheers, Joèl~
  21. Tay
    What do you think about this brand? http://buy-morocco-oil.com/
    • Hi Tay! Unfortunately, they don't indicate exactly who produces their Argan Oil or how. But it seems they have a money back guarantee, so there seems to be little risk. Good luck! Joèl
  22. Alejandro
    Hi there, I bought a bottle of cold pressed cosmetic argan oil from skinception. it was $60 for 1.0 fl oz. and it seems to pass everything on the list except for the bottle being dark. The bottle is clear glass. Also, the thing about the sediment at the bottom, I don't see any at the bottom or anywhere in the bottle. I was hoping you knew something about that product and if maybe I should be purchasing a different product. Thanks!!
    • Hi Alenjandro! That's too bad about the clear glass. Be sure to keep your oil in a cupboard or cabinet to keep the light away from it. Hopefully it will be ok! One producer we spoke with in Morocco a few months ago was complaining that he cannot get dark, glass bottles in Morocco as he knows it's better for the oil and that customers are starting to want such packaging. This producer also said that he's looking into importing bottles from Canada or Germany in the future. Anyway, with this said, this company says that their oil is "undiluted and extracted manually, by the Berber women of Morocco." If this is indeed the case, you might have some good oil in your possession! It does seem to be such a bright yellow in those bottles, however. The oil that is 100% cold pressed by hand that I'm used to doesn't look quite that bright. But perhaps it's just the photo on the site? How does the oil smell? How does it feel on your skin? Is it working well for you? I hope this oil is achieving the results you want... and I also hope you had a great weekend. Joèl~
  23. Alejandro
    Thanks for the reply. Well in person the oil is not bright yellow. It's more of light yellow. The best way I can describe the smell is that it smells like some type of nut but it's not sweet or strong. It doesnt smell bad it's just different. The smell doesnt last long, it goes away quickly. The oil dries pretty quickly on my skin. It's not sticky or watery its a mix of both. As of now I see no results but I've only been using it for about 3 weeks. Also, I shook the bottle really quickly and I saw bubbles form inside that disappeared pretty quickly. Is that normal?
  24. Idayu Remie
    Hi Saadia Organics, 1stly thank you very much for all the valuable great info in your website - I now learnt a lot about Argan Oil. Prior reading your website, I've recently purchased a Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum at the local store - Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum by SevenWonders - Natural Skin Care. Australian Made & Owned. Its ingredients stated Certified Organic Argania Spinosa Kernel (Argan) Oil, Tocophenol (Vit E), Fragrance (100% Natural Rose Blend), Contains Nut Oils. Obviously, it is Argan Oil for cosmetic usage in mind. I hope it delivers its promising benefits as stated in the packaging. Well, after reading the info on your website, I can't wait to order the (real-deal) Argan Oil from Saadia Organics... insyaallah. Thank you Saadia Organics! Keep up the good work!!!
    • Hi Idayu! It looks like you have a nice little blend in your hands. Hopefully it will work well for you! But yes, you still might want to try 100% pure, raw Argan Oil, at some point, too. Good luck! Joèl
  25. Dr. Vishvas Ranpariya
    Hello Saadia, I have gone through all you comments. Actually, I am running my own pharma company in India. Now I would like to launch my cosmetic division, the very first n elite product I found is Argan Oil. I highly recommend the world's leading brand MORROCANOIL. Now I need a kind help from your side as I want to import the high quality Argan oil in India. Kindly revert back to me. Awaiting for your reply. Thanks and regards, Dr. Vishvas Ranpariya Purple Remedies Pvt. Ltd.
    • Hello Dr. Ranpariya, I just received your email and will be responding to you shortly. Looking forward to corresponding with you! Warmly, Joèl Co-Owner Saadia Organics
  26. Barb Baker
    Hello, I purchased some Arran oil on E-bay. My concerns are that the product is in a brown plastic bottle. It has a strong unpleasant odor--not lasting long but is noticeable. Major concern my face now has red blotches. I had nice smooth skin no breakouts before using this product. I purchased this to get rid of fine lines on my face.. I wish I would of checked more on this product.. I paid $21.50 for a 16 oz bottle. I would gladly pay more for a product that is valid.
    • Hello Barb, That's too bad about the product you purchased. I'd check the return policy with Amazon if I were you. Hopefully there's a money back guarantee? Argan Oil should not make you breakout. Genuine oil helps with rashes and acne! So sorry to hear about your experience, j~
  27. sexy julia
    Its good, love argan oil and after reading checklist of 7 warnings ..i cannot wait to use it...its all i need
  28. Cassie Webster
    WOW! I am so impressed at your customer service here responding to each and every question! That is so rare sometimes. :( I came here from google because i have very dry skin. I tried coconut oil and it made my face swell and turn red!(allergy maybe or side effect i dont know)so i am learning and loving all about argan oil! Now, I am ordering from a co-op and researching this brand Aura Cacia, and i was going to buy her 100% orgnaic argan oil. Have you hear of her? she is advertised in Frontier coop. Thank you! :)
    • Hi Cassie! Thanks for your note (and your compliment. ;) ) That is too bad you reacted to the coconut oil. It is VERY rare for Argan Oil to cause an allergic reaction, so it is definitely worth a try. Another difference between coconut and Argan oils is that the molecules in Argan Oil are smaller than in coconut, so they penetrate into the skin easier. (Or so we hear.) Aura Cacia is a bit newer to the Argan Oil scene, and the company sells all different types of products. (Many of them rating well on the EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, which is awesome.) Aura Cacia is also extremely forthright about where they source their Argan Oil from. (Which is also awesome!) However, there a couple of things you might want to consider. They say it only requires 2.5 kg of Argan seeds/kernels to produce one kg of their oil. That seems really low. It would take a fair bit of heat heat (but hopefully no chemical solvents) to draw that much oil out of only 2.5 kg of kernels. (Our staff uses double that amount to get one litre!) The other thing? Their salaries at that co-op are really low. :( 100 dirhams (~$10) a day unfortunately does NOT go very far in Morocco. I hope this helps! Joèl
      • Cassie Webster
        Thank you so much! I also noticed that she noted they make their argan oil "mostly" from a hand-pressed operation..sounds like the other half would be machine. Boo. Looks like I'll just have to order directly from you so I am positive I get only the best! :D So excited to put this on my face!
        • We'd be more than happy to help you Cassie. You will love it on your face! It's truly unique and so effective. All manufacturers of Argan Oil have to have at least some of the work done by hand. As far as we know there is no "pit cracking machine" available. Cracking those pits is hard work and so time consuming. However, at least more Moroccan women are able to be employed because of the non-existence of such a machine.
          • Daisy
            FYI - I saw the Aura Cacia brand at Whole Foods today and the label on their argan oil (and some of their other oils) said that it is expeller pressed.
          • Anita
            Does the argan oil have lightening effects? Can it be used in day time as well? Do you recommend it as an everyday all over cream? How can I get some and how much is it? What are the benefits for hair?
          • Hi Anita! Some say that Argan Oil has lightened the appearance of brown spots they have on their faces and hands. I most definitely use the oil morning and night. Some people with oilier skin just like to use it once a day, however. And yes.... it works all over. Face, neck, hands, feet, and every bit of skin in between. Pure Argan Oil works wonderfully as an overnight hair treatment. Apply several drops to damp hair, massage it into the hair and scalp. Put a towel over your pillow, sleep, then wash and style as usual in the morning. You can buy our 100% pure Argan Oil that has been cold-pressed by hand here: It's $45 for a 50 ml bottle, and $12 for 10 ml. I hope this helps! Joèl
  29. sharon
    Hi, i would like some advice please. My 5 year old suffers terrible eczema i have been advised pure argan oil can help with the itching, & can help the condition when breakouts occure. Can anyone help me where to buy this in the uk? I have read all comments on this page which now makes me aware there are many fakes, or not pure oil. Any help would be appreciated as dont want to take any chances putting something on my little girls skin what may cause her discomfort. Thanks in advance!
    • Hi Sharon, Eczema is no fun at all. Especially for a young child. My 5 year old gets some small patches now and then, and our Argan Oil clears it right up. I'm not sure where you could buy quality cosmetic grade Argan Oil off the shelf in the UK. I know the owner of Arganic, who is based in London. But I'm not sure where she sells her oil in store. I know that they press by machine -- however, from what I know they do not heat it to very high temperatures. You might want to look her up. She is lovely. :) With that said, I'd certainly be willing to ship you some of ours if you were wanting oil that is cold-pressed by hand. But it would take a couple of weeks to arrive. Best of luck! Your daughter will feel relief as soon as you put some oil on her. It doesn't sting or burn, it just soothes and takes the itch out. Within a few days of use, the dryness should soften and the redness should decrease. j~
    • Joshila
      Just a note: Arganic Argan Oil from the UK is mostly sold in small organic food shops and outlets and also in organic and gourmet restaurants and delicatessens in and around London. I did also find it in Whole Foods Kensington quite a long time ago but not sure if they still stock it there now. The Organic Grocer in Clifton Road in Maida Vale [London] stock this brand and a few other brands also. Check them out. Hope that's helpful Sharon. :)
  30. Daisy
    I recently purchased argan oil from Mountain Rose Herbs. Their description says that the oil is cold pressed and unrefined from certified organic argan seeds in Morocco, but it doesn't indicate anything else. Are you familiar at all with this particular brand? It does have a familiar nutty kind of smell that I can't quite put my finger on (which seems an improvement from the sweet smelling Josie Maran argan oil that I tried at Sephora).
    • Just did a little snooping around for you, Daisy! I had a look at their oil. It is very clear and golden in colour... and with prices like that, one can only guess that it's definitely made by machine. With that said, it sounds like it wasn't heated to terribly high temperatures if it's retained a lot of its natural scent. So that's a very good thing! However, it's hard to call any machine pressed oil "cold-pressed". In the olive oil world cold-pressing means not heating the oil over 80 °F (27 °C). The lowest temperature we saw on any machine making cosmetic Argan Oil was 194 °F (90 °C). And I wouldn't consider that "cold" by any means. However, we did not see EVERY machine in Morocco of course, so it's possible that *someone* is manufacturing it at a lower temperature? You might want to contact Mountain Rose and ask? Have you seen good results with the oil? J~
  31. Hey i was in superdrug today and i weren't sure whether to buy this product becasue i didn't know whether it was geniune or fake? could you help please?
    • Hi Sara! The information on this product says that this is an.... "Argan Oil Treatment is a <strong>unique formula based on </strong><em>the long known benefits of the oil from the fruit of the Argan Tree...." When it says "formula" it means that there will hardly be any Argan Oil in it at all. I couldn't find the list of ingredients. But I bet there are several, with Argan Oil being quite far down the list. Most of these types of products are full of silicone-based ingredients. Many people choose to avoid these.... while others enjoy using them in moderation. If you need a reasonably priced hair treatment, it might not be a bad product if you're ok with silicones. But if you want 100% pure Argan Oil to use on your hair as well as your skin, definitely look for something else. I hope this helps! J~
  32. Malek
    Hi, i bought a bottle from a company called truly maroccan which states to sell 100% pure cold pressed argania spinosa. I bought it from ebay.uk and its a top seller, the first that comes up when searching for argan oil. I got a bit worried when i read about the price which i found was a bit too cheap considering the complicated procedures to extract it. The oil is not slimey, i think it smells alot like sesame oil, and smells somewhat like rubber when applied. Do u know if this seller is legit?
    • Hello Malek, I hope you have a good product in (and on) your hands. They don't say much about their production methods on their site... How have your results been? j~
      • Malek
        Ive just started using it and to be honest its not really as good as I would expect although its not completly bad. I use it on my legs where i have some rash due to dryness and on my scalp as I am dry itchy . I wouldnt be surprised if what i got was cuisine argan oil as the smell is quite strong like roasted sesame oil. The smell doesnt disapear as fast as you describe it will do either. I just cant believe its a top rated seller with so many good reviews. They stated it to be cosmetic grade on the site but ive mailed the seller asking them how the argan oil is being made exactly,hopefully ill get an answer
        • Oh dear. "Roasted sesame oil"? It definitely sounds like you have culinary oil! It certainly won't hurt your legs. (I used it on my eyelids in a desperate moment. And you're right -- THAT scent doesn't go away. I smelled like Moroccan breakfast all day.) I'm curious to hear what the seller will tell you. It's very possible THEY aren't getting a real answer either. Some people think - "Argan Oil is popular! What if I buy it in bulk and start bottling it and selling it myself?" So they find some random person who is selling it by the litre. Making all sorts of great claims. But if you've never really had experience with the varying qualities of Argan Oil, you really wouldn't know what you're getting. When visiting different producers in Morocco, we found that they'd tell us ANYTHING in order to score a sale. Some of the things we heard were so ridiculous. So even if you were to contact the manufacturer that your seller uses you still might not know exactly how your oil was made. It's a very "interesting" industry. J~
  33. Watts Beauty Moroccan Gold 4-ounce pure Argan Oil, purchased @ above website. Is clear with no smell. Are you familiar with this one? It says " 100-percent pure concentrate of cold-pressed Moroccan Argan oil".
    • Hi Debbie, Well, that's one I haven't heard before. The words "pure concentrate" have me stumped. I wrote an article not too long ago likening Argan Oil to orange juice. Maybe I was really on to something... We've all heard about orange juice from concentrate! We can hope that the oil you have is truly made from Argan fruit. But it does sound like it is highly processed, unfortunately. Best results are found with "freshly squeezed" Argan Oil (and the best tasting orange juice, too, in my opinion.) j~
  34. sapna
    I just ordered Argan oil through your website. I had one question. I have dandruff and hair loss problems. How do I apply the oil? Do I shampoo after sometime or just leave the oil overnight? Also, can I use it on skin with acne/blackheads. Please let me know.
    • Hi Sapna! Overnight hair/scalp treatments are amazing. In the evening, I wash my hair, apply the oil -- giving a my scalp a good massage from the back of my neck right up to my hairline near my forehead. Then I work the oil all through my hair. I put a towel over my pillow and then I sleep on it. And I wash and condition as usual in the morning. Some people don't actually wash their hair the night before -- they just wet it and then apply the oil. But for some reason I always want to start with clean hair. Start by doing this a few times a week, and see how things go. Once your dandruff clears up, you probably won't need to do the treatment as often. As for your skin - good Argan Oil is amazing on blackheads - should clear them right up in a short period of time, and many see great results on their acne, too. We were getting a lot of emails from happy customers who were thrilled with how their acne was clearing up. I hope your package arrives soon! J~
  35. amina
    Hello I have recently purchased argan oil from a company called billy in the tree, they claim that their product is 100% pure argan oil. The product comes in an amber coloured glass and costs £11.95 for 100ml. which I think is good value for money as you only need two small drops to apply on the face and neck. However the product has an unusual smell to it, difficult to describe but it is definitely not a nutty or pleasing smell, but not offensive either. The oil is a yellow colour and does not absorb quickly into the skin. There is also a label attached to the bottle which does not have a list of ingredients and just says 100% pure argan oil. Does this sound like pure argan oil to you?
    • Hello Amina! Thanks for taking the time to write. "Unusual smelling" is a good thing. And it's also good that the smell isn't offensive. Their site says that their oil is machine pressed. It is too bad that the oil doesn't absorb into the skin, though. Hand pressed oil soaks into your skin in seconds. No greasy film at all. Some of the oils we sampled in Morocco left an oily film until it was washed off. (We really had our doubts about the authenticity of these oils. Or at the very least it was pretty clear that the oil had been heated into something unrecognizable.) How have your results been? j~
  36. Daisy -- You do great detective work. ;) I found this article interesting: http://www.spectrumorganics.com/?id=32 There is a lot of false information out there. The words "cold-pressed" in Morocco with regard to Argan Oil most frequently mean using raw Argan kernels (rather than toasted). But those machines really heat the oil to alarming temperatures. Sure, the initial materials weren't exposed to heat, but once they're being pressed? Those machines get HOT. (90-190 degrees C/194-374 F from what we saw -- and we saw a lot.) As I said elsewhere, I'm sure there are machines in Morocco making oil at a cooler temperature -- as they know how damaging heat is to the oil. But really? If the average producer can get more oil out of the same batch of kernels using a lot of heat, why wouldn't they? People will still buy it. (Although they probably won't be coming back for more as the oil will just deliver average results.) j~
  37. sapna
    My normal hair type is oily with lots of flyaways and very little volume. I got my Argan oil and I tried using it on my hair. I think I added more than couple of drops. Although my hair felt smoother, it made my hair weigh down. I will try few drops next time and see how it goes. One more question, can Argan oil act as a sunscreen. I am looking for a natural sunscreen and I thought this might be it. Please let me know.
    • Hello Sapna! It takes some experimenting. I am sure that you will find a routine that works for you. Perhaps just try a drop or two on our scalp and a little bit on the ends of your hair. Then wash it out well in the morning. As for using Argan Oil as sunscreen.... many say that it has properties that will help guard against the sun. However, we do not recommend using Argan Oil for that purpose. This is an excellent site to help you find a good, safe, sunscreen: http://www.ewg.org/2012sunscreen/ Good luck! Joèl
      • sapna
        Thanks for providing all the information. I appreciate your quick response. In the past, I have used almond oil and coconut oil and they do smell a lot. But this one doesn't smell at all :).
  38. amina
    hello J thanks for the reply, results have not been too good, I think it has done more damage than good, although it has only been a few days I am not seeing any improvement, I have eczema which sometimes occurs on my face and hands and was hoping that argan oil would clear this up but I can't see any real improvements. I heard that argan oil is supposed to be excellent for the skin but it's hard to know which ones are authentic! Do you know of any stores that sell pure authentic argan oil in the UK?
    • I don't know what is in stores in the UK unfortunately. I do know a company that sells good machine pressed oil in the UK (I know she has an online store). And we'd be happy to send you some of Saadia's hand-pressed Argan Oil if you aren't in a major hurry. We send our packages Air Mail and they arrive in the UK in approximately 8-14 days. j~
  39. amina
    could you give me the website address for the online store in the uk? my sin has gotten worse since using the argan oil that i have, so i need a quick fix! thank you
  40. Ibtissam
    Hi ,i'am using argan oil for 2 years (kiehl s )as am leaving in Dubai it s a bit difficult to find an original one. Recently I found one ad in dubizzle (website like eBay ) with only 15 $ for 100 ml and it w has silky texture with light smell golden color , my skin just absorb it in few seconds. Do u think it s authentique?!
    • Hello Ibtissam! It is hard to say based on the information you've provided. What does it smell like? Is there anything you can compare it to? It's good that it absorbs quickly into your skin. Are you seeing good results with it? Joèl
  41. Ibtissam
    Hi , I had read in article that you need to froze it and then definitely it will shows . If it s original it will keep the same color and will be only one part. If it is fake it will be a mix of many parts or colors .am gonna try that and let u know.
    • Yes, if you put true Argan Oil in the fridge, it will solidify slightly. (It will not become completely solid like butter would be in the fridge though.... but it does get kind of "slushy".) Don't expect this result overnight. It took a couple of weeks for Saadia's oil to get the solid bits in it. Try it and let us know next month! j~
  42. Christine
    Hi! Are you familiar with Shea Terra Organics' Argan oil? I have been using it for a few weeks now, and at first it had a slight nutty aroma. But recently it has been smelling like rubberband haha. This is the 2nd brand or Argan oil that I have tried. The first one had a nutty scent too, but kind of "sour". What are your thoughts on STO's Argan oil? Thank you so much!
  43. Shea Terra is a company that carries quite a few different products and has a good reputation. You might want to contact them directly to find out more about how their oil is manufactured. And I'd say "rubber band" is better than "sour". ;) j~
  44. sandra
    I went to duanereade the other day and saw a bottle of Moroccan oil. The bottle was blue, the ingredient only had argan oil. I couldn't smell or try it on because I didn't want to get trouble. The brand is called prevailTM Moroccan oil. Thank you so much for this article!! :)
  45. sandra
    Here's the link to it http://www.duanereade.com/NewProducts.aspx?p=b&num=5
  46. sandra
    I also found another be and it claims to be raw organic Moroccan oil http://www.sliceofnature.com/site/mobile?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sliceofnature.com%2FRaw_Virgin_Argan_oil.html#2682
  47. Char
    I don't think the Sephora brand is fake. I put mine in the fridge and it solidified. I didn't know it would do this, I was trying to prolong it's life since I use it very sparingly. I do think it's been deodorized. It has no discernable smell but I find it to be very effective in treating my dry sensitive skin. I got it with a giftcard so I didn't have any bias either way with the brand. Thus I was amazed that it did live up to all the hype. It left my skin so smooth yet not greasy and calmed my face and took years off. I feel nervous about handling the bottle cos of the dropper but it's easy to get and test.
    • Hi Char! Thanks for writing. I am glad you are seeing good results with oil that has been through the deodorizing process. I would be curious to hear how a less processed product works for you if you ever decide to try something else in the future. Cheers, joèl
      • Be aware that olive oil solidifies as well. Olive oil is nice for skin, too. I'm finding better absorption with Argan oil, though. Just remember that a lot of oils solidify in the refrigerator. Not sure it will be an accurate test for 'purity'.
        • This is very true, Lisa. Thanks for clarifying! However, most of the fakes that you buy in Morocco are safflower oil. That is one oil that will not solidify in your fridge. Joèl
  48. Kamila
    Hello, I bought some Argan oil, back here in the UK at a Lidel supermarket could you please tel me if this product is safe to use on my hair. The name is just argan oil- hair treatment with moroccan argan and oil extract. Its in a clear brown BUT plastic bottle that contains 100ml. On the bottle it doesnt just say 100% argan oil unfortunately that makes me curious. Instead there are loads of ingredients such as Argania Spinosa Kernal oil, Dimethiconol, Trisiloxane, limonene, Geranoil, Helianthus Annus Seed Oil, Benzyl etc........ It's not cloudy as it should be, the texture is like normal oil, so not watery or sticky. The smell is pleasant, nutty kind and sweet. And it also says its made in China. There is also a website provided- www@xpelmarketing.com Thanks, hope you can advise me on this product
    • Hi Kamila, Glad you found us! Some of these blends are decent styling products if you ok with using a product that is not 100% natural. But if you are concerned about the safety of some of those ingredients on that long list, you can look here for more information on products and their ingredients: www.ewg.org/skindeep The one that looks most concerning out of the ones that you noted is the "limonene". And I'm guessing there is "parfum" or "fragrance" in there, too, which is always concerning. So you might choose to continue to use such a product on your hair occasionally, but if you want a hair treatment that is pure and natural (and usable on your face and everywhere else!) you might want to look for a good brand of 100% Pure Argan Oil. I hope this answers your question, j~
      • Kamila
        i found the product i have on a website :) http://xpelmarketing.com/arganoil.htm
  49. Bilqees
    Where can I get pure argan oil in Nigeria?
  50. milla
    hi!i would like to know if where i could buy your products..im here in dubai.and it's very hard for me to find aunthetic argan shops here!please... help!thanks :)
  51. Beck
    Hi, I recently ordered Moroccan Argan Oil from Shea Terra Organics. I was wondering if you had ever tried that particular brand and what your thoughts on it were? I read your 7 warnings signs and it passed all of them except for price and sediment. It is cloudy however there is no sediment, or at least none that I have noticed. It is packaged in an amber glass bottle and the only ingredient is 100% pure argan oil. It is silky and does absorb quickly. It also has that nutty/rubberband smell to it, however I purchased a 2oz bottle for $24. I'm definitely not complaining about the price, I actually think its great, I just wanted to make sure I was actually getting pure Argan Oil. Is it possible to get pure Argan oil at a decent price?
    • Hello! $24 for 2 oz is a bargain if the oil is hand pressed from start to finish. (You'd have to inquire with Shea Terra to find out exactly how their oil is made.) The only thing that might be a concern is how much the women are being paid for their work. Standard wage is about $10 a day. (And it's a long, grueling day!) Hopefully the women are getting a good percentage of that $24. :) I hope you see good results with the oil. j~
  52. I recently purchased a trial size of Argan Oil from www.essenceofargan.com for about $50. They charged me $108 and sent me the largest size instead. Then they proceeded to send me and bill me the same product on a monthly basis. I had no idea they would store my credit card information. Once I figured this out and cancelled, they told me they would not refund me because the negative billing was disclosed under the "terms of use" section of their website. Plus the product is greasy and smells like trucker oil. Beware this company. There is no information about corporate ownership either - it's a flybynight operation.
    • That is terrible. :( It looks like you are not the only one. Buyer beware. http://www.amazon.com/Essence-of-Argan-Oil-15ml/product-reviews/B004ZMC2PU/ref=cm_rdphist_1?ie=UTF8&filterBy=addOneStar&showViewpoints=0 http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3803595 http://www.scambook.com/search/reports?search=Essence+ofArgan
  53. Joshila
    Dear Joel from Saadia Organics I live in London in the UK and just ordered my first bottle of Argan Oil ever - from YOU (all the reviews I read and your honesty and transparency on this website aided my decision)! I have a question: it is evident that I will be purchasing cosmetic-grade Argan Oil only from you from now on but I would like to enquire about culinary Argan Oil. I know of Arganic in the UK but what is your experience and knowledge regarding the quality of this supplier? The second supplier is Wild Wood Groves by UK-based founder Ruth Hajiof that sell both cosmetic and culinary Argan Oil [they seem to have a lot of positive press reviews]. Could you tell me if this supplier is legitimate? Can you buy both cosmetic and culinary from the same supplier? Finally a well-known author wrote that the Argan Oil from US-based zamourispices.com is an authentic grade oil for culinary use. Can you advise on this? Thank you in advance for taking the time to reply. Joshila
    • ARGANIC!! ARGANIC!!! She is wonderful! We love her and support everything she does. Definitely buy from Dana. She is ethical and fair trade. Her oil is wonderful too. I am not familiar with the other brands. But we believe Arganic is the culinary equivalent of Saadia Organics. We would always buy from her! Enjoy your Saadia Organics oil!! And thanks for supporting us! Ainslie co-founder Saadia Organics
      • Anita
        I want some of your argan oil. How can I get it?
      • Joshila
        HI Just received my Saadia Argan Oil in the post. All I can say to other readers is: It IS worth the shipping costs! It smelled "pure" and sank into my skin like a dream!! Quality is always worth it in the end - so for all European/EU buyers, this oil is the way to go if you want the real deal!! My regards to the Saadia Organics team
  54. Becky Pulido
    I absolutely LOVE Saadia's Argan Oil!! Finally the real deal! Quality at a fair price. Pleasure to do business with too!
  55. Rita
    Hello. I just purchased Savannah's organic argan oil. Does anyone have an opinion on this brand? I can't seem to find any negative feedback on them and I'm sceptical because it was relatively affordable. Thanks :)
  56. Sally
    Dear Saadiaorganics, I have been using the Miaflora Argan Oil in the UK for a while now and cant see any difference to my skin. Its is in an brown colour glass bottle and says it is 100% argan oil although I don't think it is organic. My skin gets dry and patchy regularly and the oil doesn't seem to clear it up. I just feel better when I use it maybe its psychological! I decided to try other brands and recently purchased oil from a company from Amazon called Moroccon Gift Market. Have you heard of them? They seem genuine and are quite popular. The bottle is clear plastic and has a very strong roasted nutty smell, totally different to the Miaflora brand although they look the same. SO Im now confused. They smell totally different. From my research it appears almost impossible to find a genuine authentic bottle of argan oil and now except for your company, Im not sure where to look in the UK. I noticed that you take the time to respond to all your mail which is very impressive and you seem to have such an indepth knowledge of the product. im hoping you can give advice please. Thanks
    • Hi Sally! Thanks for the comment. Believe me, you are not the only one who has trouble finding the real stuff! We even had trouble finding it in Morocco. I'm not sure about Moroccan Gift Market. I've never heard of them. It's interesting that the smell is roasted though. It's not culinary oil is it? About the smell...even with our oil, the smell varies from batch to batch. Sometimes it's stronger than others. You also have to look at the feel of the oil. So many people have told me that our oil has a dry feel to it. It absorbs quickly and is not slimy or oily (believe it or not). It has a thickness to it as well. I hope you enjoy your new oil though. Keep us in mind for your next bottle! I sent out eight packages to the UK this morning. We have a lot of wonderful customers there. Have a wonderful day! Ainslie co-founder Saadia Organics
  57. Thank you for this! I just received my first purchase of Argan oil after a great deal of research on it. The smell startled me but it wasn't bad...just unlike anything I've smelled. Nutty, yes. When you said "rubber band", I laughed...definitely a note of that. How funny! I read through your checklist and am relieved that the product, I believe is fine, but I will be keeping your site available for my next purchase. I like your style! :-)
    • Thanks for the comment! When we had a booth at the Vancouver Wellness Show, one woman told me it smelled like salami. That was my favourite. Enjoy your oil and do keep us in mind for your next order! Cheers, Ainslie co-founder Saadia Organics
      • Nutty Salami Rubber Bands. HAHA. Hilarious, yet slightly true. Every time I smell it again, I'm more accustomed to the scent. It just wasn't in my memory bank of scents yet. I think that is why people react as if it is "off". I'd be concerned if it had no smell because it could be anything! No denying Argan oil. ;-)
        • Argan Oil is truly unique. But yes - a person certainly gets used to it - and will be able to sniff out a fake a mile away! Joèl
  58. Oh, I wanted to ask. I am very fair skinned and read some reports of not using it before going outside (so, say, in the morning) because it tends to make you burn easier. Would you say this seems true or not? I did not find any solid facts behind it, so I figured you would know. Thank you.
    • Anita
      Yes I've heard this too and I'm very interested in your response. Should this product be used only at night? I'm also light skinned and afraid of darkening
      • Argan Oil will not darken your skin. However, some customers with highlights in their hair report a <em>very</em> slight darkening of them. For example: http://thelensandthepen.wordpress.com/2012/12/27/saadia-organics-beauty-site-review/ Joèl
    • Moroccan woman would not go out in the sun right after applying Argan Oil as they think they will "fry like a fish". However, we have been seeing reports that Argan Oil might have properties that protect skin from the sun. We are too afraid to test this theory, however. I am a big fan of using good quality, safe, sunscreen. (My current favourite is by a Canadian company called Green Beaver.) So.... I apply Argan Oil first. Then follow up with an excellent sunscreen if I'm going to be outside. Joèl
  59. Joshila
    Dear Saadia Organics Team I just wanted to ask if I can use your Argan Oil around my eyes and on the upper eyelids as well as on my lips. I have heard of the great anti-ageing benefits, so I'd like to give this a try? What do you recommend?
    • Hi Joshila! Definitely use the oil on your lips. It is technically edible, so that is not a problem at all! It really helps lips that are chapped. We actually ended up manufacturing this oil because of the problem I had with my eyelids. It is safe to use in that area, too. Just be careful not to get any in your eyes. It is not harmful, but it is still best to use it sparingly to avoid any leaking into the eyes. Joèl
  60. Shenny
    Hello :-) Thanks a lot for all the info, i would like to ask if you know anything about the brand MOROCCAN NATURAL, i just got a 100ml organic argan oil from them and i'd like to know your opinion on it. God bless!
  61. Dr A Mitra
    I have keloids on various previous surgical scars( including a big c.s scar). Please can you tell me if argan oil local application will help in reducing these keloids
    • Hello! Many have had luck lightening and softening scars with our Argan Oil. The moisturizing, healing and anti inflammatory properties can help. So it is certainly worth a try and definitely can't hurt. Joèl
  62. Amber
    Hi Dr A Mitra and Joèl, I just wanted to say that I have some very bad keloid scars. They are very dark, lumpy, expanding and they have stabbing pains. I am meant to massage them but one gets too painful to do that. I bought the 10ml bottle to try on my face (which was great by the way) and one night decided to try it on my painful scar. I put it on and massaged it a little with quite strong pressure (which still hurt) the oil made it easier to move my fingers smoothly though, and I left the oil on overnight. The next morning I checked the scar and it was much flatter and had turned a lighter pink colour instead of an angry dark brown-y pink colour. It eventually started going darker again as the day went on but stayed a bit lighter then the original colour. By the day after that it was raising out again. I think as a continuous thing it is going to help a lot, as when the scar it flatter it hurts less. I just wanted to let you know from someone who has keloid scars that I am definitely going to keep on using it. I hope this help Dr A Mitra with your scars and as a kind of review, and Joèl with answering future questions. Best Wishes Xx Amber
    • Thanks so much Amber! This is extremely important information. We haven't heard too much about Argan Oil and keloid scarring -- so this is very valuable. We really appreciate you taking the time to write your story. j~
  63. revina
    whatis brand of argan oil who have best quality? In indonesia there is a brand Amika Argan Oil by pressed cold, but because many brand who offer their product as a good quality so i am in doubt. Sis Saadia do u knw Amika Argan oil's brand?
  64. Jasmine
    Hello, at the market there's alot of argan oil that the sellers said it's the best quality. How about argan oil that have no smells, and they say it's cosmetic grade argan oil so there's no smells. how about that?
    • Hi Jasmine! Thanks for taking the time to write. I would be suspicious of Argan Oil with absolutely no smell. At best, it has been heated to very high temperatures for 30 - 60+ minutes to deodorize the oil. (Which obliterates some of the oil's best properties.) At worst, it is safflower oil. (Or some other cheap, scentless oil. But safflower seems to be the most common.) Joèl
  65. Juhi
    Having read your websites warnings on to tell if your argan oil is fake and reading similar advice on other websites I purchased a bottle of 'Moroccan argan oil' from a local branch of 'Holland and Barret' in London. The brand name was 'Miaflora', retailed at about £12 for 2 fl. oz. and the oil is in an dark glass bottle with a pipette dispenser. It had a security seal (intact), had a batch number as well as an expiration date on it. On opening the bottle I found the smell however to be very strong, sour and unpleasant. Although the iol sank into my hands well the smell aws still vbery strong and unpleasant for quite a while, although it does dissappear eventually.The texture of this iol was silky and light and the oil in the pipette was a light yellow colour. Have you or your customers come across this brand before and if so what is there experience of it ? I have bought one other argan oil before this one from a seller on Amazon that appeared to have some very good reviews as well as a few bad ones. The oil from this seller was suspiciously cheap, but the oil seemed very fine and silky, absorbed well into skin and my son used it on his face and he was so so happy with how it cleared his skin up that he asked to use it again the next day ! On the Amazon websie one of the reviewers claimed to be a tester of oils and that her 'tests' had shown the product was almost exclusively sunflower oil. She felt that it should not be used on the face, so although my initial experience with this first purchse was a good one and the oil even had an ecocert label on the bottle i stopped using it as the bad reviews made me feel wary of it. It did have slightly nutty, roasted aroma to it, but this disappeared very quickly on application to my skin. Th e bottle itself had no batch number. Do either of these oils sound suspicious to you ? Should I throw them out ? Thanks in advance for any help you or advice you can give me on this.
    • I would definitely throw out the one that smells terrible. It sounds like it has gone "off". Argan Oil smells "strange" or even "weird" to some noses. But it shouldn't smell **terrible**, if that makes sense. As for the other one, even if it is sunflower oil, if it smells ok and is working fine, I don't believe it would harm your skin. If it smells "roasted" I don't it is raw, cosmetic-grade Argan Oil, however. I hope this helps! j~
      • keely
        I've been using this Miaflora brand and it's been good my hair skin and nails so far. I will get round to purchasing some Saadia from here soon. It feels the best so far, you can feel the rawness and goodness straight away :)
    • Andy
      Les Joli I've enjoyed reading these discussions!! I only recently became aware of Argan oil after seeing it on a UK daily deals website, Living Social. 100-ml bottle of cold pressed argan oil from Morocco. Brand is Les Joli whose website is lesjoli.co.uk. The deal is £10.99 including postage. This same product is £12.99 on Amazon.co.uk where it is described as Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. The Amazon customer reviews are mixed and include the reviewer mentioned by Juhi which stated her test had shown the product was almost exclusively sunflower oil. Several reviews were suspiciously over enthusiastic and had similar grammatical traits. This pricked my interest and I looked further. There was definitely collusion evident amongst some reviewers - when you checked out their previous reviews, two of them had reviewed all the same products (three in total)!! Given there are thousands of product on Amazon, what a coincidence to find three of the five star reviewers had also previously scored five stars for a 120 Colour Eye Shadow Make Up Kit and another 6 top scoring reviewers all had at least one common product amongst their few reviews (Midnight Shadows, Kindle Edition a popular choice!!). So 9 very suspicious reviewers and another, the top one 'Shaz' (who is the first reviewer of the Les Joli website), writes a very strong rebuttal comment to a reviewer who dared to suggest 'I am not sure this is genuine Moroccan oil'. In her rebuttal, she states that the oil is 'UK soil association verified', a claim which I didn't even see Les Joli making! Well, Les Joli (who appear to have set up in Dec 2012) could be a new distributor of ok ish argan oil, seeking to get a foothold in a cut-throat market by adding their own reviews on Amazon and using a Daily Deals site.. So for under £11 I've ordered a bottle out of curiosity. But I am ordering some genuine hand pressed oil from Saadia and genuine cold pressed oil from Arganic in UK to make comparisons!! I'll let this community know my thoughts :-)
  66. Brittney
    Hello :) I'm currently in marrakech and really would live to find fantastic oil for my hair. I chose not to buy from certain sellers because it felt like a rip off. I did however pick up a small bottle by "nectarome...Julie d'argane, pressée à froid" from one pf the fixed priced stores in marrakech. it comes in a dark blue glass bottle, has a very light scent, goes onto my skin fantastically but it was only around 150 dirhams so I'm worried its not a great product. Also, all it says is 100% natural. When I asked different sales women they all said to avoid the little tourist brands in clear bottles and to buy only real oil for beauty. Im just looking for a fantastic brand to purchase while here. Any help would be amazing since I'd like to pick up several bottles. Thank you in advance :)
    • Can anyone help Brittney for a location with good Argan Oil in Marrakech? Our brand is only in Essaouira right now... Have a great trip! It looks like it's going to heat up there over the weekend.
      • Brittney
        If I am able to take a day trip to essaouira while I'm n town where am I able to purchase your products and for what price points in dirhams?
  67. Hello again! Our Moroccan prices for hand-pressed oil are as follows: 10 ml = 100 dirhams 50 ml = 400 dirhams Contact Sandra at Riad Remmy: (0) 653 236 192 sandracripps@hotmail.com Take care and have fun.... j~
  68. Michelle
    Hi- I purchased Pura D'or argan oil... it has no smell, is in a dark bottle,abosorbs quickly, does coat my hair and make it greesy, bought off amazon. I'm confused with the no smell aspect. Have you heard of them? Are they fake or real?
    • Hi Michelle, We have heard of this one. On their site you can read the following two points: <em>*Cold pressed method of extraction *Freshness and consistency of odor, color and viscosity</em> This indicates that they are definitely machine pressing their oil (at what temperature? If it is very hot, then the oil loses some of its best properties.) And the fact that they say that they guarantee a consistent odor means that it is most likely deodorized - which requires A LOT of heat. (There is no way we at Saadia Organics can guarantee the same smell in each bottle! We just hand press fruit that is in season. And that means slight variations in its natural scent.) Anyway, I hope this helps. Many people want hand-pressed oil as its best properties can remain in tact. Take care! joèl~
  69. Hi! I love how open and transparent your business is and how much material you have to educate us buyers. I really appreciate it! I'm still learning and trying to understand the process and what differentiates good and bad argan oil. Majestic Mountain Sage sells argan oil but this part worries me, "bleached through clay, deodorized by steam and filtered to remove sediment." What do you think of it? Thank you! Majestic Mountain Sag
    • Hello! Thanks for writing -- and thank you for your kind words! One thing is true -- the company you are asking about is very honest. They are hiding nothing about the process in manufacturing their oil. I really respect that. However, as is quite obvious, there are a few red flags here for someone wanting to purchase, pure, raw, unadulterated oil. An Argan Oil that is "bleached" and "deodorized" does not sound unadulterated at all. They seem to be selling to cosmetic companies - who might want to use Argan Oil as an ingredient to add to shampoos, lotions and other beauty products. And with prices that low, that would mean that they would need to get an extremely high yield out of their materials. So that means that their workers are cracking the Argan pits for very little money and/or they are using a lot of heat and possibly chemical solvents to extract the oil. All the best! j~
  70. savis
    Hi, I live in Vancouver.how can I purchase your Argan oil? Is there any any stores or agents that I can purchase directly from them? Thanks, Savis
    • Hello! Here is a list of places that carry our product: It's always a good idea to phone the location first to make sure they have the size/quantity that you want in stock. j~
  71. Tara
    Hello Where can I get real genuine pure hair and body argan oil from in the UK please? I was just about to buy some, when google reviews brought up some poor feedback, so I don't know where to start (there seems to be a lot of rubbish out there for sale, which is just olive oil and called pure argan oil!) Many thanks Tara
    • Hi Tara, You are correct. There are a lot of fakes out there unfortunately. :( We ship packages to the UK all the time if you're interested in trying Saadia's raw, hand-pressed Argan Oil. All the best, Joèl
  72. Amanda
    Hi , There i just bought argan oil , The brand name is lovea , the ingredients are : Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil , It is a clear glass bottle , It stated that it is fragrance free paraben free silicone free and paraffin wax free . The bottle also has an eco cert name there , the colour is yellow .Could you help me indentify wether i bought the real argan oil , and yes , it is a 50ml bottle and it cause $27 plus, Thank You !! ^ ^
    • Does anyone have any information on this brand for Amanda?
      • Amanda
        You can check it on Google.com , The brand name is : Lovea , Hope that you can help. Thank You !
  73. Vivienne
    Hi! I love your site. I learned so much. I ordered Argan Oil from you (Saadia Organics) and I just got it yesterday. I tried it out today and it feels wonderful. It's light and non-greasy. I have a question about the lack of scent though. My oil appears to have absolutely no scent at all. I thought I was imagining things when I first opened it yesterday. So, I decided to smell it again tonight and I can confirm that it seems to be scentless. Is this normal?
    • Hi Vivienne! I'm so happy you are enjoying your oil! Your question is a good one and one we get a lot. From batch to batch, the smell can vary greatly. Sometimes the smell is virtually non-existent and sometimes it smells quite nutty. Many of our customers have noticed differences between bottles. Our oil is hand-pressed from the pit of the argan fruit with absolutely nothing added to it. With changing seasons and different batches of fruit, the smell is affected. Luckily it always feels rich, smooth, and never oily or greasy!
  74. Wendy
    I just found out about Argan Oil in the last few days while researching products that are safe for me to use during pregnancy. I read over many websites after googling "best argan oil". Skinception, Josie Maran and Eden Allure where mentioned on a few. Then I was directed to your site and read the reviews, your checklist, etc. My gut told me to try your brand first. I live in Phuket, Thailand and by some stroke of luck my father is going over to Singapore next week and has promised to pick me up a few bottles from Shea! So I will be sure to send in my thoughts as soon as I start using it.
    • Hi Wendy! I'm so glad you found us. :) That's great that you can get a bottle from the store in Singapore. Please do write back and let us know how it works for you! Take care, j~
  75. Lydie
    Hello - I really respect the time you take in responding to all these questions. You obviously have a genuine passion for your business and product and that it always lovely to see. I am in the UK and would like to purchase some of your product. I would like to use it on my hair and skin and also for my little one who has eczema. I have natural African hair i.e. very tightly curled and prone to dryness. Have you had many reviews from people with similar hair?
    • Hi Lydie! Thanks so much for writing. Our Argan Oil is an amazing overnight treatment on your hair type! It really softens it. You might have to experiment with how often you use it.... but I know that you will see some good results! You'll love it on your skin and your child's eczema, too. So many kids HATE anything coming near their eczema -- but they not only submit to the Argan Oil, but they actually end up asking for it. :) Have a great weekend! j~
  76. Claudine
    Hi, i would like to knowi if Argania Gold, sold in Mexico , Is a good brand of oil to buy. It does say 100% argan oil, organic, cold pressed, and Does come in a dark glass bottle costs about 45 dlls for a small bottle. Thankyou, hope for a response. Claudine
  77. keely
    So finally, after what feels like an eternity, I have just got round to ordering myself a bottle of the good stuff! I look forward to my delivery :) I hope you are well Joel and thank you again for this very informative website, I have learned a lot of useful info on here :) Keely
    • We look forward to sending you your package, Keely! J~
      • keely
        Blessings to Saadia Organics and all that you do. Loving the Pajama Project, inspiring stuff :)
        • Oh thank you!!!! You're too kind. :) The Pajama Project went so well last year.... that my daughter, Eden, has a brand new project planned for this year for the kids (and staff) at the same school. I'll be posting about it in the next day or two.
          • keely
            Good Afternoon from a very warm and sunny England. I'm happy to say I received my bottle yesterday, opened it straight away and fell in love :) I've used it on my hair and skin this morning and it feels sublime. It smells very very similar to the MiaFlora brand but the colour is completely different. I think maybe the MiaFlora is machine pressed because Holland & Barrett is a big company here in England so it's probably more cost effective for them. MiaFlora is clear where your wonderful oil is a cloudy light yellow colour. I have to add at this point, I love the smell of real of real Argan Oil, it almost reminds me of farms and countryside hehe. Anyway, I shall keep you up to date on my skin, hair and nails. Thanks again Joel and your team :)
          • Hi Keely! So nice to hear from you. I am glad you got your oil and I am very glad that you are enjoying it so far! Thanks so much for the comparison. :) Cheers, joèl
  78. danielle
    hi can anyone tell me where i can get real argan oil online im in ireland so the usa wont suit me thanks
  79. Lara
    Hello Thanks for the information it is very helpful Someone told me to know if your argan oil is the real deal put in the refrigerator if it all got frozen then it is real, if only half of it is frozen then it is not real...is this true ?
    • Hi Lara, The 'fridge test' is not fool proof, unfortunately. True Argan Oil will go into a "slushy" semi-solid state once it's been in the fridge for a week or two. Some other oils will solidify, too. (ie, some olive oils). However, I have heard that safflower oil will not solidify. (And that is a common scam in Morocco -- safflower oil in a bottle claiming to be Argan Oil.) So I guess the fridge test might help in this case? Does anyone have any safflower oil in their kitchen that they are willing to put in the fridge to test the theory? :) Joèl
  80. Stephanie
    I just purchased some Argan oil from Zamouri spices (http://www.zamourispices.com/zarganoil.html). It came in a dark bottle, says 100% pure cold pressed argan oil. They offer cosmetic grade and culinary grade. I purchased the cosmetic grade, it is a light yellow color, smells faintly of rubber bands, and when applied to my hair in a deep conditioning treatment pretty much transformed it from frizzy to silken. It also absorbs quickly into my skin. So I am pleased with it thus far, but I want to make sure it's the real deal. I can't find any reviews outside of the website.
  81. Yumna
    Hi I've been reading the posts and now I'm worried if been using the wrong thing. I'm using a brand of argan oil called Mevrea have u heard of it ?
  82. Please advise whether 'Le Petit Olivier' Bio Argan Oil for skin is authentic, thxs.
  83. Shah
    Do you have any info on the Organic Argan Oil marketed by New Roots Herbal? This is a very reputed company and their product meets all of your criteria except two: (1) Price—$19 and (2) Sediment—it is clear and not cloudy at all. Would love to hear your opinion on it.
    • If it is clear, then it definitely has been machine-pressed. It would have to be pressed a temperature below 118 degrees Farenheit to still be considered raw. The company might have that information for you if you ask, however they may not. It depends how close they are to their producers and how much say they have in manufacturing. It is also worth it to ask about chemical solvents like hexane. Cheap Argan Oil often means chemical solvents which pull out the maximum amount of oil from the materials.
      • Shah
        I called the company and was transferred to the technical expert who admitted that it is machine pressed but it certainly was not exposed to heat above 118 deg F. The website emphasizes that it is cold pressed. He also said that hexane was not used in the extraction process. Any advice for me?
        • It's good that they were honest about the machine pressing. However, I will say the lowest we saw any machine in Morocco operating at was 90 C (194 F). It's too bad they couldn't give you a number. Good luck with your decision!
  84. Analyn
    Hi, First of all, I want to say THank you for being true and kind to your customers. You certainly have a good heart for everyone. May God bless you more :) May I know how many drops of Argan Oil would you recommend if I were to apply it in my face, my hair, my entire body? I have an acne prone face and a sensitive skin overall. By the way, I have emailed you more questions. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you
    • Hello again! I just responded to your email. As for how much oil to use.... just a few drops go a long way. I have drier skin, so I use 1-2 drops in the morning before I put on my makeup... and I put on 4 or 5 at night. (Yes, I look shiny, but it does eventually sink in and I am nicely hydrated in the morning!) People with oily skin might want to use a bit less (and apply it less often. It takes some experimenting.) For hair, if you just want to smooth out a bit of frizz before or after you style, just rub one drop between your hands and work it through the bottom half of your hair. Any more, and you might end up looking greasy. If you are doing an overnight treatment, use a good amount more (about the size of a quarter?) and do a good scalp massage and run it through your hair from roots to ends. Then sleep with a towel on your pillow -- and wash and style as usual in the morning. As for your body, do not be shy about using a lot on dry spots like feet, knees and elbows. Your neck and chest are also excellent places to use a few drops. We have seen great anti-aging effects on these areas! I hope this helps. joèl
  85. Dr A Mitra
    Wanted to buy ur oil but got stuck at the PayPal process. The procedure involving PayPal is so tedious in India. Can I use my credit/ debit card directly for the purchase???
  86. Dr A Mitra
    Hi Joel, I finally ordered oil from you( 50 ml) bottle. Wanted to order two of them( since shipping rate remains the same), but did not know how long one bottle will last( then the 2nd bottle might be past it's expiry date). What is the expiry period of this oil? Also will it help me in reducing my dark under eye circles and wrinkles. I have quite dark under eye circles which peek through even the best of concealers. I will definitely use it on my keloid scars, but particularly pray to God at least this helps in removing my under eye dark circles. Thanks Joel,, waiting for the oil,
  87. Hi Dr Mitra! I saw your order. :) Generally, shelf life is 24 months. I saw "generally" as I've been using a bottle for about 29 months now and it's still fine. However, if a person leaves the top off of the bottle, the oil will go rancid within a few days. (Hence shortening the shelf life!) You will definitely see an improvement in the lines around your eyes. Some have seen a slight lightening in their skin, too. It's just such a healthy oil that skin reacts so well to it - giving one's appearance an overall better look. Please let us know how it works for you! Especially on the darkness under your eyes. All the best, j~
  88. Glenda
    Hie I would like to know if I bought the right argan oil because I bought the oil on amazon and I recently got it and I feel like it's not the right argan oil because its color is yellow, the smell well I don't smell anything. And it came in a plastic bottle. And it says Dr Adorable Inc. Argan oil organic refined pure 8oz. After that it say Argania Spinosa. Country of origin Morocco. Please let me know. And if I can still used this oil. And how can I used it. Thank you! Ill be waiting for your reply.
    • Hi Glenda! Since you describe the oil as yellow, odorless and refined, it sounds like you have something that has been highly processed in your hands. It will still have some decent moisturizing properties, but a lot of the other wonderful properties of the oil will have been decreased with the intensive refining and deodorizing process. If you still want to give it a try, here is a blog post I wrote a while back that can get you started. Cheers, Joèl
  89. Shah
    I just ordered a bottle of your Argan Oil. The “Directions For Use” of the previous brand I was using mentioned that the face and neck should be wetted with water before spreading 5 drops of the oil on them. Would you recommend the same for your product as well?
    • Interesting! I just make sure my skin is good and clean before I apply the oil. I use 1-2 drops in the morning before putting on my makeup... and 3-4 at night (I tend to be on the drier side, and like to hydrate well before bed.) You might have to experiment with our oil a bit. The same technique as you used previously might work well, although I wouldn't want too much water mingling with this precious oil!
      • Shah
        Hello there! I just received my first 50ml bottle of your oil. I was a bit confused about the small transparent plastic part (with a small tube at its bottom) in the neck of the bottle under the black cover. It looks like a plug in the neck of the bottle. Can you please tell me what this is for? Am I supposed to remove it and replace it with the dropper? And can the dropper remain screwed on to the bottle at all times? Secondly, you mentioned that you use 1-2 drops in the morning before putting on makeup… and 3-4 at night. The drops from the dropper looked too little to spread on the face. Please advise.
        • Hi! That plastic bit under the cap is just an extra precaution to prevent leakage in transport. Just pop it out and put the dropper in. (Although, if you plan to travel with it, I'd save the black cap and use that while in transit.) You can experiment with the the amount of drops to use. You'll know what's enough and what feels like too much! As our bottles are handmade, some of the holes at the bottom of the droppers vary in size a tiny bit. j~
  90. Devika
    Hi Joel, I have been comparing your product with ArganRain hair oil...as it claims to not only stop hair fall but stimulate faster hair growth. Now since I blow dry n straighten my hair everyday, it has become dry, thin & fall out is making it worst. So please advise me, if your product is as helpful as theirs? Thank You. Devika.
    • I am not familiar with the product you mentioned.... Moroccans say that Argan Oil can help with hair loss. We are not comfortable making that claim, however. 100% pure, raw Argan Oil is very nourishing and promotes health of the skin, hair and nails, but we have not seen any concrete clinical trials to support such a huge claim as hair regrowth. So we say that pure Argan Oil certainly can't hurt one's cause to help their hair loss, but not to expect drastic miracles in a short period of time. If I were you I'd contact ArganRain and tell them that your hair loss is worsening. I would also contact your doctor if your condition is a great concern to you. Best of luck, Joèl
  91. Dr A Mitra
    Hi Joel I received your oil today.... Light yellow color ... Bit cloudy... Unique smell( not bad though).. Immediately washed my face.. Applied toner to remove rest of the makeup.. Then applied the oil on face .. Just 2-3 drops... But it did not absorb into my skin even after 2 hrs( and my skin is dry to combination).... So again washed my face with a foaming cleanser ... Skipped the toner this time and applied just 1-2 drops of oil.. It's nearly 2 hrs now and my face feels a bit oily( hasn't quite sunken in)... What do I do???
    • Hello Dr Mitra! Nice to hear from you. 3 drops takes a while to soak into my face, too. So I only use that much at night before bed when a shiny face is ok! In the morning, I use only a drop to start (and then an extra drop if I feel like I need more moisture.) I don't like to use too much before I try to put on my makeup (for the reasons you described!) Anyway, so my advice? Use less in the morning. (And more at night when you sleep. It will be gone by morning.) Also, consider exfoliating. Argan Oil soaks in best when the skin is "new" and fresh. So removing any skin cells on the surface is a good idea. Best of luck! j~
  92. T. Martin
    I was reading an article about John Master Organics 100% Argan Oil. The article states it was 1 of the good products use. Have you ever heard of his product, and if so was the reviews good?
    • Has anyone used this one?
      • T. Martin
        Yes, in the article they mentioned Jessica Alba, Alicia Silverstone, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and a few others.
  93. Caryl Gonzales
    Hi there! I love reading your answer to all the queries and posts. It shows your passion for argan oil and I adore people with passion. I just very recently discovered argan oil and the first bottle I tried is from Aura Cacia. I love the results but I'm a bit worried on the smell. From my readings it kinda smell goaty. At first smell, it smells somewhat like poop but disappears after about a minute. All the rest on your pointers are ok just the smell. I don't know if I got a spoiled bottle or this is the real smell. So far I'm having good results. My skin is combination/dry and I love how argan oil gives me just the right moisturization. Can you give me some thoughts on the argan oil of Aura Cacia? Also, locally we have Souq brand (www.thesouqorganics.com) and Mommy Patch argan oil (http://mommypatch.com). Can you please give me your thoughts on these brands if they are the real deal while I get my bottle from you. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Thank you and more power to your team.
    • Caryl
      Just to correct my earlier post. As this is the first time I used argan oil, my nose is quite unfamiliar with the strange smell. Maybe my subconscious thought goaty when I read that seeds from goat droppings are sometimes used by some manufacturers and now that I read it smells somewhat like rubberband then I'm thinking of that too. Oh boy, talk about a highly suggestive mind. Anyways, putting the definitely weird smell aside, the Aura Cacia argan oil I'm using now gives me great results. My facial skin is combination/dry and I use 1 drop in the morning. I clean my face with Clinique liquid soap and use my Clarisonic gadget. Then after patting it dry, I pump 1 drop of argan oil on my palms and rub my palms together then spread all the oil all over my face especially on my chin area which feels the driest. I look oily at first then it gently sinks in and the smell is gone too in a minute. I have an oily T-zone but I dont see extra oiliness. I use 2 drops at night. To be quite honest, I have been using Clinique cosmetics for a decade and pile on stuff to just keep my dry sensitive area in control. My face gets itchy and red and stingy anytime in the day so I use emollient products during these spells. Now with argan oil, I never had the stings and itchiness. Its like my skin drank all the oil and was calmed. And to think I use Clarisonic which can be stripping, this argan oil truly helped. Now if my initial bottle with the weird smell and unsure process has given me wonderful results, I am quite excited to have a bottle of yours that is as pure and raw as it gets. I just want to say that if you want the best out of true argan oil then its not wise to be too furgal by looking for cheap substitutes. If this oil can serve my all around beauty go to product then it will save me tons of money in the long run. More power to your sincere team!
  94. Devika
    Hi Joèl, Thank you for your follow up... As you mentioned in your reply..you are not quite sure if it helps hair loss & stimulate hair growth.. I was going through an article earlier on 4hairgain.com..they mentioned: Because it has a high content of vitamin E, argan oil is very effective for hair growth too. It helps to repair as well as inhibit the occurrence of split ends. It nourishes hair from the root, strengthening it, thereby preventing hair loss. So what's your take on their claim?? Plus you said you never heard about ArganRain Products either...its a pretty significant chain..can you look it up again..I would much appreciate.. Thanks.
    • Those claims sound alright to me! We just would have a hard time believing anything that says "The baldest of men will have hair down to their shoulders overnight!" (or something to that ridiculous effect). We'd never state such a claim. As for ArganRain, you will be able to glean as much information from their site as we would be able to. If you are really interested in their products, it would be worth it for you to contact them directly. :)
  95. A.S
    Hi, I was just wondering if you've heard of myarganza cosmetics? I was planning on buying argan oil for my skin since Iv been suffering from eczema since childhood. I'v been on medication for a really long time and its just getting worse. And I heard this oil works. So I was just wondering if you have heard about this company? Secondly, I was looking through your website and saw that you have places in Vancouver that sell your argan oil. Recently I baught argan oil from someone selling it in Vancouver and it had a terrible smell to it and caused me to itch like crazy, so assumed it was fake. I payed a lot for that tiny bottle but it smelled like fish :/ it wasn't from your company. However, I can't seem to find the stores that sell your argan oil in Vancouver. I contacted the Dailey method but apparently it's a Exercise studio...and doesn't sell oils( this was listed on your website)
    • Yes! The Dailey Method is an exercise studio that has some retail space. I've been away the last couple of weeks, so it is possible that they've run out. I'll be at the studio again in the next few days, so I'll check..... Otherwise, the Yyoga locations carry our product, too. But it does sell out quickly and sometimes it takes them a few days to replenish their stock, so give them a call to ask them to put some oil aside for you. I hope this helps!
      • A.s
        Hi, You haven't got back at me in regards to arganza cosmetics? I was just wondering if you have any info regarding the oil they sell .
  96. LOL all these debates if it is real or not. If you want the real one just be best buds with Moroccans and ask them nicely to bring some back when they go on holiday. If I was not Moroccan and knew no Moroccans I would not bother with Argan oil. It is too expensive to buy as a non Moroccan. My parents just went to Morocco this Summer. And they bought me back a bottle 500 ml for 250 MDH. If you know Moroccans they will not rip you off and if you do not look like a tourist you will be treated as a local. They only sell it at high prices to tourists, I witnessed this myself first hand. Mine came in a large slightly opaque Glass bottle. You can get it for a very good price if you know the right people. I applied the rules above and mine past the test, not that i doubted it in the first place, nutty smell, good consistent colours, silky smooth, absorbed quickly, has some sediment at the bottom. And brilliant for my skin and hair, really seen massive improvements in my skin and hair in the last 2 weeks. -Also want to mention they sell it in the large super market shops. Although the oil goes through filters and is mass produced it is still good enough to be used as a beauty product. It is much cheaper then buying all these rip offs abroad. They make such a profit, they get it from Morocco for a good price and sell it abroad for 100% more, it is a joke.
    • Yes, when in Morocco, you can find Argan oil everywhere. Women crack the pits open, making $5 to $10 a day while tourists come and snap photos of them. It is then machine pressed. (Sometimes at wickedly high temperatures and using chemical solvents. Some might be ok with a few drops of such oil in a shampoo or something, but when a person needs oil to help treat a painful skin condition in a visible or sensitive area? One would want to use the best quality oil possible.) And you are right, when shipped overseas, products are marked up to account for the costs of shipping. Everything is, unfortunately! That's how business works. Not everyone has the luxury to fly to Morocco to pick up some Argan Oil. (Now THAT would be expensive! ;)) And really, just because it's cheap in Morocco, doesn't mean it's always good! My mother in law, Saadia, has always put in the hard work to make oil for her family (culinary and cosmetic), as she said she's far too wary of oil you can buy out in the souqs. So that's why we still decided to produce Argan Oil and offer it to the world. People have seen good results with it. And we love that we are able to offer oil that is hand pressed using only the most traditional methods. It's keeping a part of Moroccan culture alive. We also love that we can employ staff and give them excellent wages -- using the best fruit available, gathered from a sustainable farm. We love what we do! As for not bothering with Argan Oil if you're not Moroccan.... well, that would be a shame. I'd still be walking around with red, itchy, miserably wrinkled and inflamed eyelids if it weren't for Saadia's Argan Oil. NOTHING helped me but this. A lot of our customers report the same thing. And again, it's not just about those of us who love to use Argan Oil, it's about the wonderful women we employ that are now able to provide for themselves and their children. Anyway, thanks for adding to the conversation, Salwa. All the best! J~
  97. Nessie Mupfeki
    Hi have you ever tested argan oil from N-essestials? http://www.n-essentials.com.au/ Their argan oil is suspiciously cheap , i bought 50ml for $15.91 and its written "PURE ORGABIC MORROCAN ARGAN OIL(Argania Spinosa)" it does smell slighly funny but i thinnk its slim, do you think i have been ripped off??
  98. Thank you for the tips. With the popularity of the product, there are a lot of imitations these days.
  99. [...] Here is their site for more information on aran oil and best place to purchase. [...]
  100. I have found that the more a particular argan oil is branded "PURE" the less pure it actually is! Thanks for a great article.
  101. Andreea
    Hello!I bought a small bottle of argan oil from a marrocan shop in italy(marrocan owner) with different arabic food,halal meat.It had a corner with some cosmetics too.There it was the argan oil in a plastic transparent bottle.the label is written in italian but not correctly.it says beauty argan oil.It doesn not have any sediments.About the smell...this is the first time I buy argan oil and I don t have something else to compare it.I guess it has a strong nutty smell.I paid 5,50 american dollars for 16 ml I guess.Doesn t say how much on the bottle.What do you think,can it be the real one?
  102. SB
    Hi, would you be able to confirm whether the 'Billy in the tree' argan oil is authentic or a fake? I purchased it about a week ago and have been using it on my skin and hair, I think it may have made my skin dry in some places but not sure if it's the oil it could be another cream I've recently started using. I used it in my hair for an over night treatment, when I washed it out my hair felt really smooth, but it dried slightly coarse, when naturally my hair is quite soft. However after a while it started feeling soft again, and once I straightened it it became real soft, although some of the top layer still feels a little coarse. If you can advise me on whether this oil is actually argan oil and therefore safe to use that would be amazing. A few people on amazon uk reviews are saying it's fake, so I'm a bit worried about what it is I've been using. Thank-You for your help.
  103. Rika
    Hello, I appreciate all the time and effort you are putting in into educating everyone about genuine argan oil! I am currently using Josie Maran - what is your opinion on it? And am looking at alternatives as well. What do you think of these brands? Elma & Sana http://www.arganoilandmore.com/pure-argan-oil Now Foods http://shop.nowfoods.com/p/argan-oil-100-pure-certified-organic-4-fl-oz Mogador http://mogador-organic.com/shop
    • Rika
      Also, I'm going to try Saadia as well ;-) but of course I like to explore the entire market for anything I buy.
      • Ha! So glad you're willing to consider Saadia's oil, too.... :) We have tested Josie Maran's product and it is definitely machine made, with considerable amounts of heat as it has clearly been deodorized. Maximum benefits of the oil are seen when it is allowed to remain in its raw, unadulterated state. I haven't personally tested any of the other brands you listed.... Has anyone out there given any of them a try? Cheers, j~
        • Rika
          Looks like someone reviewed the Mogador oil using your guidelines! ;-) looks like Mogador and Saadia will be my next two buys :-) http://www.primadonna-style.com/2013/09/josie-maran-100-pure-argan-oil-vs.html
  104. tracey
    Hi Saadia, I found the information you provide really helpful. Unfortunately I live in Europe so not easy to get oil from you. I thought I would try to get something from the UK, Oleo argan oil from arganpureoil, cost $37 for 100ml, says 100% pure organic argan oil, amber glass bottle, a bit cloudy, no sedement,smells mainly sesame oil as if it is roasted, no rubber band or popcorn smell at all, also a bit watery. would like to have your opinion on this one, most likely I will buy from you even though the postage might be expensive, but at least I am getting the real thing!
    • Hi Tracey! We send packages to Europe all of the time. It costs $10 Canadian for shipping. If the oil smells roasted and like sesame oil (and possibly good enough to eat) it seems you might have Argan Oil that has been pressed from toasted Argan kernels. This will certainly not bring any harm to your skin or hair, but best results are seen with raw, unadulterated Argan Oil. (Which does not smell like something you immediately want to drizzle on a salad...) Joèl
  105. Kay
    I don't have time to read through all the comments but could you please tell me is the JosieMaran oil the real thing? I got some off a very well known shopping channel, but it smells of NOTHING! it has NO scent at all. Is this normal? The rep swears it 100 percent real from the first clod pressing or something. I just found it odd that it smells of nothing. It worries me that the bottles could be filled with anything and I wouldn't know, who is to say that every single bottle is kosher?
    • With a brand as famous as Josie Maran's we are truly hoping that there is Argan Oil in her bottles. However her oil is, without a doubt, deodorized. (This is often noted in discussions of her product. Deodorizing requires a lot of heat! And that, in turn, harms some of the oil's best properties.) In the late spring and summer, our oil has a very light natural scent. (That natural scent deepens into the fall and winter.) I have yet to catch any hint of a scent to Ms Maran's oil. And I visit Sephora often. To produce a product that is consistently 100% scentless, it would have to go through that rigorous deodorization process.
  106. cinn
    Hello, I stumbled upon this article and I decided I had to ask. I have a bottle of argan oil at home from 'Larenim Minerals. It's USDA certified and their website claims it's cold-pressed but I have not noticed any specific scent at all. Do you suppose this is fake? http://www.larenim.com/argan-oil.html
    • Hi Cinn, :) This is another one that I have not tested. Contact the company directly if you have questions about their product. They should hopefully be very open about how their Argan Oil is manufactured. (Ask about deodorizing, temperature the oil is heated to...) Good luck, Joèl
      • cinn
        Thanks for the reply. The company responded saying that 'The odor baring particulate has been meshed out. The heat is below the threshold for raw claim.'
        • Oh dear. I cannot even imagine how they would go about doing that sort of sophisticated science! It sounds pretty far fetched, unfortunately. Unless there is a chemical solvent that would do the job?
  107. kayy
    Hello Joèl Do you have any experience with the brand 'Aura Cacia'? Their website: http://www.auracacia.com/auracacia/about/sourcingarganoil.html
    • Hello Kayy! Aura Cacia is a big company. I have tried a few of their products and have liked them. From what we can tell, their Argan Oil has been machine pressed -- and when I tried it had a more watery feeling to it. I think it is has seen a lot of heat in the manufacturing process. Cheers, Joèl
  108. Lee Springell (Mrs)
    Hi there, I have just been reading through all the posts which I found most interesting. I have just returned from El Jadida and purchased some 100% Argan Oil from the hotels rather posh gift shop. The make is Le Sens de Marrakech who also have their own website. The oil appears to be authentic, in a dark glass bottle with metal lid. When first opened it smelt quite strong, but now it smells mild and slightly nutty. I've used it on my hands which are very dry and sore with dermatitis and they feel amazing. However I found it quite heavy on my hair which is very fine, so maybe I used too much..... Have you heard of this brand and do you think based on your extensive knowledge that its the real deal? Thanks for your help Lee
    • Hello Lee, That packaging actually looks familiar! However, as you know, those posh little shops rarely let you try the product before you buy. So I haven't tried this one. Sorry! j~
  109. Irfan
    I was in Marrakech recently and purchased a 250ml bottle from a shop where it's hand-made. I paid 250MAD (about £20) after some negotiation. It has all the properties you talked about except that it has a very light smell. I have purchased it before (100ml for 130MAD) and previously it had a distinct smell (quite nutty). Both look and feel the same with all the properties you mentioned. I guess it could be to do with the different times of the year. Our last visit was in Feb 2013 whereas our recent visit was in Oct 2013. Could that be the case in the smells i.e. the time of year? Also, is purchasing from a shop where it is hand made genuine? Thanks.
    • Hello! Yes, Argan Oil that is manufactured from spring and summer fruit has a lighter scent. However, most machine pressed oil always has a lighter scent as much of it has been heated to such a high degree that it has been deodorized. As for purchasing it in a shop in Morocco.... It depends. Some of the most disappointing "Argan Oil" that we have ever sampled was right at an Argan "co-op" where you can see the ladies cracking the pits and you can see the machines working in the back. High heat and chemical solvents truly do damage the oil. (But that means higher yield from the materials. So it is cheaper to produce.) The consensus on the streets of Morocco is that the vast majority of the "Argan Oil" you see in the souq is not good at all. At best it is mixed with other oils, at worst it is 100% safflower oil.
      • Irfan
        The oil is very smooth & silky and is absorbed into the skin very easily. It has a golden yellow 'cloudy' look with sediments at the bottom. The packaging has the ECOCERT label & says 100% Argan and the shop had the ECOCERT Certificate on display which I checked quite thoroughly. Is this still fake?
        • Hello again! It is impossible to say for sure if we have not tested the oil. But it seems you are happy with it, so that is great. We have mentioned it here before, but unfortunately it seems the 'Ecocert' label and certificate is available to everyone who wishes to buy it.
  110. Amina Mohammed
    Please tell me how and where I could order this. My hair is falling and thinning.
    • Hello Amina! You can order here: Be sure to massage the oil into the scalp from the back of your neck up to the top of your head for best results. However, if your hair loss is severe, you might want to talk to your doctor. Best of luck!
  111. I am not allergic to anything, nothing, nothing, nothing, ever! I bought a bottle of adigar argan oil on ebay & I almost had to go to the ER! I tried it in the hair salon I went to a couple weeks earlier and was fine. What could possibly be in the bottle I bought? Please help!!
    • I am so sorry to hear about your experience Julie! What does that bottle say on the list of ingredients? I would definitely contact the company and the ebay seller.
  112. Jess
    So what in your opinion is the best Argan oil to purchase?
    • Hi Jess, Well, we are quite partial to our brand, Saadia Organics. ;) We cold press our oil by hand using the best quality Argan fruit -- leaving it in its most natural, unadulterated state.
  113. Hi! Been following your threads and the comments and how you deal your answers is amazing! Would love to ask how you think of the brand naturelle d' argan? I've just purchase from them and would love to know what you think. As add on do you ship in the Philippines and how much cost it will be? Or any other reseller that i can try your bottle? Would love to try the real one. Thanks!
    • Hello! Thanks for your note. :) I am not familiar with that brand. What's it like? If you are interested in our hand-pressed oil the cost of shipping to the Philippines is $10 and you can order here on our site. Take care! Joèl
  114. Kesh
    Hello Saadia, I have read all the information and comments you have provided and it has been a great help to me. I am interested in creating a product but only with the pure Argan Oil. can you inform me of the steps to importing Saadia's oil? I would like to know if it would be possible. How about the Argan Oil making process The Assaisse Ouzeka Co-op? Are you familiar with this process? Is it 100% pure raw Argan Oil? I Kindly await your reply, thank you. My regards.
    • Email sent!
      • Kae
        I, too, am interested in what you think of the argan oil process The Assaisse Ouzeka Co-op uses, as I saw a website that claims they get their argan oil from this co-op. They also claim to be USDA certified, as well as Ecocert certified (though your comments on that process give me some pause). Is Assaisse Ouzeka a legitimate co-op, and is their product truly pure?
        • There are hundreds of these producers in Morocco. Some are ok, some aren't good at all. We visited a few dozen. (Maybe 40?) And almost all of them, even the worst of the worst, had those certifications.
  115. ff
    im watching at ebay 100% someone who sold that oil with USDA Certified, QAI Certified and lab tests 4oz@17$ wtf happening with prices and that oil!
  116. Hey I am so excited I found your blog, I really found you by mistake, while I was researching on Yahoo for something else, Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say kudos for a remarkable post and a all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design), I don't have time to look over it all at the minute but I have book-marked it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read much more, Please do keep up the awesome job.
  117. Saia
    Hi, I wanted to know what brandsof argan oil are authentic on amazon. Since Maran products are so expensive.
  118. Arya
    Hi, I wanted to buy a bottle of Argan oil for my mother's birthday, I wanted to know if you think this company is legitimate. Here is the link: 1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/USDA-Organic-Unrefined-Virgin-Moroccan-Argan-Oil-16oz-Imported-From-Morocco-/180958118380?pt=US_Hair_Care&hash=item2a21f1c1ec -Thank you
  119. AryA
    Hello, Is Saadia organics argan oil organic? -Thank you
    • Yes it is! Argan trees grow so easily in Morocco (so there is certainly no reason to attempt to genetically modify them... and fortunately no fertilizers or pesticides are necessary either!)
  120. Selina Storm
    Hi! Can you weigh in on Josie Maran's line of cosmetics? Is the oil quality or are you paying for the label (I suspect). Thanks for your candor.
    • Hi! Her Argan Oil is machine pressed and deodorized. We love the feel and results of hand-pressed, unadulterated oil. As for her cosmetics.... some of the products look quite pretty! (Eyeshadows, lip colours, etc.) The Environmental Working Group's site Skin Deep rates some of her products in the green zone (good!) and a few get yellow ratings (not bad). So they are on the more natural end of the makeup spectrum, which is a good thing. And her label and packaging are really nice. I am a bit of a sucker for that sort of thing. ;)
  121. Angel
    Hello! I recently bought an argan oil from Karawan Brand and it says that it contains 100% argan oil, Tocopherol and it has an Ecocert certificate (made in france), have you heard of this Brand?
  122. Anne
    I recently got this moroccan argan oil from natural world, but I'm a little bit suspicious about it. Have you heard, or know anything about this brand?
  123. Emily
    Hi, I would like to know whether certification towards certain brands of argan oil makes them more of a superior quality. By certification I mean like ecocert certified or USDA certified. Thanks!
    • Many producers Argan Oil in Morocco have the USDA and Ecocert certifications. Unfortunately, this does not ensure that you are getting a quality oil. Some of the places we visited were making oil in appalling conditions and they proudly displayed their certifications. Others had nice facilities and clean machines, however those machines were set to such high temperatures that the resulting oil wasn't raw and unadulterated.
  124. puffyhair
    Hi, Can you recommend a brand or a place or a website selling pure argan oil? I live in South East Asia, don't really know how to get a bottle of pure argan oil here. Thanks a heap.
  125. puffyhair
    Do you ship to Indonesia?
  126. Marie
    What are your thoughts on josie maran argan oil ? I find it quite difficult sometimes to believe cosmetics company when they sell 100% pure oil when the label is not detail… but maybe I shouldn't be so afraid.
    • We are assuming such a famous brand as hers is derived from Argan fruit. But it clearly has been machine pressed and deodorized. All of that heat has really effected the quality of the oil. So dramatically in fact, that it is impossible to recognize it as Argan Oil.
  127. Anaiz Madrigal
    I am afraid I read this article far too late and I feel utterly disappointed to say the least. I bought 2oz. of "Pure" Argan Oil from a website called lotioncrafter for what I believed was a fair price, and I was absolutely excited to recieve my shipment. Such was my surprise when I opened the box to find a clear plastic bottle with a white printed label that said "Argania spinosa (Argan oil)". The oil pale yellow, clear, completely odorless and also very thin and runny. It's evident that I had no knowledge before making my purchase and bought the fake stuff. =( I wasted time and money. The worst thing is that I'm even scared to use the oi,l being that I have no idea what it is. Such a shame. Maybe when I save up money again I will purchase the real thing from your website. Thank you for the Informative article.
    • That's too bad Anaiz!
    • Terri
      Anaiz, I would put that stuff in a box and return it. Get your money back!Then buy it from here. I love mine. At first I was using too much & I wrote here and they repied I was using way too much. It's perfect now. 2 drops before my make-up, then I like to put 5 drops on my face at night and 2 more on my neck & chest. My sister-in-law was using my oil & her brown spot on her face is fading. She decided to purchase a bottle for herself and her sister. :)
  128. Anon
    Which Argan oil name brands/companies or whatever are best/real or not good/bad/not real from these: acure argan oil Josie maran argan oil One n' only argan oil Eden allure argan oil Poppy Austin argan oil Skinception argan oil Shea Tera argan oil And please name some other good argan oils
    • No one will be surprised to learn what our favourite brand is. ;)
      • Anon
        Well are there any other good argan oils besides saadia organics?
        • After comparing oil that has been machine-pressed to our oil that has been hand-pressed, we have found that there is no comparison, to be honest.
          • keely
            Hello again Joel and all at Saadia Organics What can I say ... I am coming to the end of my bottle of your amazing oil ... I'd like to think I am fast becoming a bit of an expert on good Argan Oil now after trying many a bottle of 100% pure oils. Saadia is definitely the BEST one I have used. I am obsessed actually, in a good way. All my friends have enjoyed a sample of Saadia ... I am far too generous hehe. I look forward to ordering more soon ... I rarely use moisturiser these days because I love the way Argan Oil allows my skin to breathe. I just keep forgetting to use it on my hair which is funny because that is the reason I became so interested in this marvellous elixir :) Anyway, I can highly recommend Saadia Organic Argan Oil to anyone and everyone. Much Love Keely :)
          • Anon
            Since it's cold pressed by hands, is it clean/hygienic to use on skin? I apologize for asking this just want to be/make sure it doesn't worsen my sensitive, acne prone skin
          • Great questions! Even the kernels used to make machine-pressed Argan Oil most likely have had contact with someone's hands. As all of the pits from the Argan fruit need to be cracked by hand in order to get to the kernels. It is also worth mentioning that unadulterated Argan Oil actually has its own natural anti-microbial properties. But even so, our hand pressing is all done wearing surgical gloves. For cleanliness, of course, and also to ensure optimal acidity and peroxide index. As for acne-prone skin, Argan Oil really does wonders for a lot of people! Between those anti-microbial properties mentioned... along with its anti-inflammatory and healing properties -- many see great improvements with their acne. If you do decide to try the oil, it is always recommended to do a patch test first for a few days to make sure that you react well to the oil. 99.9% do great wit it, but it never hurts to make sure you aren't in the 0.1%!
        • Terri
          No, there is not.
  129. Roger
    Hi, I have thinning hair and was told rhoussal clay and argan oil can help this condition. Can you tell me what you think of this website I purchased my argan oil from? I'm a little nervous now. I've already purchased it, it says 100%, and texture feels how you described but I don't remember seeing sediment. Any help would be super appreciated https://www.arganavita.com/about-us#TOP
    • Hello! I had not heard of this company until today. I had a quick look at the site, and it says that the oil is not deodorized. So hopefully it has not been exposed to excessive heat. For thinning hair, we actually recommend going to a salon that carries Rene Futurer products. These products are all botanical and governed by Health Canada due to their medical claims. They fix the scalp and help with hair loss. We have seen it work on clients who were losing their hair slowly and one client that suffered from sudden hair loss. They have product lines that deal with those exact issues. Their lines have 90 day programs with scalp treatments, shampoo and conditioner. It is best to go to a salon that carries these products and have a scalp analysis done. (It sounds like Triphasic or RF80 will be your best bets -- but you will need a professional to assess you.) Best of luck!
      • Roger
        Thank you for the quick response. I have one final question and I'm not sure if it has any bearing on the information you gave me. I am an African American male. These products wouldn't be too harsh on my scalp would it? Reason I ask is because I had done research and discovered that years of shampoo and different chemicals can clog the scalp and destroy the hairs "natural" oils, causing thinning. I really appreciate all of your help. Luckily I am fairly tall (6'3) so most people can't tell that my hair is thinning but its only a matter of time. I am going to also purchase your version of argan oil because it seems everyone has been satisfied with it.
        • Hello again! That line of products is wonderful. But like I said, it would be best to get a professional in a good salon to analyze your scalp so they can recommend the best course of treatment for you. The questions you are asking here are definitely ones to ask at the salon! And yes - Argan Oil could help restore any moisture that shampoos might have been robbing your scalp and hair of. Be sure to try it on your face, too! It feels great and keeps the skin looking fresh and youthful. Have a great weekend!
        • Tracy Clark
          Roger, I don't know where you live but you really want to find yourself a trichologist to do a proper analysis of your scalp so that you can get the right hair care product. If you live in the San Antonio area or anywhere in Texas, visit The Hair Management Group. You can also visit the website. The hair care specialist and owner here uses products like Argan Oils as well as other botanical products and she specializes in hair restoration. She may be a good resource to help you find someone closer to you. Good Luck!
  130. july
    Hello, Are you making shipping to Moldova (in Eastern Europe) ? How could i be sure that your oil is the natural one? Hope i don't offend with my questions; i am looking for a good oil, i have wrinkles around my eyes and i wanted to use it also for an lift effect on my eyelids (if it will work) Many thanks in advance :)
    • Hi there! We have shipped packages to a few locations in Eastern Europe and they have arrived safely. However, we have not tried shipping to Moldova yet. Is mail service reliable? Do you and your friends receive packages that you order online? As for your other question -- our company's mission is to manufacture the most authentic, unadulterated Argan Oil in the world -- and to provide information to help people to be able to spot the fakes and the less desirable products. Have you read <a href="" rel="nofollow">our story</a> yet?
  131. joemar
    hi thanks forthis info. has anyone tried ARGANLIFE product? this company claimed selling 100%argan oil.. can can help grow thinning hair. please confirm if they are authentic product and can grow hair. this is their website http://www.arganlifeproducts.com/ best regards.
  132. maria
    What you think about the geerman Primavera Argan Oil? Thank you in advance Maria
  133. Hi, I just got this product Via Naturals Ultra Care Argan Oil it is silky and and really don't smell and I wanted to try it, what do you think of this one? will it still work? thank you
  134. alma
    Hello. Im from philippines. Do you deliver or send your product here?
  135. Hulya Samanli
    Hi, I'm very new to this and wanting to purchase your organic argan oil, Do you deliver to Australia ? and can you please give me some information on your product. Thanks :)
    • Hello! Yes, we send packages to Australia all the time. The cost is $10 and it usually takes around two weeks to arrive. As for more information... Here is the story of how our company started: And here are some basic uses for pure Argan Oil: There are many other posts and reviews on our blog as well. Happy reading! Let us know if you have any other questions.
  136. Terri
    I cannot believe I let myself get so low on Saadia Organics Agan Oil. I won't have enough to use on my neck as well as my face before the new bottle gets here.:( Off to order a bottle.
  137. minka
    Hi, I just got 100% pure argan oil from morocco. My friend bought for me. On the bottle said Bio Saouab. There is also phone number and website. I tried to search for this company but I can't find nothing. Do you know anything about this company? It does absorb on the skin quickly, and smell is not strong. I am just wondering if is pure. Thank you.
    • Sorry, we have not heard of this one either. There are hundreds of these little companies around SW Morocco.
      • Minka
        Thanks for your reply.. My friend said that his niece use this oil. I did apply on my hair over the night and my hair looked oily so I don't know.
        • Hello! Argan Oil is not a styling product... it is a hair treatment. Your hair will definitely look greasy if you leave it in! Once you wash it out, you should enjoy a difference however. The only exception is if you rub just a drop between your palms and smooth it over your hair. If you use any more than that, you will get that undesirable greasy look.
  138. Jen
    Where can I buy the real Moroccan oil to grow the hair ? Many thanks
  139. saranya
    Hi, I am planning to buy argon oil for my hair through online shopping to India. Could you please sugest and let me know which brand and which company oil can I purchase.Thanks for your help in advance. Thanks Saranya.
  140. saranya
    Hi, If I purchase to India do they charge any extra amount in Customs. do anybody have informrd this before Thanks Saranya
    • We haven't heard anything about extra customs charges... but be warned that packages leave Canada quickly, but slow down a fair bit once they arrive in India. 4-5 weeks is standard delivery time.
  141. Terri
    Received my bottle today. Just in the nick of time! :) That was fast! Thanks very much!!!
  142. Al
    Very helpful post! I was wondering if the oil I got is pure... it comes in a dark bottle and it says 100% pure and cold-pressed. The ingredient only lists Argan oil. However, it's quite cheap at $17 for 50 ml. Also, it kinda smells like fresh olives? I've read that it's supposed to smell like that if it's machine cold-pressed and it's closest to hand extraction. Haven't used it to know how it absorbs etc. It's also made in Canada, and it doesn't say imported from Morocco etc. The brand is Afragreen. People who've used it reported good results. Any thoughts? Thank you!
    • Hello! This is quite strange.... Raw materials (ie, Argan fruit, pits or kernels) are not allowed to be exported from Morocco at all. They MUST be pressed into the oil in Morocco only -- and then exported. (This makes sense, as they want to keep the work and wages in the country.) We manufacture our oil in Essaouira. (We must! And we are glad that we do, as we are able to employ women in Morocco who would not be able to find good employment otherwise.) We do *bottle* it in Canada however. If that company is manufacturing their oil here in Canada, then there is no way it could be Argan Oil.
      • Al
        Thanks for the reply! I thought that was strange too. What do you think of the smell and price? It doesn't smell like olive oil to me and I know what a really strong smelling cold pressed olive oil smells like. This honestly smells like fresh green olives. I've read from some websites that argan oil sometimes smells like olive and nutty?? How is it legal for a company to label a product 100% argan oil if it's entirely something else? Thanks for your help :)
        • Well, it is definitely cheap if it is indeed derived from Argan fruit (although machine pressing with extreme heat and solvents bring the cost down a fair bit). But if it is a mix of oils? It is not worth nearly that much. The smell? Some say true Argan Oil smells a bit olive-ish. It really depends on the nose. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes out there. We know that there is an astronomical amount of oil out in the world that is being called "Argan Oil", but the fact of the matter is -- not enough trees grow in the entirety of Morocco to product that much oil in a year to send out. So it is a mathematical impossibility. Something else is in many bottles. As for the company you are asking about. I really know nothing about them... perhaps they are buying materials from Israel to import? Israel has worked very hard to make Argan Trees grow on their soil. They don't have many, and they used some sort of cross pollination techniques to create the trees... but they are growing some over there now. Or perhaps their labels are just misleading? It's really hard to say.
  143. Al
    Yeah I'm thinking about emailing them to ask about the oil's origin. I'm a student on a budget that's why I got it for the price. I trusted it because it had the right packaging and ingredient, and good reviews. If I could, I would definitely support your lovely company. Thanks!
    • Terri
      Al, I would purchased the oil from here, Saadia Organics. I always get mine from them and never had a problem. :)
  144. Rebecca
    I've had these issues with the Shea Moisture line, and it's not dirt cheap. The body oil smelled absolutely disgusting after a few hours!
  145. Amanda
    My sister purchased renewing argan oil of morocco the make is ogx 118ml 4 US fl oz not sure from which shop is was approx 25 pound sterling. I have used it twice and now it has crystalized. it looks like sugar floating would it still be ok to use on my hair? after reading some of the comments here could this also be a fake?
    • I have never heard of Argan Oil crystallizing. When it is in the fridge for several days it will turn into a semi-solid state, but it "melts" once it is brought back to room temperature. I am not sure what you have there...
  146. Devaughny
    Hello Joel, I ran across your blog after searching for "how to tell if argan oil is real" on Google. I'm so glad I found you because I was questioning the authenticity of the oil I bought off of Ebay. I would like to tell my story so no one less does this! Now, purchasing oil off of Ebay should have been my first clue to it's authenticity, but I've purchased a lot of things from there over the years (even a car), so I had faith. I bought some Extra Virgin Argan Oil Unrefined Organic Cold Pressed from the seller Pure_Jojoba on Ebay. 1. The label says 'Dr. Adorable Inc Argan Oil, Organic Unrefined.' 2. It came in a clear "food grade" plastic bottle 3. I paid $9.35 for 4oz of product. 4. It has a roasted pea(nut) smell. When applied to the skin it smells like peanut butter. My friend who tried it said it smells like roasted peanut butter and chocolate. The smell dissipates after a minute or two. 5. It feels like a light oil to me; Not too greasy. I rubbed a bit on the back of my hand and it took 20-30 secs to absorb; it didn't leave a film or residue. 6. There is no sediment and the oil is clear, not cloudy. It's a yellow color. 7. As for the results...I only got it yesterday and intended on putting it in a hair care product that I'm making, so I haven't used it yet. One other thing-I put it in the freezer to preserve it and it did become a slushy after half an hour or so. Now I'm skeptical of ALL the products that I buy online because of this. Now that I know where to get quality Argan oil for my hair products I will certainly be in touch! I truly hope your product is as pure as you say it is. Thank you for the wealth of information you provide. Regards, Dev
    • Hello! At best, you might have culinary Argan Oil. Or perhaps you may very well have some peanut oil. It certainly does not sound like you have raw, cosmetic-grade Argan Oil. Our oil is indeed as pure and unadulterated as it gets. My mother in law, Saadia wouldn't have it any other way. Anything less than perfect is utterly insulting to her. She takes her Argan Oil very seriously! :)
  147. Tasha
    Hi! I've been using Austin poppy Argan oil for about a month. I've never had an acne problem but wanted to try a natural facial moisturizer and thought I'd give it a shot. Now I am having major outbreaks of small pimples.. Like way too many to count. I've cut out everything else I've been using except the oil and they are still coming. Is this a normal reaction for first time users? I haven't used anything other a very small amount of my facial cleanser that I've always used. My face is super dry now and full of pimples. Any advice?? Thanks :)
    • Hi Tasha! No, that does not seem like a normal reaction. In fact, we got an email from a new customer yesterday saying that after just a couple of days of using Saadia Organics Argan Oil that her blemishes are clearing right up and that her scars already look like they are fading.
  148. Diane
    Does your product have a shelf life? I'm thinking of buying two of the larger bottles, but I don't want one to go rancid...I'm not sure how fast one bottle will last!
    • Hi! FDA says the shelf life is 24 months. And we have found that to be true... Just make sure the cap or dropper is screwed on well. The oil can go rancid if exposed to air for too long.
  149. joanne barioga
    Hi!! Im here in Abu dhabi UAE..Are you familiar in Mona argan oil and ArganPur??? Are they a good brand??? Tnx
    • I have never heard of Mona... but I have heard of Arganpur. I have no comment on either as I have not tried them for myself. And it will come as no surprise that our favourite brand is Saadia Organics. ;)
      • joanne barioga
        How can I avail you're product Im living here in Abudhabi Uae...tnx
        • We ship packages to the UAE all the time. You can order from our online store if you are interested in Argan Oil that is entirely cold pressed by hand:
          • joanne barioga
            How much it will take including shipmnt fee if I will order here in Abu dhabi??? Tnx for ure regular response..
          • A 50 ml bottle is $45, and a 10 ml bottle is $12. Shipping to the UAE is $10 if you choose the flat rate.
  150. Hello. I recently purchased a product that claims to be pure Argan oil, Argania spinosa (Argan) Oil (99.5%), Tocopherol (Vitamin E)(Antioxidant to preserve the freshness of the oil. Based on earlier comments the genuine product should be 100% pure. As for the smell it has a slightly pungent odor that I find unpleasant; although it did disappear after rubbing it into the skin. The product left my skin feeling smooth, not oily, with a bit of sheen. The cost is $31.29/4 fl oz. Should I be concerned about the product being rancid or not genuine?
    • That is very strange that they would add extra tocopherol. (Argan Oil is naturally high in tocopherol!) If the oil smells unpleasant it is possible that it has gone rancid, or perhaps it was made from poor quality (or old) Argan kernels.
  151. joanne barioga
    How about Josie Maran..I've heard it one of the best brand of argan oil..
    • That brand is certainly readily accessible. And it is machine pressed and deodorized.
      • joanne barioga
        So you definitely approved Josie Maran???
        • There is a very big difference between Josie Maran's oil and one that has been cold-pressed by hand (like Saadia Organics.) Maran's oil has been machine pressed at very high temperatures and has been deodorized. (Basically, the oil has been exposed to temperatures of almost 400 degrees for 30-60 minutes.) When we compare extremely processed oil with hand pressed oil, the difference is quite shocking.
  152. Hazel Merrick
    I would like to order Argan oil from Saadia Organics - I live in South Africa. Please advise total costs. Thanks :)
    • Hi Hazel! You can order on our website: It costs $12 for a 10 ml bottle, and $45 for a 50 ml. The most economical shipping choice to South Africa is $10.
  153. Shaheda Begum
    Hi, I bought argon oil from the following website... http://simplyarganoilshop.com/simply-argan-oil-50ml-x-4-bottles-special-offer-107-p.asp. Is this genuine argon oil?
  154. May I get the price and deep info about Saadia's oil for the cosmetic industry ? And of course for the research too.
  155. Zara
    I also would like to know do you ship to Australia and how much is the cheapest shipping cost. Thanks
    • Hi Zara, Yes, we ship to Australia regularly. Our flat rate is $10... and packages generally arrive in your area within 2-3 weeks.
  156. Sharel
    Hi, I'm located in India and would like to purchase this oil for personal use. Kindly suggest how to go about it as I believe its not available in stores here. How to ensure we get pure stuff through online purchase? Am reachable on: sharel.simon@gmail.com
    • Hi! Thanks for your interest. You can order Saadia Organics Argan Oil here: The flat rate to ship to India is $10. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery to your area.
  157. Bev Ouannass
    There are so many shampoos here in the US that are on the 'argan oil' bandwagon. How do we know that the argan oil is the real deal? And not just something that they are calling argan oil? Also, Morocco is the only place in the world where the argan tree is grown, correct? Therefore, the shampoo manufactures must be importing it from Morocco, correct? I would assume that these co-ops must have their product distributed to these shampoo manufacturers? Sorry, for all the questions!
    • Hi Bev! Great questions. You are correct - there are a lot of shampoos and beauty products featuring Argan Oil right now. Is the oil real? Maybe. Does even it really matter? Dare I say not really? In a big bottle of shampoo a few drops of Argan Oil (or other oil) really will not transform your hair in a dramatic way. I will say that if the oil in these products is real it is in all likelihood oil that has been heavily processed (with heat and chemical solvents). As really -- no one will be able to tell the quality of the oil when it is drowned out by dozens of other ingredients. With that said, we have bought a few of these products and tried them. Some were decent. (None changed my life.) Morocco is where most Argan trees grow. Some are supposedly also found in Algeria... and perhaps even a few in Mexico... and someone has started growing some in Israel. (Actually, the popular Moroccanoil products are all made in Israel from start to finish which many find interesting. One might wonder why they chose that name for themselves if the products and oil within them are so far removed from Morocco.) So yes, we can assume that companies are buying Argan Oil in bulk to add to their products. Most likely from a "co-op" or other mass producer of the oil in Morocco. It is readily available to individuals and companies who want it. I hope this helps! :) Warmly, Joèl Co-Founder Saadia Organics
  158. Cynthia
    Hi. I'm new with Aragon oil and have only tried pre de Provence 100% pure argan oil. I loved the way it smells and loved the way it felt in my hair and on my skin. Was wondering what your thoughts were on the product.
  159. Karen
    Hi Saadia, I am only in Marrakech for 2 days so I hope I hear back from you before I leave. While I am here in Marrakech my friend has asked me to buy the real argan cosmetic oil in a glass jar. Due limit time I am not able to get to the seaside town where your shop is. Do you have an outlet in Marrakech where i can buy your brand. Today, I found a spice shop which sells La Maison Del'argan products. The smell seemed nutty and the texture smooth and silky but it is sold mainly in plastic bottles. The glass bottles are a little more expensive. I was quoted 120dh for 50ml. Do you know anything about this product. I have also heard that Herboristerine Firdous and Nectarome are sell the raw argan oil. Thank you
    • This will sound strange... but we have yet to find quality, hand pressed Argan Oil in Marrakech. :( I have not heard of the brands you mentioned, unfortunately. There are just so many. Our only location in Morocco is indeed in Essaouira, but we ship packages to pretty much anywhere. (The flat rate for shipping is $10).
      • Karen
        Thanks Saadia for your prompt reply. How much do you sell a 50 ml or 150ml glass bottle of true argan oil. Other than the shipping cost is the actual price of the oil different if I buy it direct from your shop or have it sent to me. I am trying to find time to come and visit. Is there any day or hours in a day that you are shut. It is interesting that you have not heard of the last two brands as they seem to be the ones most talked about on trip advisor and other similar sites. Do you have a website? My email is kfz62@yahoo.com.au
      • Karen
        Hi again, I am trying to find time to visit a genuine women's cooperative and was wondering if it was at all possible to visit your women's cooperative or could you recommend a good one to me that is close to Marrakech. I only have a couple of days left in this area.
        • To be honest, we are not fans of the "co-ops". We privately hire women instead. (Please note point number three in the second link)
          • Karen
            I understand about the co-ops. It would have been interesting to see how the oil is extracted especially by hand. . I am very interested in your oil and would like to know if I can I buy directly from you in Essaouira I am trying to find time to come and visit. Is there any day or hours in a day that you are shut. What is the cost if I do buy from you in Morocco rather than have it shipped from Canada?
  160. laura
    Great information. I would like to order Argan oil from Saadia Organics but I live in Spain. Please advise total costs (including transport) for 50 ml argan oil and how many days to delivery. Thank you
    • Hi Laura, The cost of a 50 ml bottle is $45, and the flat rate for shipping is $10. (Total = $55 US) There are other options for shipping if you would like a tracked package. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery to Spain from here in Canada. Thanks for your interest!
  161. Natalie Kopytina
    Hi, I bought a 4 oz dark glass bottle, its made by Plantlife, says its organic 100% pure cold pressed. The color of oil is light yellow with a very slight greenish tone. But it smells like green olives mixed with goat poo smell, is that OK? Thanks in advance Natalie
  162. M
    Hi, I bought a bottle and in the ingredients it says Argania Spinosa (argan) oil (99.5%), tocopherol (vitamin E)(antioxidant to preserve the freshness of the oil). Is the tocopherol ok? Thanks!
    • Hmmm.. that is a bit strange. Argan Oil is so high in tocopherol anyway, I am wondering why anyone would want to add more?
  163. Felicity
    Hi! I just wanted to thank you! The product I received from you was everything that you said and I had no doubt that I had received the real deal! I've been recommending your product to my friends, even those that are unfamiliar with argan oil. Before I purchased your product (and I do this with almost all my purchases) I did a lot of research because I'm always wary of making sure I buy the best quality and the best (or fairest) price possible. The authenticity of the argan oil was a huge deal for me. I was first introduced to argan oil by a shop attendant in a hair care store. I was told that if I REALLY cared for my hair, that I should buy Moroccan Oil, which cost me $50AUD for 125ml. After I had reluctantly bought it, I was curious to learn more about 'Moroccan' oil which I next discovered was 'Argan' oil. I found out it was good for hair aswell as the face and nails. I was then confused as to why the product I bought said it was only to be used on the hair. Then I saw all the bad reviews that brand was given and realised that it was far from proper argan oil and all the other ingredients it had in it when it should be 100% pure argan oil. The product really didn't do anything beneficial for my hair anyway. So I was left with a full bottle and was 50$ poorer. So this is why I HAD to make sure that I would be getting the REAL stuff. Honestly, I researched SO many different brands. But yours was the only one I felt completely confident about. All the information you have on your site about what argan oil should be, what to look out for and why certain things like the wrong colour or smell (or lack there of) might be due to (such as heating and use of machinery), the emphasis on the process you go through to make your argan oil...etc really showed me that your product was 100% authentic and made traditionally. you had nothing to hide! Even the stories you tell of your bad experiences with purchasing argan oil and the story of your mother in law and how she is involved in the company being made and so forth, all helped in making my decision to purchase from you. I was not disappointed! I won't even bother looking at any other brand now. I've done my search so there's no need to waste time or worry making sure I don't get the real thing! Thank you!

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