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A Conversation at Saadia’s House

Our family went to Morocco in March.  This is when I received our first batch of hand-pressed Argan Oil from my mother in law, Saadia. I was so excited to start using it and importing it that I wanted to know more about Argan Oil right from the source. In my last post I mentioned that my husband, Greg, had often tried to get me interested in Argan Oil.  But now that I was interested, he seemed to tune out a little.  Actually, he tuned out a LOT.  As is clear from this snap shot of a conversation at his mother’s house. A Conversation at Saadia’s House:    “Men Just Don’t Get It” Joèl:   Greg, ask the ladies how they use Argan Oil. Greg, bored:  You just use it on your face and in your hair and on your nails. Joèl:  Well I know THAT.  There has got to be more.  Ask them!  Please. Greg, in Derija:  Blah blah blah blah blah. The Ladies, in Derija, all at once:  Blah!  Blah blah blah!  Blah!  Blah blaaah blah blaaaaah blah blah!   Blah!  Blah blah blah!  Blah!  Blah blaaah blah blaaaaah blah blah! Joèl:  What did they say? Greg:  They said you use it on your skin, hair and nails. Joèl, disappointed:  That’s all?  What does it do to your face? (The Ladies commissurate) Greg:  Ok.  So it’s good if your skin is feeling dry like old snake skin.  It’s also good if you have zits.  Even if you have lots of zits they will go away.  It fixes many skin problems and it’s great after going to the hammam.  They said that they don’t like to put it on right before going out in the sun because they are afraid their faces will fry like a fish.  So to be careful of that.  It also closes the holes on your face. Joèl:  Holes?  What holes? Greg:  These ones (pointing to Joèl’s pores). Joèl, slightly annoyed but pleased to be getting some info:  Really?  Cool.  What else? Greg:  It’s great if you are in pain and feeling old and aching everywhere.  It’s good for massage for rheumatism and whatever else is making you miserable. Joèl:  How about hair? (The Ladies commissurate yet again) Greg:  They use it on wet hair and dry hair.  It works good.  Makes it soft and beautiful and gorgeous. Joèl:  Does it make your hair look greasy if you use too much? Greg looks over at all of the women present with their hair completely covered with brightly coloured scarves.  Then he glares at Joèl. Joèl:  Sorry.  I guess you wouldn’t know.  What else? Greg asks.  The Ladies chatter away. Greg, really bored and distracted:  It’s good for cooking babies. Joèl:  FOR COOKING BABIES?  They don’t eat babies!  No one eats babies!  Tell them you just told me it’s for cooking babies! Greg translates, the Ladies gasp. Greg:  Sorry.  They use it for cooking for babies. Joèl:  Really?  For making baby food? Greg attempts to clarify yet again. One Auntie makes eye contact with Joèl and points in the general direction of her nether regions. Joèl:  Does she mean diaper rash? Greg:  YES!  They said it’s good FOR babies.  They don’t have to worry about diaper rash when they use Argan Oil. Saadia then makes a motion with her hands as if to show a big pregnant belly. Greg:  Ladies also use it on their bellies.  Lots of it.  They don’t want to get those purple tiger stripes that some women get when they are pregnant.  Mom says that some Moroccan women get very big bellies while their babies are growing. Joèl:  Canadian women, too.  You can tell them that. Greg translates.  The Ladies smile broadly and nod.  Pleased to share this in common with women far away on the other side of the world. Joèl, victorious:  See Greg!  There’s more to it than “just put it on your face, hair and nails”! Men certainly don’t get it.   At least mine didn’t that day.  ;) joèl~


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