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Face and Skin

Argan Oil is known as nature's ultimate anti-aging product. It is extremely high in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, sterols, polyphenols, and carotenoids. Argan Oil also contains squalene, which has been promoted as having anti-cancer properties. Argan Oil is good for both dry and oily skin types.

Because it helps to regulate the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands), oil on the skin will lessen and issues such as acne are greatly improved. For basic skin care, Argan Oil can be used as a daily moisturizer and as a makeup base.

It is also useful for skin conditions such as: psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, contact dermatitis, inflammation, acne, wrinkles, scarring, minor burns and cracked heels. In arthritic and rheumatic conditions in which joints are damaged, Argan Oil soothes and reduces pain. Argan Oil also produces excellent results on new tattoos by soothing the area, decreasing itchiness and helping the skin to heal quickly.  In addition, it is ideal to use after waxing, laser treatments and even chemical peels. Usage: Apply in a circular motion to clean skin morning and night until absorbed. Be sure to include the area around your eyes. You will be able to see a difference within a few days of consistent use. Those with dry skin like to use it morning and night, while some with oilier skin like to just use once per day.


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  • Kamila on

    Hello there,
    I have recently started using argan oil as a moisturiser and after a conversation with a friend about the quality of products available in shops I checked my argan oil according to the guidelines I found on the internet. It says it’s pure, it’s in an amber bottle and has a golden-yellow (more yellow) colour but what concerns me is that it doesn’t smell of anything except a slight oily smell and it is absolutely clear, no residue, no cloudiness… And because I am attmepting to follow a completely natural beauty routine I am interested in purchasing your product, but before I place an order I would like to ask how long your oil is suitable for use? In other words, does it have a short shelf life? Is expiration date within a short time? Since it’s all natural I guess it doesn’t last for long. The reason I want to know is because I would like to order it in a batch of several bottles all at once to save on costs of more frequent deliveries. Also, I wanted to know which is the method that you ise for extracting the oil from the kernel? Is it cold-pressed?
    And I would also like to say thank you for being one of the very few who are attempting to provide your customers with honest products and advice. It is great that people like me who want to eliminate the sea of chemicals out of their lives can count on people like you who are there to provide simple honest product we are looking for. Regards

  • “Someone once told me the pores on my face were big and that comment stuck with me. After using this stuff, they have totally shrunk.” | Saadia Organics Argan Oil on

    […] We love Argan Oil’s pore shrinking capabilities. Share this:FacebookEmail Click here to cancel reply. Name (required) […]

  • Saadia Organics on

    Hello Kate!

    When my skin is really dry, I need to exfoliate so the oil can reach fresh skin. (And I also know I need to perhaps pay a little more attention to my water intake. That makes a big difference for me.)

    As for spots… you might have to experiment a little. Perhaps only using the oil once a day? Another customer changed her shampoo at the same time as starting our Argan Oil — and she was concerned. But she was actually reacting to the new hair product! Have you changed your beauty routine in any other ways?

    How is the oil on your hands?


  • Kate on

    Hi, I wonder is it possible to overuse Argan oil? I received my bottle from you last week & have been using it morning & night since then on my face & hands. I have an area of dry flaky skin on my cheeks which hasn’t improved yet but i have been getting more spots since i started using it. Would be very interested to hear your comments. Thanks very much

  • michelle yamamoto on

    thank you so very much for responding, I appreciate that and that you don’t use whale and shark as sources.

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