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10 New Argan Oil Uses

We know that Argan Oil is amazing to use on your skin, hair, and nails. But there are many other ways it can help you with common issues. Here are 10 new argan oil uses for you:

1.  Shaving lotion:  Apply Argan Oil liberally your legs, underarms, or face before you shave. The added moisture will help to prevent razor burn.

2.  Razor Burn: apply to sensitive razor burnt skin and the irritation and redness will disappear.

3.  Cracked Heels:  No more embarrassing and painful feet. With one week of consistent use of Argan Oil, you will finally be able to wear those amazing sandals sitting in your closet.

4.  Diaper Rash:  Argan Oil is amazing for treating or preventing diaper rash. And it is great for use with cloth diapers. It will not create a barrier.

5.  Tattoo healing:  Because Saadia Organics Argan Oil is the purest Argan Oil on the market, the extremely high level of vitamin E will help to heal your new tattoo. Meanwhile the essential fatty acids will soothe the skin, eliminating the desire to scratch.

6.  Chapped Lips:  Argan Oil will soak into the lips, repairing any cracking or inflammation while not leaving a greasy feel. It is instant comfort and relief!

7.  Bath Oil: Add five drops of Argan Oil into a warm bath to soak into your skin and muscles. You will relax like never before!

8.  Eye Makeup Remover:  A couple of drops on a cotton ball will help to remove any eye makeup.

9.  Muscle and Stress Relief: Argan Oil has been known to aid rheumatism. Rub Argan Oil on your shoulders and temples and sit back and relax for 30 minutes. You will feel calm and soothed.

10.  Children’s Runny Nose Irritation: Apply Argan Oil under your child's nose and on his or her upper lip to prevent and treat irritation caused by a runny nose. Good luck!


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  • Joèl @ Saadia Organics on

    Hi Tammy!

    Thanks for your comment. I’m so glad to hear Argan Oil helps with your joint pain. :)

  • Tammy Tambrella on

    I rub Argan oil onto my wrist and forearm. I have tendinitis and arthritis and Argan oil eases the discomfort in my joints.

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