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Goodbye Frown Lines, Thank You Argan Oil


I have never been one to take great care of my skin. When I first met my husband, we were both living in Taiwan. We both drove scooters everywhere. And while driving, I frowned. He named my frown “scooter face”. It was many years later, through him constantly pointing out my frown that I realized that “scooter face” is usually just my normal facial expression. I frown when I think (and I think too much), I frown when I watch tv, I frown when I write, and I frown when I listen. And as you can imagine, scooter face gave me some impressive lines. But I didn’t really care too much about lines. I just grew my bangs a little longer and forgot about it.

After all, if my facial lines and skin were that important to me, I would probably use an expensive cleanser instead of bar soap. And I would probably wash my makeup off before I go to bed at night. But I don’t. It’s my dirty little secret (literally, I guess). I have definitely bought anti-aging skin care lines. And I have used them religiously for the first month or so after I bought them. Just as I floss religiously for the first few months after a dentist visit. But then it all ends up falling apart for my skin. I start getting lazy. The bar soap rears its ugly little head in the shower and the anti-aging cleansers, toners, and magic potions start collecting dust.

But a year ago, I got my hands on some Argan Oil. So far, this has been the most consistent part of my tiny little almost non-existent beauty ritual. Aside from water, it is the one thing that touches my face every day. I don’t know why it’s different than other products that I’ve used. But it is. It feels soft and luxurious. My face craves it now. It feels almost stiff until I apply my oil.  It has even inspired me to change my facial bar soap to something much milder (but still in the bar soap family…baby steps). So what about my scooter face lines? They're GONE! Seriously… gone. I still have a few small lines on my forehead, but my deep-set frown lines are gone.  My face is soft and smooth.  I can’t believe it. I really do look cute with shorter bangs too.  And I am free to make scooter face day and night now.



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  • Jillian Christison on

    OK, you have give me hope! and my husband will thank you for getting me to stop complaining that I want botox! Thanks for this info. I am so going to share this with friends and all future brides who want to look fabulous on their wedding day!

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