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Argan Oil for Men (Argan Oil 101)

Argan Oil for Men (Argan 101)

As I noticed Argan Oil growing in popularity with women around the world, I started wondering about Moroccan men. Is Argan Oil for men in Morocco too? I know that Argan Oil is amazing, but how popular is it?

So I asked my Moroccan husband if Moroccan men used Argan Oil. His response? "No. Not really." "But YOU do!" was my response. "Yeah, when you let me!" was his reply. He was kidding. Sort of... I admit I'm a little bit stingy with our personal stash of Argan Oil even though it was HIS mother that made it for us. I know the hard work that goes into making it, so it's hard for me to be too terribly liberal with it. However, if a man wants to indulge, here are some main ways for guys to use Saadia Organics Argan Oil.

1. Razor Burn: This stuff can take away the rash that your quick shave with an old razor left behind. Just put it on the effected area a couple of times a day and you should see a considerable difference within a day or two.

2. "Monkey Hands": If you don't have a dainty desk job or if you are doing some major overhauls on your car or house, your hands can take a toll. They're dry, cracked, leathery and just plain unhappy. Certain fabrics cling to them like velcro. Argan Oil will take that away. Use a few drops at least twice a day. Don't ignore your cuticles. Again, you should feel a difference in a day or two.

3. "Gorilla Feet": Even though I think it's cool when guys go and get a pedicure, some wouldn't be caught dead in a nail salon. But summer is coming and crusty feet are gross even on a guy. Massage Argan Oil onto your feet morning and night before you dust off your flip flops.

4. Scalp: Argan Oil will take care of dandruff, dry scalp and oily scalp. (I know it's weird that it knows how to deal with both dryness and oiliness, but trust me, it works. It knows your problem and will give you the solution you need.) Just massage it on your head let it sit for a while (or overnight) and then wash it out. If you sleep on it, put a towel over your pillow first.

5. Hair: Many Moroccans say that Argan Oil helps with hair loss. Hey, it's worth a try, isn't it? Otherwise, don't be afraid to treat your hair to some Argan Oil once in a while. It will soften dry hair or de-greasify oily hair. You can apply it, then wash it out. Or if you want to sport Brad Pitt's new look, don't wash it out - as it can give longer hair "shine and natural-looking separation."

6. Face: You might have heard about Argan Oil's bizarre ability to smooth out wrinkles. So give it a try on your face if you want to look a few years younger. (Or preserve your youth.) At the same time, it will be working on any dryness or oiliness you might have. It also will work to fight any acne that might be hanging around.

7.  Skin: Do you have eczema? Psoriasis? Any rashy patches? Many of our guy fans buy Argan Oil for these purposes. One said that he saves a tonne of money now. The stuff he used to get for his psoriasis cost $85 a month and had a bunch of nasty stuff in it. A $45 bottle of Saadia Organics Argan Oil lasts him almost 3 months. Do the math.

8. Burns, Cuts and Gashes: Sure, your mom always told you to "BE CAREFUL", but sometimes... stuff happens. Argan Oil to the rescue! It has anti-microbial properties which will help protect against infection. And it has a pile of Vitamin E which helps wounds heal quickly. So wash the area with a mild soap first. Pat to dry, then gently put some Argan Oil on to the area.

9. Achy Joints: Argan Oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can ease your pain. Moroccans have used it for rheumatism and arthritis for centuries. Massage it in and feel better.

10. Tattoo Repair: Getting a tattoo? Argan Oil is the ultimate product to heal it. It soothes the area, takes away the itch and repairs tattoos beautifully. Click here for a how-to guide. 

11.  Beard Care:  Beards are popping up on male faces everywhere!  If you have tossed your razor, be sure to keep your beard (and the skin beneath) looking and feeling great.  

Alright gentlemen. There you have it. Give it a try. One product can do a lot. Your wife/girlfriend/mom/daughter/female co-worker might want to borrow it, but it's up to you if you want to share or not.

Cheers, joèl~         


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