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UPDATE on Eden's Pajama Project

First, we'd like to thank everyone who has been donating.  The corner of my bedroom is piling up with bags of very cute and cozy PJs for Moroccan kids.  Many have included some great little toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste, too.  Thank you so very much! 

The Big Shipment will be sent by courier after Eden's birthday party next weekend. And over in Morocco...  Saadia has been receiving packages, too!  I'm sure she has quite a pile accumulating in her little living room.  She said most of them have been from the United States.  Thanks so much to our marvelous American friends.  Your generosity is much appreciated.

There is still plenty of time to donate.  We'll continue this well into the fall. If you have yet to purchase any PJs, please consider buying for a boy! Eden is thrilled that so many of you have viewed her blog post and is quite shy that people are actually watching her You Tube video!  

Again, please share the information about this project on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or wherever!  Help Eden reach her goal of 300 packages

"My Mom and my Grandma Saadia give jobs to Moroccan Mommies.  I make bedtime better for Moroccan kids."  

Eden, Almost 5 years old

Help us continue to gather little "luxuries" for these little Moroccans this summer.                 


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