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A Saadia Organics and Matilda Jane Giveaway

Late last year I was lucky enough to win not one, but THREE amazing dresses from the wonderful company, Matilda Jane Clothing. They sent me the same adorable Christmas dress in three sizes. I kept one for my daughter to wear this Christmas, and I've saved the others to send on to two lucky people! Matilda Jane's pieces have so much character -- just like little girls always do. If you are one of our two lucky winners, you will also get to enjoy some Saadia Organics Argan Oil and some other Moroccan Hammam (spa) Essentials. Please enter below. Best of luck! Contest closes December 3, 2012.  


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  • Lisa Wipff on

    I look forward to gifting such a beautiful dress to my beloved granddaughter Maddilyn age 4.

  • velocibadgergirl on

    Oh, and most of the little girls I know are around three years old.

  • velocibadgergirl on

    I’m sure I could find a girl to gift with a lovely dress…what a great shot of E up there :)

  • Dawn on

    And as you know, my baby is three. :)

  • Dawn on

    Did I do it right? You know I’m technologically challenged! E gets more beautiful every day!

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