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Argan Oil for Pets

Argan Oil is magical on our skin...but what about on our little furry friends? Is argan oil for pets too?

Absolutely!! Not only will argan oil help with their fur by softening it and making it shiny and healthy, but it will also help with skin conditions that many animals have.

Many dogs and cats suffer from dry, cracked noses. Argan oil works wonders on them! Others may have rashes or skin conditions on their sensitive bellies. Argan oil soothes and helps to heal them fast. Argan oil for pets is amazing!

was so happy to receive this email today.  Our Argan Oil is truly great for every member of the family.  Including the four legged furry ones!  joèl~


After using your Argan Oil for almost 2 years now, I have to say it has noticeably changed my aging skin. I am never without a bottle and am always finding new uses for it.

Recently my dog has been scratching and licking himself a lot.  It has actually been unbearable to watch at times.  He had been targeting the area behind one of his ears this time.  I could tell he was very distressed, and I decided to see what was happening. I was shocked when I looked, and saw what seemed to be a growth!!!  In a panic, not knowing what to do, I grabbed my Argan Oil and soaked the area and it gave him instant relief.  He seemed to calm right down, and began to fall back asleep.  Being almost 10 years old, I automatically thought the worst. 

As it was late in the evening, I was relieved that he was comfortable and not scratching at it anymore.  But I thought for sure that this would mean an expensive trip to the vet tomorrow. I checked him first thing the next morning to see how he was doing.  And to my shock it had disappeared!  The area is a bit bald and pink right now, but I have no doubt that with continued use of the oil it will be back to normal in a few days. Thank you Saadia Organics.  I will continue to relieve his itching with this great product.  I can now enjoy life with my little guy and not have to worry about his skin issues.    


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