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Aftercare for tattoos- argan oil

aftercare for tattoos

Is argan oil effective as aftercare for tattoos?

Yes it is!

Why Argan Oil:

~Also known as “Liquid Gold” because of its healing properties. Heals tattoos very quickly without compromising ink and colour. Extremely soothing for itch.

~Unusually high levels of vitamin E (also called tocopherols) and carotenes (a form of Vitamin A). These vitamins are known to protect and repair skin damage.

~Antioxidant-rich – Antioxidants protect skin cells from chemicals, drugs, pollutants, and ultra violet rays that produce free radicals that attack healthy cells and cause skin damage. ~Absorbs very rapidly and does not leave a “greasy” or “oily” feel.

~Healthy source of Phytosterols which have both an anti-irritation and an anti-inflammatory action. They are good for scar tissues and will help repair and condition the skin. Aside from these, phytosterols also improve dry skin, help repair damaged skin including scars and tattoos.

~Rich in Unsaturated Fatty Acids- Help to soften the skin and take away itch.

Why not Lotions/Creams/Petroleum?

~Although jellies and lotions are available at your local drugstore, they generally contain ingredients (such as mineral oil and alcohols) that have recently been proven to be more harmful than beneficial for tattoo health. These ingredients clog pores and dry the skin, not helping to actually heal.

How to Care for Your New Tattoo

~100% Pure Argan Oil is the ideal oil to use on your new tattoo. It naturally soothes the pain and irritation associated with getting a tattoo. Tattoos are essentially skin wounds and must be properly cared for.

Step 1 Always tend to your new tattoo with clean hands. Your skin is a bit raw and is more prone to infection in the days following your appointment.

Step 2 Wash your your tattoo with only the mildest soap. Use one that is unscented and alcohol-free. Rinse with fresh water and gently pat it dry with a clean towel.

Step 3 Next, you will apply a drop or two of  Saadia Organics Argan Oil on to your tattoo. The amount of oil used will depend on the size of the tattoo. Then, gently massage the oil into the skin on and around your tattoo. Be sure to use Argan Oil several times a day to keep the area hydrated and protected. Argan Oil naturally contains anti-microbial properties which will help keep infection at bay. If you feel any itch coming on during the healing process, put some Argan Oil on as soon as you can. This stuff really keeps the itch at bay so your tattoo can heal beautifully.

Step 4 Be sure to wear loose, breathable clothing for a few weeks after getting your new tattoo. Natural fibres such as cotton and bamboo are best.

Step 5 If you’re heading outside on a warm sunny day, know that Argan Oil contains something called Ferulic Acid which is a very effective barrier against the damaging effects of the sun. But even so, we suggest that you cover your tattoo with clothing, a bandage or sunscreen. Be sure to use a good, natural, safe sunscreen on your skin while outdoors. One that does not contain oxybenzone is best – it will be harder to find, but well worth your effort.  The Environmental Working Group always publishes a list of the best sunscreens.


* Gentle, organic soap

* Clean towel

* Saadia Organics Argan Oil

* Clothing made from natural materials

* Bandages

* A good, safe sunscreen

Enjoy your new ink!


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