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Saadia Organics in Singapore!!


Saadia Organics in Singapore

We are so very excited to announce our arrival in Singapore through Shea! Shea is a wonderful company that believes in quality products from ethical sources. We are very proud to be sold in their beautiful store. Shea is found in the heart of Orchard Road. This is Singapore's popular entertainmennt and shopping district. They specialize in handmade and organic products for all skin types. They insist on only the best quality for their customers. They are guided by three main principles: the products must be -vegetarian friendly -predominantly handmade -must be pure essential oils We are very excited to be offered there because Shea searches out the finest products from around the world. A customer can know that they have incredibly high standards. Since Saadia Organics is the only company in the world to offer handpressed argan oil, we have had many requests to sell our oil. However, most companies end up seeking out the cheaper lower quality argan oils since customers generally might not know the difference anyway. It's disappointing because many shops that outwardly state that they care about quality and ethics truly don't. But that is not the case for Shea Singapore. This is why we love them and are so excited to work with them. They are the real deal! My only complaint is that they do not have any locations in Canada. I would spend a lot of money there if they did! Shea is located at: #B2-47/48, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, S238896 Tel : +65 62381690    


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  • Saadia Organics on

    Hi Florence!

    Overnight treatments with 100% Argan Oil will help soften and hydrate your hair.

    As for prices: 10 ml=$12 and 50 ml=$45.

    Good luck!

  • Florence Goh on

    My hair is dry and frizzy. Anyway that argan oil can help? Is your product expensive? I been looking for some miracle for my frizzy hair.
    Thank you.

  • Saadia Organics on

    So sorry about the trouble with your hair!

    Argan Oil is very nourishing to the hair and scalp, but if your hair loss is severe, please do visit your doctor. S/he will be able to help. Best of luck.

  • Margaret on

    To whom it may concern,

    Hi, I am a 38 year old woman and I have this severe hairloss and my hair is not growing on some part of my scalp. Please let me know if the Argan Oil can really work on my hair or what you can suggest.

    Looking forward to your soonest reply.

    Thank you.

  • Saadia Organics on

    VERY few cold press Argan Oil by hand. (In fact, to my knowledge, I think we are still the only ones…) Some companies may actually start with Argan fruit, but once the heat and chemical solvents get to it, the oil isn’t really as it should be.

    And you are right, the oil industry is an interesting one. It is hard to even trust a bottle labeled “olive oil” at this point. (And that is very cheap and easy to produce in comparison to Argan.)

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