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Hi everyone! It's Eden again.  I'm turning six years old in August.  Last year, instead of asking for presents for myself from my friends and family -- I asked them - and you! - to help with my Pajama Project.  Thanks so much for your donation of new pajamas, toothbrushes and toothpaste. You made bedtime better for a lot of Moroccan kids.

It was super fun to take the presents to the kids at the school that my uncle works at.  They were so surprised to get the packages.  One thing that we noticed while we were there is that there was no bathroom at the school!  Not even one.  I couldn't believe it.  They started building one in the yard outside the school, but they didn't have the money to finish it. So......... this year - instead of presents for me, I want to build a bathroom for the kids and teachers at the school.  My uncle said it will cost about 6000 dirhams to finish the work on the toilet.  (About $700 US dollars)  That is a LOT of money, but if a lot of people pitch in just a bit, I think we can get this bathroom finished.

Here in Canada, we often pay for stuff using toonies.  They are $2 coins. If you want to donate (the equivalent of) a toonie or two or three or even more, that would be great. 

My mom said you can use PayPal and the email address  She will make sure every bit of that money gets to the school so the toilet can be built.  I can't even imagine going to school all day and not having a place to go to the bathroom! Anyway, I hope you can help my birthday wish for this year to come true! From, Eden

~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for reading!  I'm really glad Eden decided to keep working with this same school this year for such a worthy cause.  So many Moroccan girls end up dropping out of school as there are no proper facilities to handle the things that adolescent girls need to deal with.  We would love to see the all of the kids at this school stay studying for as long as they can.  Education is so important!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at -- my girl has a lofty goal yet again this year.  I really, really hope that she makes it.  We plan to visit the school again in the future, and I know how proud she would be of that little bathroom for those kids to use!  Please share this link by email, Facebook, Twitter and by any other means. 

With much gratitude,

Joèl Eden’s Mom Saadia’s Daughter in Law

Owner of Saadia Organics Argan Oil

UPDATE: Thanks to many of you, Eden surpassed her 6000 dh ($700) goal!   She actually received the equivalent of 7388.39 dh ($926.70).  That should definitely cover the cost of the finishing the toilet, and if there is any money left over it will be used to buy books, school supplies, art supplies and maybe even some sports equipment. for the school.  We are so excited!  Thanks again for your generosity and for helping Eden's birthday wish come true. 






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  • Elaine Gadd on

    So many great things happening with this company. It’s a pleasure to see all the things that this product can to make people’s lives much simpler. Good luck on continued success and making good things happen.
    Please share other customer’s thoughts with us!!

  • Katherine on

    Great job Eden! That’s truly amazing, inspirational and I can’t wait to see what you do next :)
    So proud of you!

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