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Using Argan Oil for Healing Wounds: YES it can be absolutely amazing

Instead of getting a graphic picture of poor K's foot before and after Argan Oil use, we will show a lovely picture of where she is from instead. (Found on via Pinterest)

I love, love, love getting new reviews. And this one is definitely a wonderful (and, um, VIVID) one to read for so many reasons. It comes to us from K of Monterey, CA who just had major surgery on her foot and used Argan Oil as a part of the healing process. - joèl...

* * * Eek, Joèl, Argan Oil is Amazing. You knew this already, of course. I knew this. But I just had to tell you, it actually relaxed me into good sleep last night. My surgery incision is Wagnerian. It goes from the "knuckle" of my big toe almost all the way to my ankle.

Lately I've been noticing sharp pains in it when I move my foot, like tissue is breaking apart and re-forming. Well, of course it is, the scab and eschar and new scar tissue are pulling at the living tissue. Plus, my foot was so swollen for so long that my top layer of skin is damaged and dry. All this adds up to a living limb that's as fragile and flaky as porcelain. When it stung like bees just to pull my sock off last night, I thought "I need moisturizer to keep my foot from cracking apart." I knew I could put moisturizer on it because the stitches are out and I can wash it, but I shuddered at the thought of putting on my normal creams, which have various acids in them to exfoliate.

And then I thought ARGAN OIL. Because, yeah, I could lubricate with canola oil or whatever, but I've tested argan oil and it has been very kind to the sore spots on my face. So I got my little dropper bottle and dripped. Instantly I could rub it in without hurting. Instantly. The moment it touched the boundary between living and dead tissue it made everything more flexible. And my incision just ... stopped ... stinging. In fact, the more I put on, the more relaxed I felt -- the stinging had been building up in the background like static and had been getting to me more and more without my really noticing it.

I put three layers of Argan Oil on my incision over a period of forty-five minutes, then put the bottle away and yawned hugely and went to bed and slept and slept and slept. I don't know whether it's the love you put into the bottle, or the magic of the oil, or what, but I can't thank you enough for bringing this stuff into North America where I can buy it. I felt like I'd had a massage all over me, the relaxation from the background bee-stings was so incredible. And if you want to put this on your website, go ahead. I suppose this oil shouldn't be used on a fresh-out-of-the-OR incision, but on one that has had its stitches out?  YES.

xoxoxooK in Monterey, CA

PS I could send you "before" and "after" photos but ain't nobody want that all up in their grill. NOBODY.


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  • Sarah Robles on

    I had no idea how healing argan oil can be and I love that it’s an all natural way to heal too.

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