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A New Saadia Organics Argan Oil Review

Many thanks to a new friend in Phoenix for writing.   Congratulations on your pregnancy!  <3



I discovered Saadia Organics shortly after learning my husband and I were expecting our first child. During pregnancy, it is important to avoid certain skincare ingredients that could be harmful to babies so I cleaned up my routine. I knew Argan Oil would be a good replacement for my moisturizer, but the one I purchased originally wasn't very good.

After some searching, I found Saadia and was extremely impressed! Your product has replaced both my moisturizer and chapstick because not only is it safe, it is actually a lot more effective! My acne has decreased and my skin feels very soft. My lips, which used to be chapped and dry all the time are now soft and full.

Thank you for the extraordinary care you take with the quality of this Argan Oil. It is a great value for the price (especially when you compare it to high end skincare alternatives). Saadia is the only brand I trust and I will continue to use it after pregnancy. All in all, a very pure and luxurious oil!

~L.M. Phoenix, AZ USA


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  • Raine on

    I’m in love with this product. It’s brought back the glow and elasticity in my skin and my no-poo salt and pepper (more salt than pepper) hair has a beautiful silver shine. I has done wonders for my self esteem. Thank you so much to all who make it available.

  • Anonymous on

    I ordered this product wanting to start the oil cleansing method. I became interested in Argan Oil because of its comedogenic rating of 0 meaning it won’t clog your pores.

    I used different types of oils that all fall short. They’re always sticky, don’t absorb well, causes intense breakouts, and do not leave your face feeling fresh.

    Saadia Organics Argan Oil is now my holy grail. It truly is amazing. It’s fresh and leaves your skin feeling amazing. I have acne prone, sensitive skin and any other oil breaks out every inch of my face. I had a very SMALL break out when I started to use Saadia, which is very normal when you switch to the oil cleansing method because it’s a very deep cleanse, so don’t be put off by that. Keep using it! It leaves your skin radiant, clear, and improves skin texture.

    I highly recommend Saadia Organics Argan Oil!

  • isabella gardner on

    I am finding it difficult to get genuine Argan Oil in the UK.
    I am really interested in purchasing yours, is it avail in UK or can you advise on where I could purchase genuine oil in the UK.

  • Geneivie Raj on

    Hi joel I live in India and read your article on argan oil very much impressed I would like to buy a bottle but is not available can u help me to get one

  • Joanna on

    I ordered this oil several weeks ago and it arrived perfectly to my hometown in Switzerland. I am dealing with adult acne since I am 19 years old…being now 38 it is a long time and very frustrating. As many other people, I also have been treated for this with different therapies, even the roaccutane medication which is very damaging for reproductive organs. As my acne is caused due to an auto-immune disease called PSC (shortcut) I did not want to have more antibiotics or hormonal treatments for this issue.
    Since I got this oil I use it daily 2 till 3 times, mixed with teatree oil drops. It cleared up my acne so much, that I stopped using all other cremes. Note that I have used teatree before and it did not do as great job as this combination. The mix speeded up the process tremendously. It clears the pores noticeable by not letting the inflammation go deeper into your skin. It also helps to heal flaky (dry patches that look like eczema) skin surface caused due to harsh acne treatments…nothing else before did the job so well. I also use it for my scalp sensitivity 3 times a week and I am so happy with it. Definitely worth the money and thank you Saadia!

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