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Another Review of Saadia Organics Argan Oil

Thanks so much to the lovely S.N. in Michigan for this note.  <3 


Argan Oil is the best!!

But I’d never actually had high quality - or unadulterated - or maybe even authentic - Argan Oil before buying from your company.

I am GRATEFUL for your company!! I searched and tried different places. It’s just not worth it. This is the only place I know where I can get true Argan Oil, let alone high quality, fresh Argan Oil.

And Argan Oil is the absolutely the only oil I can use on my face. Everything else clogs my pores, even moisturizers which promise not to… I’m not acne prone but my pores are sensitive to being blocked by even natural oils except for this authentic Argan Oil.

And it goes on like silk! I add it to my full body moisturizer that I make with shea butter and have rubbed it in the ends of my hair as well.  It is amazing overall and never leaves you looking oily or feeling greasy, it absorbs so well that it doesn’t even leave my fine hair oily! 

I also love that there is real science behind Argan Oil.  But even so, there is probably not enough as I’m sure they’d discover lots more that’s amazing about this oil (but natural products rarely get funded for study).

But from what I have read through on pubmed, it’s been scientifically shown that Argan Oil improves skin elasticity (in humans) and can also lighten hyper-pigmentation (also a human study I believe but would have to check back).

I started using your oil regularly almost 3 months ago and I adore it, my skin feels and looks amazing I can’t wait to see the difference over an even longer period of time. I’ve also found that it goes such a long way!  It's true that it’s actually more affordable than cheaper products for me and a much greater value!


saadia organics argan oil review


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  • Jeanette Fox on

    Hello. I just received some fake argan oil from josie maran line. I believe it used to be pure but this last bottle which came from sephora was completely colorless with absolutely no smell. Knew it was fake right away. But I read somewhere that the true oil should have the ecocert stamp on it. Is that true? Thanks. Jeanette

  • Hong on

    How to order your product from malaysia

  • Laila Shagri on

    Hey Joēl
    I dunno if you remember me quite a few months ago I purchased your Argan oil I tried it twice and thought oh my this is drying out my already dry skin. I was about to dump it for some reason I just couldn’t, a few weeks ago I tried it again and I kid you not my skin is absolutely glowing and so radiant, my hair was also drying out I never thought Joēl that I’d one day get back my beautiful hair my hair is healthy, shining and luscious. I can’t thank you enough for your vet pure Argan oil. I’ll be calling you soon to order some more. What’s the shelf life I meant to ask you. Anyway I just had to share my experience with you and everyone out there.


  • Joèl @ Saadia Organics on

    Thanks Lorri! <3 We are so very glad you are enjoying it. Sending lots of love your way, too!

  • Lorri on

    I agree with everything she said. I’ve been using it, for over a year now. My face and hair craves it. I use it on my face, hair and nails every day to bring back the luster I’ve lost at 57 years old and I’m in love with Saadia Organic Argan Oil. Thank you to ALL the Goddesses who make it available. Love you!!

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