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Argan Oil for After Sun Care

Forget aloe vera gel.  Argan Oil is so much better!  With its soothing, anti inflammatory properties, an angry red burn can fade within a day.  

The best part?  It's not sticky like aloe vera gel.  And it is so much more effective.  Kids especially hate the stickiness of aloe vera - but they seem to be quite happy to have Argan Oil applied.   

So why does it work so well?  Argan Oil has wonderful moisturizing properties - your skin won't feel so tight and your chances of peeling is greatly decreased.  Also, Argan Oil is able to penetrate the skin and help it regenerate from sun damage as the anti oxidants contained within the oil help speed up the healing process.

There actually have been scientific studies showing that Argan Oil can decrease the proliferation of melanoma cells.  Which is great news for everyone who has spent a lot of time in the sun!  No one wants to deal with skin cancer.  And if Argan Oil has a chance to help decrease one's chances of that?  Sign us up.  

For best results, apply Argan Oil to clean, damp skin after sun exposure.  Then re-apply right before bed.  The dampness of the skin helps the oil sink in faster and it also means that you can use less oil to cover the area.  More Argan Oil is required on skin that is completely dry.  

And, of course, be sure to choose the right Argan Oil, as not all brands are equal.  100% pure Argan Oil is the most effective.  

Also, Argan Oil that has not been exposed to heat or chemical solvents during the manufacturing process is best - as the oil's best properties are not damaged and can work at their maximum potential.  We at Saadia Organics offer Argan Oil that never sees the inside of a machine that heats the oil at temperatures between 90 and 250 degrees Celsius (194-482 degrees Fahrenheit.)  Our oil never gets warmer than room temperature.  And we certainly don't use solvents like hexane to pull the oil out of the raw materials.  We actually make our Argan Oil entirely by hand - using only the methods that Moroccans have been using for centuries.

So be sure to take a big bottle of Saadia Organics on your next sunny vacation or day at the pool.  You'll be very happy with the results.  



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