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Argan Oil for Baby Eczema

Let me tell you a little story. 

It was a week before Christmas, and my older daughter and I were getting some last minute gifts at our local shopping mall.  And we sat down in the food court for a break and a quick dinner.  We were lucky to have found a good table near the most adorable family.  Mom, Dad and their sweet baby girl.  

The baby was in her stroller and turned her head and her lovely dark eyes met mine.  I waved, smiled and made a few silly faces.  And she just stared at me.  As if she was staring right into my soul.  I fell in love with her!  Such a sweet baby.  

Finally, my new little friend turned her attention back to her parents.  And she started fussing a bit.  And her hands were covered in little cotton mittens.  And she was trying to scratch her very rosy cheeks.  Her attentive parents spoke to her and distracted her.  

Once they'd finished their dinner, they walked by our table and I spoke with the mother.  Asking the little girl's name (let's call her Baby B) and age (6 months!)  I commented about how cute and sweet she was.  And Mom mentioned her baby's eczema and how hard it had been to try to manage it.  That they'd tried everything.  From prescription hydrocortisone cream, to coconut oil, to different lotions that they'd heard and hoped might help.  But nothing made much of a difference.  

Then I told them I could help.  I asked if they'd like to try our Argan Oil.  I told them that it's gentle and natural, so much so that it's technically edible, and would not do one bit of harm to Baby B and that it was certainly worth a try.  The parents graciously accepted my offer.  We exchanged contact information and we made arrangements for me to drop off a bottle the next morning.  

I wanted to see how the Baby did with the oil right away, so we cracked open the bottle and Mom put it on her.  She seemed to like it!  She did not fuss at all and was very happy to have her mom apply it.  

We have kept in contact since that day and I'm happy to report that the results have been amazing.  They did not come over night.  It took over a month of daily application, but it worked!!   Here are some photos that I have been given permission to share.




Isn't she the sweetest?   

Do you have a little one suffering with eczema?  If you do, authentic, hand-pressed Argan Oil is really worth trying.  It's soothing, it's moisturizing, it has anti-inflammatory properties, and most of all - it heals.  It took about 6 weeks for Baby B to be able to enjoy the full benefits of our oil, but it worked!  And it has worked for many.  I am just so grateful that this family has been willing to share their photos with us and with you.  

Some of you might be wondering "Will the brand of Argan Oil I saw at the drugstore work?"  Unfortunately, probably not.  Not all Argan Oil is created equal.  We are the only company willing to put the time and effort in to press the oil by hand - which preserves the oil's best properties.  All others use machines, high levels of heat, and even chemical solvents like hexane to extract the oil which, in turn, damages it.

As for how to use it? Do a patch test on clear skin just to make sure your baby has no reaction to it. (A reaction would be extremely rare, but it's always better to be safe than sorry!) Then, a day later if it looks good, then dab the oil on to the affected areas.  It should soothe the skin right away. Reapply 2-3 times a day. (Or more if baby really seems to like it.)

Drop me a note any time if you have other questions!


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  • Joèl @ Saadia Organics on

    Hi Joan!

    It works on adults, too. It’s moisturizing, healing, and has anti-inflammatory properties. A baby’s skin renews itself faster than an adult’s would. But people of all ages have had great success with using our Argan Oil on their eczema. (It’s certainly worked on mine. I’ve had it on and off for over 30 years, too.)

    It’s certainly worth a try! At the very least it should make the skin feel better. (But beware of a bit of a sting if the skin is badly cracked. This is nothing to worry about. As we know that even plain water can sting sometimes!)

  • Joan Betker on

    Would this work on a male late 40 s has had it for over 30 years?

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