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Argan Oil for Shingles

I just got this encouraging note from a lovely customer today.  Argan oil helps with even the most painful skin conditions.    


Hi Joèl,

I should have posted this much sooner so others may experience the benefits of your product.

This winter my husband contracted shingles.  On one area we rubbed the prescribed med and on another (shoulder where my husband could not reach) I applied the argan oil.  Within a short while we discontinued the prescribed rub and only used the argan oil made by Saadia.  People were amazed at how well the shingles had healed in such a short time.  They all said it must have not been all that severe an attack because the healing was amazing. But shingles is shingles. 

I hope this will help at least one person and perhaps countless more.  Thanks Saadia!

G.P. in Saskatoon


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