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Argan Oil for Your Skin and Hair - Some Recent History

It will come as no surprise that we at Saadia Organics believe that Argan Oil is the absolute best thing for your skin and hair.  When you use it on your skin it soothes, heals, moisturizes and renews.  And when you use it on your hair it nourishes, repairs, hydrates and restores.  

However, using an oil to moisturize our our faces and hair is a relatively new thing in our culture.  

When I was growing up in the 1980s we thought it was good to strip our skin, hair and scalps of all natural oils. Oil was considered "greasy", natural or otherwise, and who wanted to be greasy?  

At that time we used ultra deep cleansing and harsh shampoos.  (SOMETHING had to wash out all that hairspray!)  

We also doused our faces in potent products like Sea Breeze. That was a toner that was so strong it made your eyes water.  And it made your skin ridiculously tight and dry - stripping it of any natural oil and moisture in hopes of achieving clear skin. Heaven forbid if you actually got it in your eyes. It stung and burned and made you cry - which was actually a good thing, as your plentiful tears washed the product out.  

I actually did a quick check and I saw that Sea Breeze is still making products.  I can only guess that they have changed their formulation to be more gentle.  Because completely depleting the skin of moisture is very counter-productive, as it actually makes your skin freak out and produce MORE natural oil.  Which, as we know, can lead to that dreaded "greasy" skin and blemishes.  No thanks. 

At that time, the only oil that people used on their hair were V05 hot oil treatments -which I guess aimed to deep condition hair that was fried by our multitude of hair sins.  And those sins included (but are probably not exclusive to):

~harsh hair washing products

~waxy conditioners/"cream rinses"


~using fire-hot curling irons (anyone remember the cordless butane ones? Those could not have been safe)

~shellacking our hair with really stiff sprays and gels (who remembers Dippity-Do?  If you haven't - trust me, it should have been called "Dippity-Don't")

And last but certainly not least...  

~perms.  Oh dear, the perms!  The perms were bad.  

So even though many did these hot oil treatments in their hair to atone for their sins, no one would have dared put oil near their faces.  But now that I'm thinking about it...  some DID put oils on their bodies.  

Tanning oils and baby oils were applied liberally.  Shiny, tanned skin was The Look. (Sunscreen?  What's that? Who would want such a thing?)  

I am not sure what was in the tanning oil (I was never ever into tanning.  And now my skin thanks me.)  But I am sure that the ingredients that were to turn skin as tanned as possible weren't overly virtuous.  I absolutely remember the smell of faux coconut, though, whenever we went to a public pool or the beach.  

And the baby oil.  Oh, the baby oil.  That is another smell never leaves one's olfactory memory.  And upon investigation, people were realizing how horrible it was (and still is).  It is made from mineral oil.  Something made from petroleum byproducts and petrochemicals.  And it basically acted like saran wrap on your skin. (And on many of our skins as babies!)  No nourishing moisture, no possibility of allowing the skin to 'breathe' properly, either.  Just... slime.  

Fortunately, these horrors are things of the past.  Attitudes have changed over the last few decades.  There has been a lot of talk about nourishing beauty oils.  Some are cheap and common, some are a bit more expensive and harder to find.  And many do accomplish their job of hydrating pretty well. 

But Moroccans have held a secret for decades. Centuries even.  While we were making our hair frizz with strong shampoo and dehydrating our poor T-zones with Sea Breeze, Moroccans were moisturizing with luxurious Argan Oil.  Hair, faces, bodies.  Everything.  And they reaped many benefits.  

And once I tried this amazing oil for myself, I was hooked and I quit my day job and I've been working ever since to make the best quality Argan Oil available to you. 

So now we are comfortable using oil for our faces.  Oil for our hair.  Oil for our bodies.  Argan Oil is my first choice for all of the above.  In my opinion and experience it absolutely is the best oil for faces.  The best oil for hair.  And the best oil for skin.  

Good quality Argan Oil contains multiple nutrients and properties that work wonders.  Again, it not only hydrates and smoothes wrinkles, it actually heals.  Even tough problems like psoriasis, eczema, acne and rosacea can be remedied with excellent quality 100% Argan Oil.  It is non-comedogenic and anti-inflammatory.

And some swear that it can help regrow hair.  I would love to see an actual scientific study on that!

It is a very good thing that many outside of Morocco have come around to realizing the amazing qualities of premium, raw, hand-pressed Argan Oil.  It's pure, natural and full of healthy properties.  I know many who swear they can't live without it! And of course, I'm one of them.



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  • Shayeln on

    This was entertaining. I agree that argan oil is the best!! But I’ve never actually had high quality or unadulterated or maybe even authentic argan oil before buying from your company – I am GRATEFUL for your company!! I searched and tried different places. It’s just not worth it. This is the only place I know where I can get true argan oil, let alone high quality fresh argan oil. And argan oil is the absolute only oil I can use on my face. Everything else clogs my pores, even moisturizers which promise not to… I’m not acne prone but my pores are sensitive to being blocked by even natural oils except for authentic argan oil. And it goes on like silk! I add it to my full body moisturizer that I make with shea butter and have rubbed it in the ends of my hair as well and it is amazing overall and never leaves you looking oily or feeling greasy, it absorbs so well that it doesn’t even leave my fine hair oily!
    I also love that there is real science behind argan oil but not enough as I’m sure they’d discover lots more that’s amazing about this oil (but natural products rarely get funded for study). But from what I have read through on pubmed, it’s been scientifically shown that argan oil improves skin elasticity (in humans) and can also lighten hyper pigmentation (also a human study I believe but would have to check back).
    I started using yours regularly almost 3 months ago and I adore it, my skin feels and looks amazing I can’t wait to see the difference over an even longer period of time. I’ve also found that it goes such a long way that it’s actually more affordable than cheaper products for me and a much greater value!

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