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Owning a Company That Sells Beauty Products When You Don't Feel Beautiful

I own a company that manufactures, imports and exports beauty products.  Every day I work to give the world the absolute best Argan Oil to hydrate and nourish their skin and hair.  Something that not only will help them look and feel their best, but something that is allowing them to do it in a way that is free of undesirable chemicals.  Our oil not only works great but it is actually great for you in every way.  

I love hearing stories about people who are able to get rid of their eczema (and consequently, steroid creams) with our Argan Oil.  

I love hearing about acne that is cleared up with our healthy, natural product rather than Accutane.  

I love when a person with wounds and scars is able to feel and see great results quickly with our oil.  Even when they are suffering from something as painful as shingles.

I love when a person has a hairdo gone wrong and our oil is able to restore health and softness to it.  

I also love when people are excited when the wrinkles that they aren't too fond of are smoothed out.  And when they see their frown lines disappearing.

We all want to look and feel our best.  That does not necessarily mean fancy, expensive clothing, a perfect hairstyle or flawless makeup.  It can just mean we want healthy hair and smooth, hydrated skin.  I am so glad that we at Saadia Organics are able to help you achieve those goals.  

Beauty standards in many parts of the world feel so out of reach for us "regular people".  You even hear of actors and models saying that they aren't even happy with the way they look.  And they even look exactly like what the modern beauty standard "tells" them they should.  But they still don't feel good enough!

As the owner of Saadia Organics, I feel like I should always look as good as I can.  And I feel like I fail every single day.  

I'm of average height.  (5'4.5" - YES, that half inch matters to me ;)

And I am currently a bit above an average weight.  (Hello curves!  And hello to the reason why you rarely see my current self in pictures or in videos on Instagram and elsewhere. Isn't that silly?  I KNOW!  It's ridiculous.  I'm working on it.)  

I also love my hair to be very dark, but now that I'm in my 40s, I have grey roots starting to grow in even just a couple of weeks after colouring.  And even though Argan Oil fixes darn near everything - it does not do a THING for grey hair.  What's up with that?  Oh, how I wish it would!  I know, I know, some day I will need to embrace the grey.  But I'm just not ready yet.

So I'm working toward feeling better about myself.  To become as healthy as reasonably possible. To use products that are free of harsh, harmful chemicals (like my own).  And to eat well and to move in a way that I don't dislike.  To spend time with people I enjoy.  To do things that I love.  (What are those again?  Motherhood can make a person forget...)  

I'm certainly a work in progress!  But I'm giving myself a good, solid, B+ for effort.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, friends.



Me, happy (and hot) in Bali...







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  • Joèl @ Saadia Organics on

    Thank you, Eva. <3 You are very kind. And I’m definitely inspired by all you do!

  • Eva on

    You are Beautiful! Lots of us feels the same way.I am work in progress. ;)

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