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Saadia Organics Blog — Argan Uses

Argan Oil Review - Another one from beautiful Singapore

I hope you like reading reviews as much as I like sharing them.  This Argan Oil review comes from Singapore.  Thanks for taking the time to write, Adele!  I am so glad you saw results so quickly when using our Argan Oil on your hair.    -joèl... * * * * * Dear All at Saadia Organics, I just want to inform you that I received my package yesterday. I am delighted by how quick the delivery took. Even though I was in the office, I could not wait to open the package to try out your product. I had used...

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Using Argan Oil for Healing Wounds: YES it can be absolutely amazing

Instead of getting a graphic picture of poor K's foot before and after Argan Oil use, we will show a lovely picture of where she is from instead. Found on via Pinterest[/caption] I love, love, love getting new reviews. And this one is definitely a wonderful (and, um, VIVID) one to read for so many reasons. It comes to us from K of Monterey, CA who just had major surgery on her foot and used Argan Oil as a part of the healing process. - joèl... * * * Eek, Joèl, Argan Oil is Amazing. You knew this already,...

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Argan Oil Uses- the top 4

The Top 4 Argan Oil Uses Argan Oil is everywhere these days. But why? What is special about Argan Oil and why is it so popular? Following are the top 4 Argan Oil uses:   Argan oil for your hair - Argan Oil has gained a lot of popularity because of hair care products that promote it. Pure Argan Oil is amazing on the scalp. It soothes dry, itchy scalp. And it helps with flaking. In the hair itself, real Argan Oil can rebuild damaged hair, leaving it feeling very soft. But pure Argan Oil is to be used as a...

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Argan Oil for Face

Argan oil for face For many people, putting oil on their face seems counter-intuitive. There is a great fear that it will make the skin acne-prone and, well, oily. Perhaps you have tried different oils on the body and in the hair. But what about argan oil for face? Real argan oil has a very unique texture. It is almost dry. It absorbs quickly and is never slimy or greasy. Once applied, it does not leave a sheen to the skin. Instead it becomes invisible within a minute so that you are free to apply makeup or to simply go...

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Aftercare for tattoos- argan oil

Is argan oil effective as aftercare for tattoos? Yes it is! Why Argan Oil: ~Also known as “Liquid Gold” because of its healing properties. Heals tattoos very quickly without compromising ink and colour. Extremely soothing for itch. ~Unusually high levels of vitamin E (also called tocopherols) and carotenes (a form of Vitamin A). These vitamins are known to protect and repair skin damage. ~Antioxidant-rich – Antioxidants protect skin cells from chemicals, drugs, pollutants, and ultra violet rays that produce free radicals that attack healthy cells and cause skin damage. ~Absorbs very rapidly and does not leave a “greasy” or “oily”...

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