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Warning: You Don't Want This Stuff on Your Face

Examining High Quality Cosmetics I am always examining ingredients and examining high quality cosmetics. Another new article surfaced about beauty products in the Washington Post National earlier this week. And the big bad headline says...   Soaps, makeup and other items contain deadly ingredients, say consumer advocates My reaction? "Ugh. Not again." You see, I love beauty products. Few things in the world are more fun to me than makeup. I adore cosmetics and all of the lovely little potions that make me look and feel great. But I hate the thought of phthalates, parabens, formaldehye and diethanolamine on my...

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Real Argan Oil vs. Fake Argan Oil

As a hair stylist, I ask every single person in my chair what products they use on their hair. And as Argan Oil is becoming more and more popular, I am hearing from many clients who have experience using it.   Having co-founded Saadia Organics, I am especially interested when my clients mention it. I want to know everything: where they bought it, how much it cost, what it smells like, what changes have they noticed in their hair.   Sadly, I have yet to come across a client who has actually found real, authentic Argan Oil.   It’s always...

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