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Saadia Organics Blog — pure argan oil

Saadia Organics in Singapore!!

  Saadia Organics in Singapore We are so very excited to announce our arrival in Singapore through Shea! Shea is a wonderful company that believes in quality products from ethical sources. We are very proud to be sold in their beautiful store. Shea is found in the heart of Orchard Road. This is Singapore's popular entertainmennt and shopping district. They specialize in handmade and organic products for all skin types. They insist on only the best quality for their customers. They are guided by three main principles: the products must be -vegetarian friendly -predominantly handmade -must be pure essential oils...

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Pure Argan Oil: Is that product really pure?

I'm tempted to call this post: "What does Argan Oil for cosmetic use have to do with breakfast?" But I'll just stick with the original as written above. Everywhere you turn in the beauty aisle you're now seeing the words "Argan Oil". Are all of these products created equal? Of course not. A lot of people ask us what the difference is between our product here at Saadia Organics and the ones they see in their hair salon, for example. Well, for starters, our product is 100% pure, unadulterated Argan Oil. Anything you'll see in a hair salon will most...

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