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Saadia Organics in Singapore!!

  Saadia Organics in Singapore We are so very excited to announce our arrival in Singapore through Shea! Shea is a wonderful company that believes in quality products from ethical sources. We are very proud to be sold in their beautiful store. Shea is found in the heart of Orchard Road. This is Singapore's popular entertainmennt and shopping district. They specialize in handmade and organic products for all skin types. They insist on only the best quality for their customers. They are guided by three main principles: the products must be -vegetarian friendly -predominantly handmade -must be pure essential oils...

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Argan Oil Production

Argan Oil Production: Chemical Solvents, Machine Made, or Cold-Pressed by Hand? Before machines became a possibility, all Argan Oil was extracted by hand, through hours of grinding and pressing the kernels from the pit of the Argan fruit. This produced Argan Oil that was thicker, richer, aromatic, and extremely beneficial. However, it also took an average of 14 hours to produce 1 litre of oil. (And that's just to press the oil!  It does not account for the laborious hours it takes to gather the fruit, strip the outer layer off, and crack the pits to get the kernels out.)...

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A Saadia Organics and Matilda Jane Giveaway

Late last year I was lucky enough to win not one, but THREE amazing dresses from the wonderful company, Matilda Jane Clothing. They sent me the same adorable Christmas dress in three sizes. I kept one for my daughter to wear this Christmas, and I've saved the others to send on to two lucky people! Matilda Jane's pieces have so much character -- just like little girls always do. If you are one of our two lucky winners, you will also get to enjoy some Saadia Organics Argan Oil and some other Moroccan Hammam (spa) Essentials. Please enter below. Best...

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An Interview with Saadia, Production Manager at Saadia Organics Argan Oil

Saadia Organics isn't just a random name our company chose for itself. Saadia is the mother in law of the company's owner, Joèl, and Saadia is also our Production Manager. Here is a little interview with Saadia conducted and translated by her son, Greg. (Joèl's husband). ~~~ How long have you been making Argan Oil? I have being making Argan Oil since I was 15 or 16 years old. I helped my mom make it for us to eat or for my father to sell in the market. How do you, personally, use your Argan Oil? I grew up using...

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What is the Best Brand of Argan Oil?

The Best Brand of Argan Oil We've said it before, and we will say it again. All brands of Argan Oil are not created equal. It's sad, but true. What is the best brand of argan oil? There are three things to look for as you decide on which brand of Argan Oil to spend your money on. First, it needs to be authentic. If it's not real Argan Oil, it's not worth buying. There is a lot of junky stuff available that is trying to pass for Argan Oil. Some of these products contain as little Argan Oil as...

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