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Why I Don't Use My Own Argan Oil as Often as I Should

I have a confession to make.  

I am the very proud owner and founder of Saadia Organics Argan Oil.  And - I don't use my own product every single day.  

There, I said it.  Not easy, but true.

But why?  Is it because I don't believe that it's amazing?  Not at all.  Let me explain.

One might think that since I pretty much have unlimited access to this wonderful product, that I'd practically be bathing in it.  

I should have the most incredible hair.  

I should have skin that absolutely glows and is completely wrinkle and blemish-free.  

My nails should also be perfectly manicured and I should have the most beautifully hydrated cuticles in town.  

And I should also have feet that are so smooth that my 3 year old would be jealous.  

But I have none of the above.  I don't do hair treatments as often as I should.  Actually, I don't do my hair PERIOD some days.  I usually just toss it up into a not-so-attractive bun on top of my head in the morning.  

And my face?  Well, I admit I do dare to use a few drops of our pure Argan Oil on my face most nights - and sometimes in the morning, too.    

And perhaps I allow one drop on the cuticles of my fingers a few times a week (but not my toes).  

Being a woman in my early 40s, there should be some areas that I could be slathering each and every day (and night!) to keep my skin looking healthy and youthful.  (Ask a woman in her 60s if she wishes she'd taken better care of her neck and décolletage!  Most of them would probably say YES.)

So why not?  Why don't I give myself a little treat every day and smooth on some of the most luxurious oil of any kind on this planet?  

Because I want to make sure I have enough for you.  YOU are far more important than me.  Your desire to use this product is more pressing than mine.  I know what it does.  And I work tirelessly to make sure you get the best possible oil into your hands as quickly as humanly possible.

Yes, we get fresh shipments of hand-pressed Argan Oil every single month, but it is so precious and so time-consuming and difficult to make, I don't want to "waste" too much on myself.  It feels too fancy for me!  And frankly, I am so busy answering your questions and making sure the oil is properly made, bottled, packed and sent out - that I think I don't have time to do hair treatments and massage oil into all of my body parts that could really use it.

But maybe I should start?  Then perhaps I wouldn't be so shy to take and post current pictures of myself on social media and do videos like so many other business owners are now.  Everyone is so cute and interesting and perky nowadays!  I am afraid I'd disappoint you.  I also admit that I'd be afraid of the criticism that inevitably comes when one puts oneself "out there".  But that's my "stuff" that I need to work through.

Bu you know - there is one thing that I am NOT disappointed in.  That is the magnificent Argan Oil that Saadia and her team make for us so lovingly in Essaouira.  

And there is something I am NOT afraid of.  And that is that you won't see the results that you are wanting to achieve with the use of our product.  Countless happy customers (many of whom I actually now consider friends!) are so generous in sharing their results and their compliments.

In all honesty, in the 7+ years we've been in business we have only had FOUR people return our product. Four out of thousands upon thousands of customers we've had.  So that's what?  Less than 0.00001%?   I'd say that's a very good satisfaction rate!  

So perhaps you're curious - why did those four people make returns?  Well, two mentioned that they felt they might be allergic to the oil, as they have extremely sensitive skin.  (Sad!  But fortunately, it's so very rare.)  And the other two?  They actually sent back COMPLETELY EMPTY BOTTLES.  Which actually made us chuckle as we thought, "well, you couldn't have disliked it that much if you used the whole thing!"

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to those who support us and cheer us on.  You could just go to your local drugstore and pick up a number of different products to use at home.  But instead, you keep coming back to Saadia Organics.  And for this, I am deeply grateful.  You are appreciated and valued more than you know.  You have helped a lot of moms to be able to support themselves and their children.  They are proud of their work and what they are humbly giving to the world.  

Take care, everyone.



(YES, it's an old picture of me.  Perhaps from 6 years ago?  I have had so few of me taken since then...)


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  • Stavroula on

    I really liked this post of yours!! I have been ordering your argan oil for the last two years and my acne prone skin has transformed. You bring us the highest quality and your company is honest, that is why I appreciate you that much!

  • Eisha on

    I’ve been so loyal to this argan oil. It’s the best hands down. I have acne prone skin that’s also sensitive and in my two years of using this oil going to three years now. It has never broken me out. I swear by it. Thank you for making this product. Worth every penny and saadia’s costumer service is AMAZING !
    Warm regards.
    A happy costumer

  • Joèl @ Saadia Organics on

    Thanks Mirza! <3 I’m so glad you love it!

  • Mirza on

    Thank you for this wonder oil and it`s true, i keep coming back to Saadia Organics for more.

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