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Saadia Organics Blog

Do you want Saadia Organics Argan Oil in a store near you?

If your answer to this question is YES, then you can help make that happen! Tell the owner or manager that you think our product would sell great in their shop.  If they are at all interested, tell them to contact us at for more information.  (Be sure to write to us, too, so we know who referred them!) Types of places to consider: ~your hair salon ~spa/medi-spa ~nail studio ~mom/baby store ~health store ~yoga/fitness studio ~naturopath's office ~clinic for traditional Chinese medicine ~pet store What's in it for you? *Free Argan Oil as a gift to express our...

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Aftercare for tattoos- argan oil

Is argan oil effective as aftercare for tattoos? Yes it is! Why Argan Oil: ~Also known as “Liquid Gold” because of its healing properties. Heals tattoos very quickly without compromising ink and colour. Extremely soothing for itch. ~Unusually high levels of vitamin E (also called tocopherols) and carotenes (a form of Vitamin A). These vitamins are known to protect and repair skin damage. ~Antioxidant-rich – Antioxidants protect skin cells from chemicals, drugs, pollutants, and ultra violet rays that produce free radicals that attack healthy cells and cause skin damage. ~Absorbs very rapidly and does not leave a “greasy” or “oily”...

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Argan Oil for Pets

Argan Oil is magical on our skin...but what about on our little furry friends? Is argan oil for pets too? Absolutely!! Not only will argan oil help with their fur by softening it and making it shiny and healthy, but it will also help with skin conditions that many animals have. Many dogs and cats suffer from dry, cracked noses. Argan oil works wonders on them! Others may have rashes or skin conditions on their sensitive bellies. Argan oil soothes and helps to heal them fast. Argan oil for pets is amazing! I was so happy to receive this email today. ...

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Argan Oil Production

Argan Oil Production: Chemical Solvents, Machine Made, or Cold-Pressed by Hand? Before machines became a possibility, all Argan Oil was extracted by hand, through hours of grinding and pressing the kernels from the pit of the Argan fruit. This produced Argan Oil that was thicker, richer, aromatic, and extremely beneficial. However, it also took an average of 14 hours to produce 1 litre of oil. (And that's just to press the oil!  It does not account for the laborious hours it takes to gather the fruit, strip the outer layer off, and crack the pits to get the kernels out.)...

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Argan Oil Cooperatives in Morocco: the Good, the Bad, and the Unbelievable

Argan Oil Cooperatives in Morocco: the Good, the Bad, and the Unbelievable When we visited Morocco in October of 2012, one of my main goals was to learn about the well-known women’s argan oil cooperatives in Morocco that exist everywhere in the southwest. I was excited to see how women are given opportunities to succeed and to introduce their traditions to the rest of the world through their Argan Oil. It seemed almost too good to be true that in a developing country, women were forging ahead and providing for their families comfortably and with pride. We started visiting the...

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