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Argan Oil Reviews pt. 2

April 6, 2013

Dear Joèl,

Your Argan Oil is amazing and I love how informative your website is. I love knowing that I am actually supporting women in Morocco who are being paid a fair wage instead of giving my money to one of the faux co-ops that you visited. My friend tried to tell me that the Argan Oil she uses is also cold pressed by hand, but I told her if that were true, it would be advertised all over the company's website!

I previously bought Argan Oil from a company which has a very good reputation for their organic herbs and other supplies. I expected it to have a slight odor, but it was so strong and almost pungent. I made sure to ask their customer service about how their Argan Oil is processed. They said they use unroasted argan pits which are cold pressed with a machine but not refined or deodorized. I'm still not sure why it smells so strongly but it's a completely different scent than your Argan Oil. It's funny how people's noses interpret scenes differently though because I don't think yours smells nutty at all. To my nose, it has a sweet fruity scent. Whatever the actual scent is, I like it.

More importantly, your Argan Oil has already helped my eczema so much. I've had it really badly for the past year or so and nothing has helped, not even the prescription steroid cream that the doctor gave me. I'm so glad that I have something more natural and effective I can use! My nephew is only five months old and he is having a terrible bout of eczema so I just told his parents about your amazing Argan Oil. I've been using it as a facial moisturizer too and my skin is glowing! Thanks again for having such an amazing product!

Natasha Y. from California

P.S. I was also thinking about making a simple Argan balm (just a little bit of melted beeswax added to Argan Oil) so that I can carry in my purse without worrying about oil spilling in my bag.

March 31, 2013

I must say that after starting to use my Argan Oil the pain in the joints of my right hand, (my main computer designing hand!) went away after 3 days. I love, love, love this organic cold pressed Argan Oil.


Lee S.,
Memphis TN  

March 26, 2013

I've been using this pure Argan Oil on my hair and fungal infected nails and it works wonders. I thought I'd give this oil a try on the scarred and bumpy area on my chest (a very bad boil appeared there a couple of years ago). It was pretty ugly. It is nothing short of miraculous… Now there's really just a tiny bump left. So, about two weeks ago, I started mixing drops of Argan Oil with my face and body cream. I don't know how I got through pregnancy and my post partum days without this stuff the first time around. It saved me and it's amazing on my baby, too. Hi Joèl and Ainslie! My son was suffering from a very bad rash while he was teething. I tried everything that the doctor recommended but nothing worked. I finally tried your awesome Argan Oil and the rash went away in TWO days. His skin looks awesome and I don't have to worry about him ingesting the product because it is edible. Love, love your product!

Jennifer Madigan
L2 Accent Reduction Centre

September 2, 2012

I carry my Argan Oil with me wherever I go! It's a super healer and it works on all of my skin's ailments including dry cuticles, ingrown hairs, dry skin patches, eczema.... you name it! The most memorable time using this product was when I introduced it to my best friend the day before her wedding. She had just had her eyebrows waxed and they ripped a layer of skin off leaving her brows with a red scab! Ack! We used this Argan Oil on it the night before her big day and by the next morning it had healed enough to apply make up over top of the redness. Phew! I also love that this product is so natural you can eat it. It's not made with anything but pure goodness. Not to mention that the women behind this miracle brand are helping the lives of Moroccan women. The product is amazing and the company is making a positive difference!

With gratitude,
Andrea Shillington
Founder & Owner Brands for the People

August 30, 2102

My puppy has quite a few allergies. It's been so hard to find something to help her itchiness. This has been fantastic for us!  

June 8, 2012

So THAT is what raw Argan Oil is supposed to smell like. I bought one brand online (mistake) and tried another brand in-store, but something wasn't quite right. Nice to finally have my hands on the real thing.   _____________________________________________________________________________

Please continue with even more reviews!