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Argan Oil Reviews pt. 3

December 11, 2011

I bought one of those laser hair removal packages. My skin isn’t very happy after a treatment. But now I have my magic oil from Morocco. It soothes the area and helps the redness and swelling calm down really quickly. I wish I would have known about this oil when I was waxing.

November 30, 2011

We were lucky enough to be able to take a beach vacation last month. (Yay!) And we got sunburned (Boo!) Argan Oil helped ease the pain and keep the area moisturized. Usually I feel rough for a few days, but this really seemed to speed up the process.

October 10, 2011

My baby had a few spots of eczema on his abdomen and feet. This Argan Oil cleared it up in a couple of days. Nothing else worked. It’s so nice this is natural, too.

October 7, 2011

I am sensitive. VERY sensitive. I’ve tried a lot of hair treatments and had some terrible results on my scalp and surrounding skin. This Argan Oil smooths out my curls without any irritation or redness whatsoever.

September 29, 2011

My little one is a thumb sucker. The skin on that poor thumb doesn’t look good some days. Argan Oil has been helping. It’s nice to know that it’s only one, natural and edible ingredient that we’re putting on.

September 27, 2011

I work in harsh conditions and my hands feel like sandpaper at the end of the day. I borrowed my wife’s oil to see if it would help. It really did. And I didn’t smell like a flower factory after. She’s not too impressed that I keep grabbing for it, though. I guess her face is more important than my hands? I have quite a few tattoos. The healing process is never fun, so I was open to trying Argan Oil on my new sleeve. It helped it heal really well. The best part? NO ITCH. Awesome. Have you seen what itching does to a new tattoo? My toddler still wears a diaper at night and kept ending up with some heat rash in the morning. After using the oil, there’s no rash to be found. Don’t know if it’s my imagination or not, but once I’ve rubbed rub the oil around my eyes it seems my wrinkles aren’t as noticeable. I hope that’s the case and not just my wishful thinking? My baby had a few spots of eczema on his abdomen and feet. This Argan Oil cleared it up in a couple of days. Nothing else worked. It's so nice this is natural, too. I just had a pretty big tattoo done, and this oil was great. It was easy to put on, felt good and healed the area beautifully. "I'm a guy with psoriasis. Someone recommended this oil to me and I gave it a try. It works better than the prescription I get from my doctor." My forehead used to be super oily. After using Argan Oil for just a few days the oiliness disappeared. Who would think that oil would get rid of oily skin?"