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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:

Why are the bottles blue?

Sunlight breaks down the properties of Argan Oil.  The dark glass protects your oil and keeps it in the state in which it can be most effective.

How long will my bottle be good for?

Since Argan Oil is naturally high in tocopherols, it will be fresh for quite a while!  Tocopherol is a natural antioxidant that keeps things in their original state - thus automatically preserving the oil without us needing to add anything to it.  The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) says that the shelf life of Argan Oil is 24 months after bottling. 

I've seen different brands of Argan Oil being sold for all kinds of prices on the internet.  Some cheap, some expensive.  What's up with that?

When it comes to Argan Oil, cheaper isn't better.  Neither is the most expensive in some cases!  A lot of Argan Oil being sold is diluted or fake -- even if you're getting it right in Morocco.  Saadia herself (our Production Manager) doesn't trust most of the Argan Oil she sees in and around Essaouira and she's determined to get the purest, best quality Argan Oil into your hands.  She seems to find anything less utterly insulting and offensive. 

There is one brand being sold in a chain store that is very highly priced, and obviously highly processed.  It doesn't look, smell or feel like Argan Oil at all. Cheap Argan Oil most likely should not be trusted, as it takes several hours to produce one litre of the oil.  No one would be able to sell the real thing for an extremely low price. 

How can I spot fake Argan Oil?

We would be very wary of Argan Oil sold in clear or plastic bottles.  Both make the oil deteriorate, and any producer of quality Argan Oil wouldn't put this liquid gold in anything other than a dark cobalt or amber glass bottle.

Also, Argan Oil is most effective in it's least processed state.  If the oil has little to no smell, that would concern us.  It either means that the oil is completely fake or mixed with other oils.  Or it might just mean that the oil has been deodorized -- a process which is said to rob Argan Oil of it's best properties.  Pure Argan Oil should smell nutty.  We at Saadia Organics think it smells a bit like a rubber band...  and perhaps even a bit like popcorn.  If the oil smells too deliciously nutty and is quite dark in colour, it most likely is Argan Oil for culinary use.  This edible form of the oil is easier to produce, so it is lower in price.  It certainly won't hurt to use it on your skin, hair and nails - but it won't do the same magic as Argan Oil for cosmetic use does.

I've heard that Argan trees are a threatened species.  What is Saadia Organics doing about this?

Again, the answer to this question lies with Saadia, herself, who is our Production Manager.  Saadia is beginning to grow Argania spinosa trees on the farm that she inherited.  This farm is located between Essaouira and Marrakech near a small town called Tafetachte.  She has been growing olives for years, and now she is excited about growing her very own Argan trees to make Saadia Organics Argan Oil with.  She is also hoping to expand her farm and purchase more land to start growing even more Argan trees in the near future.

However, it will take some time for our cute little trees to grow up and bear fruit.  In the meantime, Saadia's son-in-law knows a man in a town called Ait Daoud very well.  All of our Argan fruit is bought from his farm.  You might have seen pictures of goats climbing Argan trees for a snack.  As amusing as it is to see, it damages these precious trees.  We would only use fruit from a goat-free farm that are harvested gently.

I own a store.  Can I start carrying Saadia Organics Argan Oil?

Have a look here for more information about wholesale opportunities. 

I make beauty products.  Could I buy Argan Oil from you in bulk?

Anything is possible!  Contact us at

I just ordered a bottle of your Argan Oil.  When can I expect to receive it?

If you are within Canada, it should arrive within a week to 10 days.  If you are in the US, 5-10 business days is standard.  International orders generally take 10-20 business days - unless you live in a country that is known for its slow postal service - it might take even a bit longer. 

If you need your oil more quickly, just send us a note immediately after you order to and we can use express post or a courier to speed things up (additional charges will apply). 

*Please note that Saadia Organics is not responsible for packages that are held up at the customs office in your country.