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argan oil

Saadia Organics

50ml package (3 bottles cosmetic Argan - 50ml each)

$150.00 $162.00

 100% Pure Argan Oil – 50 ml


Authentic – Eco-Friendly – Vegan – Nut-free

Cold-Pressed by Hand in Essaouira, Morocco

Use as desired on your skin, hair and nails.


Saadia Organics Argan Oil is the real deal!  There are so many oils out there claiming to be true Argan Oil, but unfortunately, they are not.  They are either mixed with other ingredients or are fake altogether.  

Argan Oil is very expensive and laborious to make, so it’s far easier for companies to dilute the oil or to use a cheaper oil (like safflower) and try to pass it off as the real thing.  And since many do not know how true, unadulterated Argan Oil should look, smell, and feel, they often end up not even knowing that they have purchased a far inferior oil.  And then of course, they don’t get the results that they had been hoping for.

With that said, even if a person does have 100% Argan Oil in their hands, chances are very good that the oil was made by machine - which means a lot of heat and often chemical solvents, too.  Argan Oil is not easy to extract.  

But our Argan Oil is different.  We take the time to make the oil right. The old fashioned way!  We would never allow our oil to go above room temperature - as heat can destroy the oil’s best properties.  And chemical solvents like hexane are not something that you want on your skin.  

Even Moroccans are surprised to hear that we are still making the oil by hand just as their grandmothers had done it years ago.  It takes a good 20 hours to press just one litre of oil.  But every single minute of those hours is worth it, as the wonderful results that one sees can be amazing.

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