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moroccan exfoliating mitt

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Kiis / Moroccan Exfoliating Mitt


Coarse Exfoliating Mitt made of Viscose Crepe

Alright.  So this thing might not look like it is anything all that special.  But believe us, it is.  

This mitt is excellent for exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin. It is not bulky (or useless!) like a loofah, and it will leave your skin feeling fresh and soft. 

The people of Morocco enjoy going to the "hammam" which is the public steam bath.  A big part of the hammam experience is “gommage” which is the scrubbing of one’s skin with a Moroccan Exfoliating Mitt - which is locally known as a “kiis”.  (Not to be confused with a “kiss”, of course.  However, your skin will be very kissable after a good scrub with your brand new kiis.)

Just a warning!  You will visibly see a fair bit dead skin if you are scrubbing in a good, vigorous, vertical motion on your arms, legs, and back.  It won’t be pretty, but the results will absolutely be worth it.  

Be sure to use your kiis near the end of your shower for best results - your skin needs to soften so it is easier to scrub off.  (Trust us, you will not miss that top layer of dead skin!)  Nothing else does this job better - no exfoliating gloves or even a professional body scrub done at a spa.  You can do the job yourself in your very own shower and see the most delightful results. 

And also, be sure to give yourself a rinse off with your favourite shower gel afterward. We speak from experience, you’ll feel the need to after you see the dead skin that comes off.  (Yes, it all sounds a bit disgusting, but the results are so very worth it.)

And then, once you leave the shower, apply Saadia Organics Argan Oil for the ultimate moisturizing experience.

One last note…  we often get asked if one can use a kiis on their face.  And to that we say absolutely!  But please, do your gommage on your face far more gently than you would on your body.  Also?  It is a good idea to have two separate mitts for these tasks - one for face and one for body.  

(Colours may vary and may not be exactly as shown.)

~please note all prices are in US dollars~

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