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Foot Care Package by Saadia Organics


Saadia Organics Foot Care Package

We are so happy to have been able to team up with a company called Heros International in the Netherlands to offer you their magnificent Chiropody Sponge.  My family has been using this product for decades.  (And we love that they still have the same packaging as they always have!) 

This friction block is made from black lava and works better than any pumice stone, foot file or anything else you could find at a local drugstore or even in a nail salon or spa.  (Trust us, we've tried everything!)

With a few gentle treatments, the Heros Chiropody Sponge removes painful corns, ugly callouses, and rough, dry skin. 

You simply need to:

  • Wet sponge with warm water
  • Soak feet in warm water for a few minutes
  • Rub a a bar of good, moisturizing, natural soap onto the sponge
  • Then rub the sponge gently but firmly against the your heels and other rough patches on your feet, then rinse well
  • And for best results, follow up with a few drops of Saadia Organics Argan Oil on each foot

**Absolutely do NOT skip the soap!  Shower gel/body wash doesn’t work very well at all so you need to be sure to use a bar.  (And of course, we have created one for you just for this purpose.  There is more information on that below.)  

When used as directed, Heros will not effect soft skin. The Heros Chiropody Sponge will keep indefinitely under normal conditions.  But be warned that a bit of gritty ‘sand’ can rub off of the block over time - so we don’t recommend that you toss the sponge into your toiletry bag as-is.  (Hence the nice  gold case we have available for you.)

Know that your sponge will last for several months even with regular use. (However, be sure not to use the Heros Chiropody Sponge on bunions or infected areas.) 


~please note all prices are in US dollars~


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