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A Brand New Review - February 2023

It's been a while.  But yes, we are still here!  I am happy to post a wonderful letter that we received recently from a long time customer and dear friend - S.S. in Michigan.  xoxo, Joèl 


Saadia Organics Argan Oil… Where do I begin? I so badly wanted to write a review for this company for years but I’ve been on an ongoing blissful hiatus from social media and I’m pretty sure me and social media are divorced now… it’s for the best—we’re both happier.

But I at least have to write SOMETHING and just give it to Joèl to post on my behalf because this company has changed my life. I am a very scientific person and I’ve earned an education in our physiology and have an in-depth understanding about how our bodies function at the cellular level and how our bodies respond to both what we put in them and what we put on them, at the cellular level.

Add that knowledge to the education I’ve earned in how this world runs and it gets a little scary…

Due to both health reasons and wanting-real-results reasons, I turned to nature rather than commercial products. I rely on a WFPB (whole foods plant based) diet for internal and external health, but our skin still needs extra care and it is so important to protect our moisture barrier.

I sought out Argan Oil because of the actual human data I read and I knew I wanted something proven to work. And the fact that it has a non-comedogenic rating of 0 - meaning it does not clog pores at all —it makes sense it’s touted as the perfect oil for the face.

But here’s the problem: authentic, pure, unadulterated, quality, fresh oils are extremely hard to come by and Argan Oil is the hardest one I’ve ever encountered. So much so that any commercial product listing specific oils in ingredients, I highly doubt, as the company would have to go through great lengths to ensure both the quality and authenticity, which I do not believe most do.  So any commercial product listing Argan Oil as an ingredient, I do not believe entirely which is to say I am certain it is not good quality, pure, or perhaps even authentic.

On my journey to find authentic oils, I was sold so much snake oil. I was even sold what was clearly culinary Argan Oil supposedly directly from a "co-op"! Now if you know about AGEs (advanced glycation end products), you know you probably want to stick to only cold pressed, “raw” oils for the skin. I was sold an authentic but horribly rancid Argan Oil. And I was even sold something that I could detect had real Argan Oil in it, but was mixed with other mystery oils making it sticky and pore-clogging.

When I finally tried Saadia Organics, I knew I finally got my hands on the hand pressed liquid gold that Amazigh women have been making and using for ages. And there is nothing like it. It goes on like liquid silk and it disappears into the skin leaving your face so fresh, supple and dewy like a baby, but feeling like there is nothing on it but healthy, hydrated skin. It’s the only oil that lets your face breathe!! And it feels amaaaazing… and of course, it makes your skin look amazing because it keeps it hydrated, protected, and actually nourished. Unlike commercial products that are meant to make your skin look/feel better while the product is on your skin, natural products (nature’s products) actually feed your skin and heal it i.e., you use commercial products to make your skin seem better, you use real ingredients to MAKE your skin better.

One of the coolest things about Argan Oil is that it’s been shown in studies to improve skin elasticity in humans! But in getting poor quality, fake, or adulterated oils, you don’t just miss out on Argan Oil's benefits, you run the risk of putting something on your skin that may potentially cause damage.

So I could go on and on, but the bottom line is, my transition to natural products has been an uphill journey in regards to finding quality and authenticity and learning how to do so in the first place. I tried so many different Argan Oil sources and searched HARD, and Saadia Organics is the only one I could find that I could trust and experience its total authenticity and high quality. I am grateful for this because Argan Oil is the only thing that does not clog my pores on my face and the only moisturizer that even feels COMFORTABLE on my face. And it’s made my skin so healthy - looking and feeling amazing! It’s also the only oil that I can put in my hair that my hair actually absorbs and doesn’t leave it looking greasy or weighed down. I have fine, straight hair, and this oil makes it so shiny and healthy and has dramatically improved the health of my hair. I like to keep my hair long but you run into split ends… Saadia's Argan Oil fixed that—it is the antidote to split, dry ends.

As far as my search and trial and error has gone, Saadia is the only source for sure real, pure cold-pressed Argan Oil. It’s the closest thing to getting direct from the manufacturer (which I learned is very important) because it essentially IS getting direct from the manufacturer thanks to Joèl and her mother-in-law, making this company a diamond in the rough or a gold mine - or rather both.

A tip to people new to natural products:

You might find that if you’re used to heavy commercial lotions, your skin is lazy and it’s not used to producing its natural oils, so using a few drops of a natural oil might still leave it feeling dry, but over time, this changes as your skin kinda starts waking up and you’ll notice how just a few drops leaves your skin feeling perfect. To me this screams more functional skin, like your skin is actually functioning the way it’s supposed to. And indeed, nature works WITH nature, not against it.

That is exactly how it went for me so just be consistent and you’ll begin to see and feel the difference.

For me, in the summer, I use like two drops and more would just be wasted, it’s amazing.

If you want to just add it along with other products, it’s not my thing but at least you know by adding real Argan Oil you’ll be getting real Argan Oil benefits. It could be a good break for the skin, too - at least sometimes - to not keep heavy product on it.  Real Argan Oil is like naked - but moisturized and protracted - skin.  The stuff is magic.

Lastly, I save so much money. Back in the day I’d spend like $30, $40, sometimes $60 bucks on a face lotion that MIGHT last 30 days. One 50 ml bottle of Saadia Organics lasts me MONTHS. I’m still a great customer though, as I use this in my homemade body butter as well, by the bottle, because it is so worth it. My skin is amazing and in large part, due to the authentic and quality Argan Oil this company provides. And I will never again subject my hair to being without this stuff, but it goes a long way for hair, too!

Thank you Joèl and everyone at Saadia. You’ve been a Godsend to me. Such a cool bonus that my purchases go toward employing good wages to women in Morocco because Joèl makes sure wages are seriously fair and the women are taken care of. One of the best companies ever, and I pride myself in seeking out the best.



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