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Saadia Organics Blog — essaouira

A Bit More About Saadia

About Saadia About a month ago one of my Linked In groups posed these questions: What keeps you going? What motivates you to succeed? Many of the answers were admirable ones about passion and determination.  But my answer was a bit different and went a little something like this: Saadia showing her granddaughter, Eden, Argan fruit Honestly? My mother in law, Saadia, motivates me. She is an amazing woman. She was a single mother in Morocco which was and is *very* difficult thing to do. Her husband lived in France and came home once a year. After a few years...

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Musings on Morocco: My Morocco

My Morocco Every day I post a Moroccan proverb on Twitter and on our Facebook page.  Some of them are easy to resonate with.   Others are a little ridiculous.  A few are incomprehensible.  These proverbs seem to be quite representative of the country where our Argan Oil is made – the place where Saadia lives. Visiting Morocco for the first time can be an overwhelming experience for some.  There are things that are easier for foreigners to resonate with.  But other things are surprising, and even ridiculous, to try to understand.  Some things will be utterly incomprehensible. When in Morocco...

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